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Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200Ibs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Nowwhere Road, Director: Kenny Leon
Diggity: A Home at Last, Director: Tom Reeve
The Runaway, Director:Arthur Allan Seidelman
Color of Love: The Jacey's Story, Director: Sheldon Larry
Freedom Song, Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Lesson Before Dying, Director: Joseph Sargent
The Gingerbread Man, Director: Robert Altman
Paradise Falls, Director: Nick Searcy
The Rainmaker, Great Benefit Prods., Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Wild America, Wildlife Productions, Director: William Dear
Bastard Out of Carolina, Out of Carolina Prods., Director: Anjelica Huston
Forrest Gump, Paramount, Director: Robert Zemeckis
The Devil and Max Devlin, Disney, Director: Steven Stern
Lincoln Conspiracy, Sunn Classic, Director: James Conway
Gator, Levy-Gardner-Laven, Director: Burt Reynolds
Smokey & The Bandit, Universal, Director: Hal Needham
The Longest Yard, Paramount, Director: Robert Aldrich
Payday, Fantasy Films, Director: Daryl Duke

The Rosa Parks Story, ABC, Director: Julie Dash
Hazzard In Hollywood, Warner Brothers, Director: Bradford May
Reunion in Hazzard, Warner Brothers, Director: Lewis Teague
The Jimmy V Story, MDT Productions, Inc, Director: Marcus Cole
American Gothic, Gothic Renaissance, Director: Peter O'Fallon
Matlock, The Matlock Company, Director: Frank Thackery
Scattered Dreams, Greenwald Prods., Director: Neema Barnette
In the Best of Families, Bitter Blood Productions, Director: Jeff Bleckner
In the Heat Of The Night (2), MGM/UA, Directors: Harry Harris/Russ Mayberry
The Ernest Green Story, Disney (AML), Director: Eric Laneuville
I'll Fly Away (9), Lorimar Prods., Directors: Laneuville/Bender/Paulin
Superboy, Superboy Productions, Director: Jackie Cooper
Enos (17) Warner Bros/CBS, Director: Bernie McEveety
Dukes of Hazzard (91), Warner Bros/CBS, Many Great Directors
Alice "Mel Hog Tied", Warner Bros/CBS, CBS
Love Boat "Good Neighbors", Aaron Spelling Prods., Director: Jerry Courtland
Today's FBI "El Paso Murder", David Gerber Prods., Director: Harvey Laidman
Knots Landing "Escapade", Lorimar Prods., Director: Harvey Laidman
Freedom Road (Miniseries), Zev Brun, Director: Jan Kadar
The Summer of My German Soldier, Learning Corp. (MOW), Dirctor: Michael Tuchner
The Young Runaways, Disney (MOE), Director: Russ Mayberry
The Million Dollar Dixie Deliverance, Disney (MOW), Director: Russ Mayberry
Roots (Miniseries), Wolper Prods., Director: David Greene

The Downside Risk, Beverly Hills Playhouse, played: Burt
Tango, Open Door Theatre, played: Eddie
Daddy's Dyin', Theatre Theatre, played: Orville

Wavy Lays Potato Chips, 1994, Half-time during Superbowl International
Martha White Brownie Mix, 1990, National
Smokey The Bear Public Service Annoucement, 1986, National

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