BH-926:That's the Guy(Season Finally)
David becomes furious after he sees a newly reignited Dylan and Gina making love, after she had come clean to David about her Bulimia; Steve throws a party with Collective show as the band to celebrate the success of The Beat; Donna has a one-night stand with Wayne, although he shocks her by revealing that he's leaving town...Noah then tries to rebuild his relationship with Donna, but Wayne turns up again, once again putting Donna in between the two...; Kelly finally tells Matt about being raped and decides to spend time with her sister, feeling the need to carry pepper spray, mace and a gun...Matt and Dylan meanwhile work together to try to find the culprit and offer reward money to help, but initially the leads turn out to be scams...finally though, Kelly comes face-to-face with her attacker, takes out her gun and shoots...

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