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TurboX-2016 & Handy Tools & USR Modem 56K V.90 connection.

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Utility - MINimum cost & MAXimum benefits.

This utility is for U.S.Robotics internal Winmodem Model 1125 and Model 1171 (voice) only.


We understand that the biggest problem right now in surfing the net is that the speed you are being connected at is too slow(28.8/33.6), and you wish you could go a little bit faster so that you can do those downloads without having to wait for hours. You wish it could go faster so that you could do more surfing instead of waiting for it to load up onto your screen. With this enhancement utility you can.

Features & Benefits

-This utility will make all Winmodem 1125 and 1171 (voice) connect at 56K possible.

-It uses 100% U.S.Robotics Winmodem (1125)Drivers to make your connection to run smooth and quicker when surfing or downloading, this is possible with out having to spend hundred plus dollars to get a new modem to perform the same task.

-It let you upgrade your modem (1171) from 33.6K to a speedy 56K at once, you simply just have a brand new 56K voice modem. it will be automatically detected by Windows and install the proper 56K driver directly from your Windows CD (ie. Win98).

-Feature with 56K V.90 standard.

-Your Winmodem (1125) now support other features ie. Fax/Voice/CallerID/SpeakerPhone/DistRing...

How to get it

For minimum cost$ and maximum benefits, please email for details.


There are three simple steps for installation

Thank you.