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<font size=7> SULLY'S GYM
"It's better to build boys than mend men."

Earl "Sully" Sullivan
Nov. 16, 1914 - Mar. 28, 1999
(Building Champions...Since 1943)


Bret Hart poses for TV Guide on the legendary Sully's Ring. - Photo by Toronto Sun, courtesy Slam Wrestling.


Photo by Toronto Sun, courtesy Slam Wrestling.


Sully's Toronto Youth and Athletic Club is the oldest Boxing and Wrestling Club in Canada. Founded as a boy's club in 1943, the club is now fully co-ed, and has served as a place where dreams can come true to literally thousands of boys and girls as well as men and women. To understand the philosophy of the club is to go back to it's roots and hear Sully himself say:

"It's better to build boys--than mend men."

Known world wide for its tremendous boxing program it would be almost impossible for any aspiring boxer in Toronto to avoid attending the best-known club of them all! World renowned fighters such as Muhammed Ali, George Chuvalo, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carlos Newton, Clyde Grey, Spider Jones & Sully's own Marsha Valley (pictured above) have all trained at Sully's sometime throughout their illustrious careers. Programs offered at the club include mens, womens and children's boxing & boxercise classes.


World Champion wrestlers the likes of which include Edouard Carpentier, Tiger Jeet Singh, Johnny Powers and "Whipper" Billy Watson have all climbed into the ring at Sully's.


BOXING ONLY: (416) 534-8723 (Joe Manteiga)