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Abby Willowroot

Amulets Price List

101 Sterling Sm.  "She Who"   Spiral Goddess $19.95 A-M-G
$29.00 Blue Topaz
102 Sterling Lg.   "She Who"    Spiral Goddess $58.00 A-M-G
$72.00 Blue Topaz
104 Sterling Sm  "He Who"  Spiral Heart Male $19.95 A-M-G-TE
105 Sterling Sm.   Dragon on a Swing   (not shown) $19.95
106 Sterling Selene ~ Moon Maiden $21.00
107 Sterling Neolithic Goddess $29.00
108 Sterling Sm.  Vinca Goddess $21.00
109 Sterling Lg.  Vinca Goddess $58.00
109B Bronze Lg.  Vinca Goddess $42.00
110 Sterling Lg.  Cycladic Goddess $68.00
110B Bronze Lg.  Cycladic Goddess $48.00
139 Sterling Minoan Poppy Goddess $29.00
142 Sterling Nammu Spiral Goddess -Mother of Inanna $68.00
142B Bronze Nammu Spiral Goddess $48.00
144 Sterling Sm. Cycladic Muse $29.00
145 Sterling Lg.  Tree Goddess  - Earth Wisdom $95.00 M-A
146 Sterling Sm.  Tree Goddess  - Earth Wisdom $29.00 M-A
150 Sterling Maid - Mother - Crone    ( 3 faces Amulet )

this is my favorite piece I have ever made.

150B Bronze Maid - Mother - Crone  ( 3 faces Amulet) $24.00
151 Sterling Hygeia   -  Healers' & Midwifes' Goddess $48.00
166 Sterling Artemis Diana of Ephesus $32.00
167 Sterling Lg.   Mother & Children $78.00
167B Bronze Lg.  Mother & Children $48.00
302 Sterling Moon Womyn Ritual Tree Disk Pendant $24.00
301 Sterling Side Tree Disk Pendant $21.00  
364 Sterling Tree & Full Moon       (temp. out of stock)    
421 Sterling Kore Labyris $21.00 A-M-G-J
DD1 Sterling Dolphin Dream

Center sphere Aqua Aura or Clear Quartz

$275.00 A-M-


MD1 Sterling Mermaids' Dream

Center sphere Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz

$89.00 A-M-


Lav1 Sterling  Mixed Sm.  Goddess Lavaliers (not shown)

multiple Goddesses, each one is unique

$48.00 to $89.00 A-M-G-


Bl Topaz-


Lav2 Sterling  Mixed Lg.  Goddess Lavaliers   (not shown)

lots of Goddess, stones & beads. No 2 are alike, perfect for Ritual Wear

$110 to


Lots of different stones
All Earring      
4421 Sterling Labyris Earrings $29.00pr  
4420 Sterling Labyris Moon Priestess Earrings $45.00pr  
4100 Sterling "She Who"  Drop Earrings $29.00pr A-M-G
4100P Sterling "She Who" Post Earrings  (no stone) $16.50pr  
4110 Sterling Inanna Goddess Earrings $29.00pr A-M-G-
4111 Sterling Inanna Moon  Priestess Earrings $48.00 A-M-G-L
4197 Sterling Sm.  Cycladic Goddess  Earrings $24.00  
4108 Sterling Vinca Goddess Earrings $32.00  
4301 Sterling Side Tree Disk Earrings   wax & wane $29.00  
4302 Sterling Ritual Womyn Tree Disk Earrings $39.00  
Rings Silver & Gold Coming Soon    
Gold All styles Please E-mail us for a Price Quote    
  Special Please E-mail us for a Price Quote    
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$4.75 for first 3 items, plus .50ea for each additional item.

FedEx   Overnight Delivery



Tax CA res. CA residents   add 7.5% sales  tax 7.5%  

Order by E-mail

Stone choices:
Amethyst, Moonstone, and Garnet, *Some pieces available with: Lapis, Turquoise, Jade, Carnelian, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Blue Topaz.

Ritual Wear ~ One of a Kind, Multiple Goddess Elements Lavaliers

Creating these Lavaliers is a true joy. No two Lavaliers will ever be exactly alike. They have a certain energy that flows and directs which stones and beads will be used in them. They are really quite wonderful!

Send Orders & Check or MO to

Abby Willowroot
PO box 576
Benicia, CA 94510 -USA

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