My purpose for writing this book, is mainly to expose the general public
to the information contained in the patents included (in this book). Having read the patents, I know that many readers would never even open the pages if these patents were not explained in simpler terms than they appear in the patent disclosure documents. Patent attorneys and scientists have their own language it seems. Most folks with a high school education level, like myself, kind of glaze over when I tried to explain the relevant points involved with this field of science. So please bear with me on this.
(1). Electrokenetic Transducer T. Townsend Brown Patent#2,949,550. This patent I explained earlier in the book, so I wont elaborate much further. It suffices to say that, he was the father of electromotive and electrogravitational forces as they apply to Electromagnetic Space Drive
While studying the magnetic properties of high voltage capacitors, he
noticed that when sufficient charge is applied to a transducer, the transducer would lose weight in proportion to the charge. He theorized that if the overall weight of the capacitor materials could be reduced, without reducing the K value of the capacitor, (that is how much charge it will hold without arcing through) He could get that sucker to fly
with a sufficient charge.


(2). Dipolar Force Field Propulsion System. James E. Cox patent #4,663,932 This propulsion system was first publicly postulated by its inventor back in 1980 at the ATAA/SAE/ASME ,16th Annual Joint Propulsion Conference in Hartford Conn. in the paper entitled "Electromagnetic Propulsion Without Ionization".
This invention is very involved in its technical explanation. To sum it
up though, this drive system is best for lifting payloads in atmosphere at very high speeds, with almost complete absorption of outside microwave radiation, making it invisible to radar. I feel this vehicle design should replace the aging space shuttle fleet as it would not be as vulnerable to the tragic explosion that took out the Challenger. It is also much cheaper and easier to maintain being of solid state construction.
The principle behind it is pure genius. The system is much like a rail
gun for dipolar gas, but it is much more than that. The system exerts electromagnetic force on the incoming gas field, lining up the dipoles in the gas. At the same time, the system injects energy in the form of high energy photons, or microwaves, into the gas raising the number of electrons in each atom to a state just below its ionization level. Then these highly excited gas molecules are hit with a high density electromotive field at 90 degrees creating a Lorenz Force on the dipoles pushing them at revealistic speeds out the back of the engine. Even though the volume of the gas isn't very high, the exit velocity is. This creates a thrust to weight ratio that calculates out to 1,000,000 pounds of thrust. Compare this to a fighter jet engine, which creates only about 29,000 pounds of thrust.
I'm certain that this propulsion system is currently being deployed at
the present time in some configuration, probably in the shape of a disk or the manta ray, and has been in operation for many years. Area 51 near Nellis Airfield in Nevada is touted as the place where we keep alien crafts that were downed by our government. I think this incredible story is just a smokescreen to stop civilian aviation from using this advanced concept. It also serves to draw attention away from the fact that humans designed this technology, and places it in the realm of science fiction and conspiracy theory.
It is obviously the prime choice for the development of a replacement
for the SR-71's job of high altitude reconnaissance. With its advantages of high speed, low noise, and radar invisibility, it is the perfect choice for the job.
In the recent movie Independence Day, Area 51 was housing a ship of
alien design. This ship was instrumental in defeating the hostile aliens. By using their own advanced technology against them, we were able to defeat them.
What if the truth is that they are not that advanced. That we have
these technologies today, and they are being kept from us by a government that is afraid of losing control of its people. After all, if we were to scatter out into space, it would be damned hard for them to collect taxes.


(3). Electromagnetic Energy Propulsion Engine James R. Taylor,
patent # 5,197,279. The Taylor engine uses a very different means to propel the craft. This drive system is most suitable for use as a deep space drive, because it requires no gas field or solid propellant. The drive only requires that it remain at super conductive temperature, and has high density electric power available for producing a magnetic field.This engine is much like the impulse engines from Star Trek.
It works by shearing off electromagnetic bubbles at very high
frequency. This creates ripples on the fabric of space time on which to ride. All this is accomplished by producing two opposing high density electromagnetic fields in opposition to one another, then Canceling out one field, and at the same time shearing off the other field with a toriodial wound coil. Then they introduce eddy currents into the now turned off field coil to prevent a back EMF from forming.
All of this is a little confusing for someone with no engineering
background in the field. It suffices to say that what we have here is a solid state device very similar to what we might expect to find in a UFO, or as I stated earlier A star trek impulse engine.
"Scotty, tell me you have the impulse engines on line" "Ey captain we
have impulse power" "Take us ahead then Mr.Scott Full Impulse"
The inventor estimates that with existing or anticipated
superconductors, and with existing or anticipated power supplies, that the speed possible, with engines of this design, is said to be in the order of 29,900kps. This is roughly 10% of Light Speed.
