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Many people hate spam. I understand.
But let's grow up a little, ok?

(Feel free to link this page in your replies to flamers.)

There are "flamers" that can't understand that a simple "REMOVE" in the subject line of a reply mail will get them off of your list. That is too easy and they think they are doing a service to someone by sending threats and nasty notes. HEY! We are doing nothing different than the "Comercial Advertising" you recieve in the mail all the time. Do they write letters to every advertisement they receive, with vulgarity, and mis-quoted law? I think not!

Do you realize that a threat indicating a law that doesn't exist, or is mis-stated or quoted is an illegal action? YUP! They are actually breaking the law in an effort to stop a completely legal activity.

Here is their favorite:

  By US Code Title 47, Sec.227(a)(2)(B), a computer/modem/printer 

  meets the definition of a telephone fax machine.  By Sec.227(b) 

  (1)(C), it is unlawful to send any unsolicited advertisement to 

  such equipment, punishable by action to recover actual monetary 

  loss, or $500, whichever is greater, for EACH violation.

This law only applies if I send a FAX to their computer.


Restrictions on use of automated telephone equipment
Protection of subscriber privacy rights
Technical and procedural standards
What's required of a legal fax
Effect on State law
Actions by States

227. Restrictions on use of telephone equipment

    (a) Definitions

      As used in this section -

      (2) The term ''telephone facsimile machine'' means equipment which has the
      capacity (A) to transcribe text or images, or both, from paper into an electronic signal and to transmit that signal over a regular telephone line, or (B) to transcribe text or images (or both) from an electronic signal received over a regular telephone line onto paper.

As you can see, this law refers to sending a facsimile onto paper.
This does NOT apply to e-mail

Come on guys. Get real. Get a lawyer. Get a life. Use your delete key. Reply with "remove" in the Subject. What ever you choose, quit crying on your keyboard, it make the keys stickey, and it only makes you look really stupid.

According to a recent RHI Consulting survey of 1,400 technology managers,

about half of all U.S. companies now have web sites.  Participants 

identified the primary use for their corporate web site as:

- advertising, marketing, or public relations                  66%

- customer service and tech support                             9%

- research                                                      7%

- email                                                         5%

- electronic commerce                                           4%

- employee recruitment                                          2%

- education                                                     2%

- other                                                         5%

As you can see, 66% of the internet is used for ADVERTISING and PROMOTION!
How can these people expect to NOT receive ads in their e-mail box?
How can they expect our "free speach" to be curtailed? Grow up people!

Quotations: As you can see, even CAUCE knows this law does NOT APPLY!   Wake up people!

We Support Senate Bill 771

Introduced by Mr. TORRICELLI:
Read it at:

Commercial E-Mail is totally legal when accurate and existing source information is contained in the mail headers. Falsifying headers is NOT legal, as generated by the so-called Stealth progtrams.

TIP: Don't use "Stealth" programs!

There are better ways to do it. Sign up with a good "Bulk-Server" and use the tools provided. These are filters so that people requesting to be removed from mail lists are NOT sent commercial advertising. BUT, don't use the "masking" or "stealth" programs. (IMHO)

If you want to rebutt my comments here, or add your "Flamers" to this list please e-mail me.

I have a list here. It is the E-Mail addresses of nasty flamers. Realize that they NEVER put "Remove" in the subject line as requested. Under their name is the reply (in part). Asked courtesly (so we could extend the courtesy to remove them from our list, they were NOT courteous by flaming us!

How rude!

HINT:   Why not flame them for their actions?

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  • Tom Fisher -
    I have recently received UNSOLICITED and UNWANTED junk e-mail from an individual who appears to be using your site. A copy of that mail is attached herewith. Junk Mail is now regarded as the same as unwanted and unsolicited junk faxes and telemarketing calls - all of which are now ILLEGAL under US federal law:

    (They parrot the above legal misnomer)
    (NICE! He doesn't bother to be asked to be removed,
    he just gets nasty, and is a tattle-tale to our server!)

  • Clyde M. Horn -
    Server Owner: Please do NOT send me anymore SPAM from this user or from your domain for that matter... I've included the header info from the SPAM I received FYI...

    Jake, DITTO!!! REMOVE ME FROM ANY LIST YOU MAY HAVE PURCHASED or otherwise obtained.

    Gee Clyde, that "REMOVE" you typed could have just as easily
    been in the Subject line of a reply, and you wouldn't have been
    put on this page for the whole world to see...

  • Mark Tetrault -
    Server Owner: I have recently received UNSOLICITED and UNWANTED junk e-mail from an individual who appears to be using your site. A copy of that mail is attached herewith. Junk Mail is now regarded as the same as unwanted and unsolicited junk faxes and telemarketing calls - all of which are now ILLEGAL under US federal law:

    Gosh! Where have I seen this crap before? 
    Seems to me that this mis-information has joined
    the rumor mill of the noses upturned crowd...

    (They also parrot the above legal misnomer)

    Please ensure this is stopped NOW. You have been put on notice. If you confirm to me promptly that effective action has been taken against those persons responsible, I will not take the matter further on this occasion. If you do not provide me with such confirmation in a timely manner, or if ANY further UNSOLICITED or UNWANTED junk mail should be received from your site, I will instruct my attorney to issue a writ WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE, and the matter will then be pursued under federal law. I will separately notify your upstream providers as they may also be liable for violations originating from your site.

  • Tim Crocker -

    This was a cute one. 12.5 megabytes of my return e-mail address in the "CC:" column. Nothing else. (GEEEEEEZE! Get A LIFE!)

  • Tim Wynn -
    Server Postmaster: I received multiple copies of this spam e-mail from your site today. This site does not accept unsolicited e-mail, and I'm requesting that you stop spamming this site immediately. If we receive another unsolicited e-mail from your site, I'll be forced to block all mail from your site. Our mail servers are private property, and we don't tolerate solictations in any form.

  • Timothy -
    Due to SPAM attacks on my account, I'm abandoning it. Please e-mail me in the future at or
    My real address is   t i m o t h y @ n l b . g o v . s g   the others are false addresses to confuse the mail extractors.

    (Really trickey there, Timothy...)

  • Brian Higginbotham -
    Do NOT send me anymore SPAM. This is your only warning.

    UH, the "delete key" is easier, and less damaging....

  • Richie Young -
    stop mailing me this crap

    Yeah, Right! Uh-Huh. OK. Sure.... Since you asked me so nicely...

  • VR Homes -
    Spamming: verb, the sending of unsolicited/ unwanted email.

    SPAM (n.) Funny tasting canned meat stuff for sandwiches.

What is funny is that "I didn't ask for their mail either. That means they spammed me! Hmmmm.. Does this mean I can send them a bill for $500 for reading their hate and discontent, cause they don't know what the delete key is, and it's on the keyboard right under their upturned noses? Get real.

It is the commercial advertisers that PAY for the great stuff you get for free here on the Internet. SO, grow up, get a life, act mature, and wipe back those tears. GEEEEEEEZE!

- Jake, The Web Watcher -
- -