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Enos Cast

When Hazzard County Deputy Enos Strate accidentally captured two most-wanted criminals, the Los Angeles Police Department was so impressed it offered him a job with the newly organized Special Branch of its Metro Squad. Los Angeles was not quite the same after Enos arrived. His street-smart black partner Turk Adams couldn't believe how naive he was, and their superior, Lt. Broggi, had as much trouble with him as the Marines had with Gomer Pyle. Enos always had an ear-to-ear grin on his face. A love for fast cars and wild chases (and crashes). His friends from Hazzard made occasional visits to L.A., Uncle Jesse, Rosco and even Daisy. Enos narrated each episode as he wrote letters to Daisy telling her what was happening to him in the big city. Michelle Pfeifer was his leading lady in the first episode entitled "Enos". Even Tonight Show host Jay Leno made an appearance during the short run of the show. Sonny Shroyer was nominated for "Favorite Male Performer in a New Television Program" at The Peoples Choice Awards on March 5th 1981.

From Nov 1980 - May 1981 it ran on CBS Wed 8:00-9:00
From May 1981 - Sep 1981 it ran on CBS Sat 8:00-9:00

First telecast November 5, 1980
Last telecast September 19, 1981

Pilot 1980 (as a double-length episode of The Dukes of Hazzard)

5 Nov 80 Enos - Strate to the Top (1)
5 Nov 80 Enos - Strate to the Top (2)

1st Season 1980

12 Nov 80 Enos
19 Nov 80 Uncle Jesse's Visit
26 Nov 80 Where's the Corpus?
10 Dec 80 Blu Slu
17 Dec 80 Grits and Greens Strike Again
7 Jan 81 Snow Job
14 Jan 81 House Cleaners
21 Jan 81 One Daisy Per Summer
28 Jan 81 Horse Cops
11 Feb 81 The Head Hunter
18 Feb 81 The Hostage
4 Mar 81 Now You See Him, Now You Don't
11 Mar 81 Once and Fur All
18 Mar 81 Cops at Sea
1 Apr 81 The Moonshiners
8 Apr 81 The Shaming of the Shrew
15 Apr 81 Pistol Packing Enos
20 May 81 Forever Blowing Bubbles

Special thanks to Aneesh A. Sehgal,President of The Official Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club for providing us with original "Enos" press kit photos from the series.

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