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Need a nanny or housekeeper referral?  Need a cook or house manager referral?  We can help you find nanny and/or domestic help or workers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore and other locations throughout the U.S.!

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Nanny-Share - An Affordable Alternative to Day Care

Are you looking for a day care alternative? If so, nanny-share may be the answer. How can nanny-share rates compare to day care rates? A nanny's salary may vary from $350 to $500+ when he or she cares for one infant for 40 hours per week in the DC Metro area. The nanny's salary is determined by many factors. If an experienced nanny is required to care for an infant for 40 hours, the nanny's salary may easily be $500 (or more) per week. However, in a full-time nanny-share involving two families both having one infant per household, the nanny's rate of pay per family would be $250 providing the nanny is agreeing to the $500 rate for 40 hours/week. Families may pay as much as $200 or more for infant day care in some locations in the DC Metro area. Which would you prefer for your infant, day care or nanny-share?

How Does Nanny-Share Work?

Nanny-share is where two families split the cost of employing the same nanny in one or separate households. Whichever home is designated for the nanny to report to work is considered the "host" home. A nanny-share can be offered on a part-time, full-time, live-in or live-out basis.

Nanny-share between two families work best when there is only one child per household, and the nanny works no more than 45-50 hours per week.

If families choose to share a nanny, it is important that they:
   ● be compatible with each other,
   ● have similar disciplining and parenting styles, and
   ● live or work close to each other.

Families who participate in a nanny-share will most likely receive more one-on-one attention for their children compared to having their children placed in group or day care settings. Nanny-share is cost effective for most parents and a sensible solution for families to consider when seeking quality child care for their children.

What are Your Nanny-Share Requirements?

When a nanny is involved in a nanny-share he or she may report to work with two families in one, or separate households for part-time, full-time, live-in, live-out employment.

Which of the below situations fit your nanny-share requirements?
Needed - Share Family & Nanny Referral for Nanny-share - You are in the beginning stages of forming a nanny-share. You need a share family (also known as a 2nd family) and a nanny referral to complete this type of shared-child care arrangement. For our company to help you find a share family for your nanny-share, we require that you first hire the nanny through our service then once he/she is in place, we would then attempt to help you locate a suitable share family.

Our Service Rates:

How much would it cost to find you a nanny referral in this situation? Your cost would be $350 for a part-time nanny referral or $500 for a full-time nanny referral.

How much would it cost for you to be introduced to the share family in a nanny-share? So long as you hire a nanny referral through our service and the nanny is already in place there is no additional cost to you in this situation. However, the share family's cost would be the same as your cost $350 for a part-time nanny referral or $500 for a full-time nanny referral. It doesn't matter if you or our company locates the share family for your nanny-share since each family will be employing a nanny referral who is registered with our service.

Needed - Nanny Referral for Nanny-share - Your family has agreed to nanny-share with a share family and the arrangement requires employing a nanny.

Our Service Rates:

How much would it cost to find you a suitable nanny referral for your shared-child care situation? Your cost would be $350 for a part-time nanny referral or $500 for a full-time nanny referral.

How much would it cost the share family in this regard? Their cost would be same as your cost.

Needed - Share Family for Nanny-share - You currently employ a part or full-time nanny and require a share family to complete your split child care arrangement.

Our Service Rates:

How much would it cost to find you a share family in this situation? Your cost would be $150.

How much would it cost the share family? Their cost would be the same as your cost.

Household Help Tax Information

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When you hire in-home help such as a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, cook, houshold manager, personal caregiver or other domestic worker, you should be aware of any employment-related taxes applicable to the employer and employee.

Is a household worker considered an independent contractor or an employee? To find the answer, go to: Independent Contractors vs. Employees

For household employer tax information go to: Hiring Household Help Info


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We are sorry but we do not find nannies for families in a nanny-share outside of the DC Metro area.
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