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Need an affordable or inexpensive option or alternative to save on your health care,  healthcare or medical costs if you are a small business trucking company with less than 50 employees, an individual who is self-employed such as an over the road owner operator trucker, a family or anyone else? This is not insurance. Pay $69.95/month for an individual, family, the self-employed or a small business group ($69.95 per employee) and SAVE up to 50% on your DOCTOR VISIT (includes MATERNITY or PRENATAL CARE), LAB/BLOOD WORK, PRESCRIPTION DRUG, HOSPITAL, DENTAL & VISION WARE costs! The "sign up" process is easy that requires no in-person interview for enrollment consideration. All pre-existing health conditions accepted and no medical exams required for enrollment. You can mail or fax your application to our home office. This is a non insurance solution to paying traditional health insurance premiums. CLICK HERE for info.
Program is available in most U.S. locations but we suggest you contact us to see if your city/state is participating in the program.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The above program is not health insurance. It is designed to help members save money on their medical-related and other various types of healthcare expenses.


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Nanny and Housekeeper Finder Service - We help families find "Housekeeper and Day Worker Referrals" in Washington, DC & Baltimore Metro areas for Part-time, Full-time, Live-in, Live-out, Short and Long-term Employment.

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