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Rosco: Enos your sittin on my foot.
Enos: My foots asleep.
Rosco: So's your brain, now you match on both ends!

Rosco: Enos what in billy blue heck are you doing?
Your suppose to be followin' those people who stole Loretta Lynn.
Enos: You said to follow you ain't that right? Monkey see, monkey do.

Enos: Possum on a gum bush, you sure coulda fooled me.
Rosco: Enos, anybody could fool you.

Enos: I don't believe Bo & Luke would do something like that.
Rosco: Enos your not paid to think! Your paid to take orders.

Rosco: Enos, you got them Duke boys apprehended yet?
Enos: No Sir, didn't seem no point in it. The president's car wasn't on the farm.
And I unturned every stone. Sheriff, I don't believe they had anything to do with it.

Luke: It's her birthday you know.
Enos: Oh it is?.....Happy Birthday Daisy.

Rosco: They've got my car and your keys!! Now why did you leave your keys in your car for?
Enos: You left'm in yours sheriff.
Rosco: Don't try to blame me!!!

Boss: You can come in now.
Rosco: Enos....Enos Strait, what are you doing here?
Enos: I'm just waitin' for you to swear me in as your new deputy.
Cletus: I'm the new deputy, your the old deputy.
Enos: Right Cletus, but I'm the new old deputy.

Boss: We don't have enough money in the budget for another patrol car,
so Cletus is gonna have to share his with you!
Cletus: That ain't all bad, least I'll have something to talk to besides the rear view mirror.
Boss: We don't have enough money in the budget for another paycheck either,
so Cletus is gonna have split his with you!
Enos: That don't seem right Mr. Hogg. Me takin half of Cletus's money. Ain't there no other way?
Boss: Yes there is, I'll give you the whole paycheck and you give'm half of yours.
Enos: Yeah! Why didn't I think of that?
Boss: Well I did.

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