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Lori is in her shop building up for a big 2007 summer


here's some other classes

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Porcelain Dolls for Sale, Cloth Dolls For Sale, Alferd Packer items, and more.  - Click here

Porcelain Doll Classes available for all levels of expertise and interest - Click here for more information.

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Click here to see what's on Lori' mind.          A class of children in the Gunnison,Colorado Arts Center where Lori teaches DOLL IN A DAY one or two days a week :)

This beautiful doll shop is nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The shop is owned and operated by Lori Winblood. This shop caters to all manner of doll activities be they in the form of porcelain, cloth, and other dolls for sale, or the ever popular make your own doll classes.

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The DARK HUMOR of the Alferd Packer doll product line can be seen by clicking on the ITEMS FOR SALE button.

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Don't forget to drop in on the  Lake City Mountain Crafts Co-op

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Summer Classes 2002

on the road to Pagosa Springs, Colorado



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Texas Classes 

Summer classes of 2001


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