This system only requires a 10kev electric cell which is available
right now from General Electric. If the craft uses the new high temp superconductor materials available today it would not even require liquid Helium which is expensive and difficult to maintain in storage. Cheap and plentiful liquid Nitrogen could be used. Its easy to cool so it can be recycled and used again and again. The Taylor Drive doesn't have the radar invisibility of the Dipolar Force Field system so a combination of these 2 systems could be deployed where there advantages are best exploited. The Dipolar system, in or near atmosphere and close orbit then, switching to the Taylor Drive for between world travel. I will discuss this in greater detail later in the book.

(4). Protective Enclosure Apparatus for Magnetic Propulsion Space
Vehicle. Earnest J. Shearing patent # 5,269,482, Finally Any of these drive systems would be dangerous to the crew of the ship, due to the high acceleration possible, and because of the power of the magnetic fields used. The engine areas would of course be shielded to help concentrate the fields and to protect the passengers from EM radiation.
Gravity and acceleration must also be countered to protect the crew.
That is the purpose of this invention. This is accomplished by means of a super conductive Dewar Vessel. This vessel has a chamber made of super conductive material, surrounded by magnets of the same material. The system has accelerometers for each of the X, Y, and Z axis.
When gravity or acceleration changes are detected, the system sets up an
opposing field to cancel out those changes. This invention makes these propulsion systems safer and more capable because the crew is protected from the inherent dangers of fast direction changes. This makes them more maneuverable, as I have seen first hand. If the crew were subjected to the forces of acceleration possible with these engines, we would have a hard time scraping them from the walls of their ships.
So it appears we now have all of the necessary components available to
be on par with "other space faring worlds". All With human engineered technology! I'm certain we will find that the solid state
electromagnetic spacecraft, is the preferred mode of travel in the galaxy.
Bearing this in mind, why should we waste our time and our resources on
dangerous chemical rocket systems, costing billions of dollars, and not paying off in the same way as efficient, clean, solid state propulsion systems? Since the cost involved with solid state systems is in the construction and not in their operation, they are the most practical choice for a continued use space vehicle configuration.
If you have an engineering background, in high potential electromagnetic
you will find the inclusion of the complete patent disclosure documents very helpful. I recommend that even the novice reader at least read the description of the preferred embodiment, section of each document. I recommend that the reader review the entire patent collection for a complete understanding of the relevant science, and math behind each invention. The purpose of my breakdown of the information is to help the novice like myself to see the potential of these systems. I think the advanced reader will find interesting new engineering possibilities with these components plugged into you own designs.
When we are capable of economical space flights that make us invisible
to radar, it must scare the hell out of the government. Why else would they create these multi-billion dollar boondoggles like the Delta Clipper, a VTOL spacecraft that uses rehashed old technology, right out of an old Buck Rogers movie?
I mean come on, they're going to spend our tax dollars on technology
that is so out dated, its laughable. While at the same time they're developing advanced solid state systems for themselves. What a rip off, they have pulled the wool over the eyes of an entire planet. All this just to distract us from the truth that Human Space Flight Capability has advanced to the point where any intelligent, well financed individual or country could achieve interstellar flight with a highly reliable, and relatively safe means of propulsion.
I would expect that many encounters with other world craft have shown
that their missions were civilian, and merely for the purpose of cruising, checking out the scene as it were. On worlds without oppression, these advances are exploited by anyone who's interested in traveling to other star systems. This of course would be a frightening factor to imperialistic forces seeking to enslave everyone with taxes on every square inch of ground. After all, if everyone could just go where they wanted who would want to prop up their system.
What if you could have your own place, on any handy piece of rock, in
space? There is no better way to beat the tax man than to have truly your own property. Out of their grasp and free to exploit in any way you choose. Think of the freedom we would have with the ability to go from place to place, without having to buy expensive fuel all the time! We could all be truly rich.
In the next section of this book, I will disclose some of my own ideas
that were not possible before I knew about these systems.
The reason I started out by first envisioning the Comet Catcher is that
I believe that comets are the key to successful terra forming and colonizing. The obvious reasoning behind this is the composition of the comets themselves. They are formed of the necessary elements for terra- forming being made of mostly carbon dioxide and water, in the form of ice (which is the simplest to use and most abundant form of these elements in the solar system) ready to ship. They also have predictable orbits making them easy to intercept and reposition. Well perhaps not easy, but thanks to the Taylor Engine, it's technically feasible at least.
