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Couch Pouch for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles

The "COUCH POUCH" is the answer to the "misplaced item touring blues". Did I leave it at the rest stop? Where did you put it? You left it at the gas station you -------------------, Never again search for buried belongings. Attach the "Couch Pouch" in your cargo box lid and you can organize your stuff, "his and hers", and always have it at your fingertips. Save the cursing and the lost time and arrive at your destination with all your "personals". "Couch Pouch" the ultimate in organizing HD cargo systems. "Bird" Betts, President, research and design.

To order, or for more information, Call us today at 888-HD COUCH, Thats 888-432-6824, or contact us by e-mail below.

Now available for all touring motorcycles, trailers and touring combo's.

If you have a question about a paticular application, product construction or our line of accessories, please call me, "Bird" Betts, anytime at (818) 998-0807. Happy Touring !!

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