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Sonny Shroyer in Oakboro, NC, July 22, 2005

A special thanks to Jeff Branch at the Fountain Grill for a wonderful evening and car show.

Sonny talking to fans and signing autographs in Oakboro, NC

Sonny smiling right before the burn out in the street. He wasn't scared!

Possum on a gum bush. I ain't never seen anything like that

Sonny yells, call in the Hazzard Fire Bridgade, that trucks on fire!!!!

BANG!!! One of the tires blew out. Sonny let's out a scream towards the crowd and jumps back.

My goodness Mr. Announcer I ain't seen nothing like that before.

Sonny trying to catch his breath from all the fumes from the burn out going on in the street.

Sonny greets a young fan in the crowd of hundreds witnessing the burn out in the streets of Oakboro.

Sonny sings "Back In Hazzard" and "Dear Daisy" to a large crowd of fans at the cruise in in Oakboro, NC

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