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Dukes Episode Errors

This page will contain information about different Dukes of Hazzard episodes that have some kind of error or mistake in them.

"Days of Shine and Roses", orig. airdate: Sept. 21, 1979.

In this episode during the beginning of the episode they mention that Sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis is the sheriff of Hatchapi County. Then later on when Cooter is discussing the route of the race with a map, he says something like "The race will start at high noon at the Boars Nest then cross over into Choctaw County, Sheriff "Spike" Loomis's territory, then through hard labor creek, then through Hatchapi then a final run back to the Boars Nest". As you can see they made an error in Cooter's dialoge on which county Sheriff Loomis was from by referring him to Choctaw.

Then during the race Rosco sets up a fake detour sign for Jesse. The sign clearly has an arrow to the left. Bo and Luke get the sign and set it up down the road to get Jesse back on the right road. But when they re-position the sign later on down the road the arrow on the sign is pointing to the right. This is obviously a mistake.

Then when Luke gets back in The General Lee after putting the sign out in the road, it cuts to him getting in and it does look like he got in through the door, because you hear the door slam. Everyone knows the doors don't open on The General because they are welded shut.

"Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough" orig. airdate: Nov. 2, 1979.

In this episode there is verbal mistake by Sorrell Booke when he is calling Rosco on the CB. Boss says "Rosco this is JP Hogg", this was a mistake that someone must have missed when shooting. Boss is not JP Hogg, it's JD Hogg.

All Episodes

In every episode when The Dukes are at Cooter's Garage and it shows them looking across the street and they always spot someone coming out of the front of Bank, this is not possible. There is no way from Cooter's Garage you can see anyone coming out of the bank, or even see the bank. This is because the Hazzard County Courthouse is blocking the view from Cooter's Garage. If you know the layout of the Warner Brothers backlot where things are positioned or have ever been there, you will know this is difinately not possible. But it's in the show and edited this way.

"Daisy's Song" airdate 1979

In the episode "Daisy's Song", Boss Hogg is at Lester Starr's Recording Studo in Atlanta. When they come to tell Boss that the place is being raided, he says something that kinda slips out and it has never been edited out. Lester Starr opens the door with Boss sitting in a chair with a girl in his lap. Starr says "Boss it's a raid", Boss jumps up and says "Damn, Shit". If you watch this back he clearly says the word "Shit".

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