With abundant carbon dioxide and water available, robot systems can grow
bluegreen-algae for food and oxygen for colony builders, when they arrive in other vessels. This would only be science fiction were it not for the fact that these drive systems are feasible now. Use your
imagination now that you know about this technology plug these systems into your own designs, to help create this reality.
Secrecy is the only thing holding us back from our goal to live, work,
and explore the universe around us, without restriction. The science fiction of our youth has born the fruit of a new level of technology.
If we don't learn to use our minds to get off this world we will never
survive. We need space, we need new frontiers to explore. The human population needs room to grow. Space is the only place we can go. The only thing stopping us is the controlling elite. National security
should not override the survival needs of the entire human race.
One of my first design ideas using the systems described in this book I
call The Comet Catcher. I realize the fantastic size and cost of the ship I am proposing is astronomical but it would facilitate a rapid move toward terra forming Mars, and to defend the Earth from comets.
COMET pic.
This ship is equipped with five Taylor engines in all. The power supply
for each engine inside that engine's housing. The one main engine always remains fixed to the rear of the ship. The other four engines are mounted one on each side of the ship as shown. These side engines can activate to the side providing rotational thrust to realign the comet, then they can swivel backward to add to the thrust of the ships main drive. The front of the ship is equip with a one hundred meter long bore tip to anchor the ship to the comet. The LASER DRILL heats up the ice and anchor tip extends into the ice to accomplish this. Then four nitinol (shape memory alloy) grapples extend out to their "memory shape" to provide a more secure grip on the comet.
When all five engines are rotated to the rear and activated simultaneously, they provide a total thrust of at leased 5,760,000 lbs.. This should be sufficient to change the comets course. When the comet nears its destination the bore backs out, then the side mounted engines rotate forward, then activate briefly, releasing the ship. If all else fails, the bore tip can be jettisoned with explosive bolts. The bore would probably come loose with no problem, but I would probably use a ceramic composite bit that wouldn't hurt to much to lose.
For any serious Space faring, Colonizing, responsible, humans a device
like this would only make sense. After all if you have advanced enough to create these kinds of drive systems, you have advanced enough to defend your world against comet collisions. Talk about missile defense, what about comets, you can't shoot them down with missiles, you got to go out and redirect them before they even get close. Sling them somewhere they can do some good like impacting on Mars. Mars needs all the frozen gasses and water it can get. Enough impacts might even heat the core back up, and get a good magnetic field going. Who knows our great, great, grandchildren might just need the extra real estate. What do you think? Send me your ideas and I'll publish the good ones in my
next book.
As an example of the potential of these systems, I have envisioned the
combination of the 2 drive systems. One possibility is shown below.
COMBO pic.
It entails using the Dipolar Force Field Propulsion systems for
atmosphere take-off, and for stealth flight exploiting this system for it's advantages. Then, when the efficiency of this system drops off in Interstellar Space, due to the lack of a propellant gas field, the ships deep space drives kick in. At this point, the Dipolar Field can be maintained at minimal power with main power diverted to the Taylor engines. This will give the ship the capability to reach all of the outer worlds in this system in less than 1 day's time. You may notice the physical similarity of the ships design with Star Trek's Enterprise, only this one has no warp drive, yet.
For now though, we haven't even exploited our local system to its
fullest advantage. Perhaps when we mature as a species, we will discover ways to physically slip the bonds of our solar system and be a truly
space faring world and people.
Terra forming is the transplanting of life throughout the galaxy. To
bring life with us where ever we go. To me, its a holy mission. I think it's the purpose of the most advanced species on the planet to at least extend natures kingdom into our local solar system.
If some one tells you we need population control ask them, which one of
their kids they would like to kill off. That may sound harsh, but the human species cares for their young. Their is no reason that we can't
extend the human family into space.
Of course, if there were someone who could control things, just long
enough so that they could stake out all the choice land areas in the solar system, that would be one reason to want to hide the fact that we have the technical ability to go out into space in an economical way.
Can you imagine the gall of some group of self appointed judges that
would retard human growth in this way. I think this may well be the truth.
Humans need lots of life around us. We thrive in lush overgrown
surroundings. Plants give off a bio-field also called Chi, or Prana, it is essential to all life, so is all the oxygen they give off. Our space stations and colonies need to be just overgrown with plant life, to give us the necessary bio-field energy for our health and well being.
We need the symbiotic relationship we get from the microscopic life forms
that turn rocks and used plants back into soil. We also need the plants themselves. I think it would help our astronauts survive better in space. It might also help if we set up an Earth Resonance Field of 7.8hz, with a left hand polarization, in all manned spacecraft. Folks
might just not suffer from bone loss as badly.
There is much more information in the book than I can fit in these pages if
the subject interests you order my book today for only $22.00 postage paid
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