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Need a nanny or housekeeper referral?  Need a cook or house manager referral?  We can help you find nanny and/or domestic help or workers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore and other locations throughout the U.S.!
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Families Help Line, A Nanny & Domestic Help Finder Service

Save Money - An Affordable Way to Hire In-Home Help!

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire in-home help without your having to pay expensive nanny or domestic help placement agency fees? These fees vary from state to state but may range from $1,500 to $2,500 (or more) for job applicant placement and screening services. So what is the alternative to paying these expensive fees? Families Help Line, a nanny & domestic worker finder or introduction service (formerly a nanny and domestic help placement agency) can help you find a nanny or domestic worker at a fraction of the cost you would pay a placement or staffing agency for a somewhat similar service.

Families Help Line's Service Fees:

A $350 Finder's Fee Apply...
Full-time Nanny or Domestic Worker Referral

A $350 Finder's Fee Apply...
Part-time Nanny or Domestic Worker Referral

You can save HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS when using our service compared to having a nanny or domestic help placement agency recruit and screen household help on your behalf! If we are unable to locate a suitable applicant for hire for your position then you would not be liable for paying us any portion of the finder's fee listed--a win/win situation!

You may interview available candidates without your having to pay us any up front fee but once you decide to employ a certain candidate then the above finder's fee would be due to our company.

Trial Period:

A 30-day trial period applies when hiring an applicant through our service. If the first applicant is not a good fit for your family then we would make every attempt possible to find you a second applicant with no additional fees charged so long as you act within the trial period being offered.

We charge the same affordable rates as shown above to help you locate a Nanny or Domestic Worker Referral for Part-time, Full-time, Live-in, Live-out, Summer or Long-term Employment.

Our service costs are kept low by having you take part in the applicant interviewing and screening process. It would be your responsibility for obtaining and paying all background screening costs when hiring an individual through our service. If needed, we can direct you to an affordable online background screening company where you can have criminal and/or driving checks conducted on the job applicant you plan to employ. Background check results usually have a quick turn around time within 24 to 36 hours for most locations throughout the U.S.

Here's How Our Service Works!

About OUR Involvement in the Applicant Interviewing & Screening Process:

Nannies & domestic workers contact our office looking for employment assistance. A big part of our job is to recruit and pre-screen applicants via telephone interviews to see if they qualify for registering with our service.

We Require All Applicants Meet the Following Service Registration Requirements:
Be at least 21 years of age

Be able to speak English

Have a minimum of two-years work experience as a nanny or domestic worker

Possess verifiable prior and/or current work references

Have good to excellent work recommendations from former/current employers
We collect an applicant's EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION & WORK REFERENCES then sort through the data until we find a suitable match for your job description. Once it looks like a match, we will then share the applicant's employment-related information with you so. It will be your decision as to either accept or pass on interviewing a particular applicant. When you are ready to hire an applicant we will then provide you with a WORK STANDARDS AGREEMENT for you and the applicant to go over and agree upon. This is a guideline for you and the applicant to follow throughout employment. We do not need a copy of this document but suggest you give the applicant a copy of it for his or her record.

About YOUR Involvement in the Applicant Interviewing & Screening Process:

You are responsible for interviewing applicants in-person in the privacy of your home, office or in a public place of your choosing.

Although we check applicants' work references before we refer them over to you, we also advise that you too check these references as well since you would be assuming all risks when hiring an individual through our service.

You are responsible for obtaining/paying all costs for an applicant's pre-employment background review which may include the following: A criminal report, a social security trace, an address verification review, a driving record history review and an educational degree/diploma or certification authentication review. If needed, we can refer you to an affordable online source that helps you obtain background screening checks on a job applicant set for employment. Background screening check results on an individual will be made available to you usually within 24 to 36 hours but may vary in some states.

About YOUR Registering With Our Service:

To initiate our service and begin interviewing available candidates, we ask that you complete and return a Family Application to back to our office. This application is set up for e-mail so simply contact us via e-mail or phone and we will send you this form right away. The information you provide to us on the application will help us to have a clear understanding of the job being offered. Once you are ready to interview a certain candidate then we would need you to sign off on our Registration Agreement. This document is set up for fax so we ask that you provide us with a fax number on the Family Application form for this purpose.

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