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The Adam Smith Arbitrage and Venture Capital Hedge Fund

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The information in this site, which is the current publicly available information, supersedes all the actual and related information in this and/or any other sites or previous presentations. However, the information in this site can change with or without notice. Only the Private Placement Memorandum contains the actual offer regarding this or any other material related to the presentation in this site.

Be aware that the material contained herein only describe an idea regarding a prospective venture which is not even a going concern.

The various models used in this presentation as well as some of their key parameters has been altered for confidentiality reasons. Please, regard this presentation as a mere illustrative description of a prospective venture.

A web site directed to actual qualified investors will be available soon and its access restricted to those submiting the necessary information to allow us to entertain the possibility of an investment participation.

Although the organization, once operating at full scale, expect to be influential in international affairs, we will do our very best not to side with particular political factions.

Be aware that we are still not operational. We can engineer funding but for actually implementing it, your organization or government, if participating through our organization and not using your own banks, will have to fund the set up and initialisation at this time.

The initialization of a time/interest rate arbitrage transactional funding process, which we can use to fund entities, is less riskier as the process is mostly notional and is only executed under favorable conditions or those we can sucessfully control. However, it still can have risk.


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Venture Documents

Private Placement Memorandum
Limited Partnership Agreement
Investment Adviser Agreement (Individuals)
Investment Adviser Agreement (Institutions)
Investor Survey (Individuals)
Investor Survey (Institutions)
Subscription Form (Individuals)
Subscription Form (Institutions)

Intermediary Agreement

Introduction and Mission Statement

Important Notice
A Word of Caution

Venture Organization and Executive Summary

The Adam Smith Organization General Business Model
Our Business: Providing Alternative Investments That Profit From Correcting Economic Disequilibria
Special and Exotic Operations
Geo-Politics and Economic Intelligence Operations
Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Operations
Facilitation of Structure to Other Parties
Engaging in Arbitrage Operations
ECN Operations
Derivative Related Operations
Prospective Organization's Structure
Prospective Capital Structure of the Venture
Funding and Philanthropic Operations
Investment Operations
Profit Centers
Board of Geo-politics Advisors
Expert Consulting Board

Hedge Fund Group

A Global Operation
A Multi-strategy Arbitrage Hedge Fund Venture
Investment Operations
Hedge Funds
Our Traders
Trader Autonomous Business Unit
Integrated Transactions
Trader's Arbitrage Process
Where We'll Execute?
Through Whom We Would Execute?
What Is Involved in the Execution?
Your Organization Can Interact With the Hedge Fund in Several Ways via Joint Ventures with Mutually Agreed Strategies

Investment Operations Program Descriptions and Some Examples

Getting the Bonus of IPO Exposure When the Market is Right: Inter Market Arbitrage Illustration
Arbitrage Opportunities: Yield Curve Arbitrage
Quantitative Arbitrage
Depository Receipt Arbitrage
Convertible Securities Arbitrage
Option Parity Arbitrage

Funding and Special Operations

Special Operations

Our Special Operations: Unleashing the Power of Imagination and Creativity Against Worldwide Opportunity
Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage and Related Operations
The Case for the Time/interest Rate Arbitrage: Possibly The Biggest Business Opportunity in the World
A Brief Note
Some Uses of this Method
About Correcting Economic Disequilibria
Correcting Economic Disequilibria: Venture
Capital and Micro-lending
Correcting Economic Disequilibria: Socially Oriented Applications
Correcting Economic Disequilibria: Getting Capital to Great Entrepreneurial Efforts
The power of the Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Transactions
How These Transactions Work
How These Transactions Work: Initial Transaction
How These Transactions Work: Getting the Principal Paid Back, Immediately; A Plain Non DVP Banking Transaction Example
How These Transactions Work: How the UITs are Generated: A Plain Non DVP Banking Loan Example
How These Transactions Work: The Difference Between DVP and Banking Cash Operations
How These Transactions Work: How the BIG Money Is Made The Great Potential of Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage
These Type of Transactions Can Be a Bonanza for Bankers and Brokers (Even If Your Country Does Not Get in Debt).
Swapping the Risk of a Project, Venture or Cause for the Lesser Risk of a Conservatively Managed In-house UIT
The Marketability of the Unit Investment Trusts (UITs): A Key for a Successful Arbitrage
UIT Arbitrage Profitability for the Hedge Fund Investors A Yearly Dividend Built In the UIT
The Profitability for the UIT Investors Example: UIT Underlying Portfolio Behavior @ 1% ROI per< Annum Part 1
Example: UIT Underlying Portfolio Behavior @ 1% ROI per Annum Part 2
How These Transactions Work: The Return Potential of the Internally Produced Unit Investment Trusts
How These Transactions Work: The Return Potential of the Internally Produced Unit Investment Trusts
Multiple Executions
Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Program Summary...and Some Explanations
General Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Profit Distribution Time/Interest Rate
Arbitrage Participation Possible Schedule
The Case for Investing in Humanitarian Causes and Philanthropic Efforts
Would You Like . . .
A Model for Funding Humanitarian Causes and Charitable Efforts

Funding Operations

Economic Development
High Risk Venture Capital
Project Funding
Government and Public Finance
Non Government Organizations
Non Profit Organizations
Charitable Efforts
Scientific Research (Non Social Pure and Applied Science)
Social Sciences Related Funding
Business and Enterprise Research Related Funding
Arts and Humanities Related Funding
How Can You Participate

Profit Participation

Profit, Participations and Commissions will be Automatically Paid via the Partnership Accounting Programs.
Limited Partners
Parties With Specific Interests and Strategies Using the Fund
Third Parties Using the Fund Structure for their Strategies
Proposed Compensation Schedule (Limited Partners, Traders, Intermediaries and Other Parties)
Limited Partners
Capital Attribution and Profits Distribution
Other Parties Using the Fund Structure
Third Parties Using the Fund Structure for their Strategies
Profit Participation Summary
Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Participation Schedule
Time/Interest Rate Arbitrage Deals

Contact Information