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The Car Spot

Utah Auto Classifieds

Trailer Sales and U-Haul rentals
The place for "for sale by owner" vehicles
also Snowmobile Trailers!
Intsead of parking your vehicle for sale on side streets, parking lots, frontage roads, and other places you shouldn't, park 'em here at THE CAR SPOT, where they will be seen, shown, and taken care of.
We will also advertise your vehicle here for FREE until it is sold-- just email!

They go to fast for me to keep up!  You'll have to call for the latest bunch! For instance-- a VW Bug convertable- call for details!

There either is, was, or will be almost everything-- cars, trucks, campers, trailers, boats, ATV's, you name it- you'll have to call to see what's available!

Snowmobile Trailers

24' enclosed, loaded...
8'x16' V-Nose...
Call for details 

608 South Main
Layton , Utah
Phone (801) 544-4700
Off I-15,exit 332, next to south Layton Exit, near viaduct.
northern utah auto classifieds for sale by owner snowmobile trailors U-haul rentals

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