Michael Takes On The Beast

U.S. Highway 666

The idea goes something like this. I have arranged for transport To Monticello Utah. I then take my bike all the way down US 666 to Gallup, NM. A total distance of over 340 miles, alone or with other volenteers. I'll set up camp each evening around 4:30 pm. I hopefully will cover about 70 miles each day. I'll take along a Magnetic Field Sensor, a Camera and a Geiger counter. I will also have along communication gear and a tape recorder. Of course I'll need about 10 days provisions and some camping gear.

I got the idea to take on the beast, when I was reading material that stated that this strip of road had more UFO Sightings than any other in the country. Since I'm a UFO researcher and author I took this as a challange that could pay off with enough material for a new book, and probably a CD with video clips and sensor readings and tape recordings. I felt it was nessessary to do this trip on bike so as not to miss anything.

I will record everything that takes place on this trip. All sensors will be active at all times batteries permitting. Fresh food will be prepositioned or purchased in towns along the way. When I make it to Gallup NM I'll greet the folks who sponsor my trip as they will get first look and listen to all the data I collect along the way. Sponsors will get free copies of my book and CD as well as rare raw footage if they wish. This is just my way of thanking those who have made this endevor possible.

The purpose of this page is to let the public in on my research, and to attract any help and support that I can before I go. If you or anyone you know would like to help me in this endevor please send me your questions, comments, donations or equiptment to the address listed below. Or e-mail me to notify me of your intention to help.

I intend to do this alone, but if you wish to join me in this please let me know by e-mail. If you wish to join me you will need to provide for yourself as I am only asking for donations for myself.

All donated equiptment will be returned to my sponsors at the end of the trip unless I'm abducted or something in which case they will understand. All funds will be returned as soon as I clear a profit on the book and CD resulting from the trip. All sponsors will receive special mention in all publications I produce as a result of their contribution.

Equiptment donors are ask to e-mail me A.S.A.P. as to what they can do to help. A list of my needs is provided below, just copy and paste the item into the order form box or e-mail me.The date of the the event is sceduled to start on Octorber 1st, and should be finished by Octorber 12th weather permitting. Only very heavy rain will slow the start of the trip.

I was an Expert Infantryman in the Army and am in good shape so I can ride 70 miles in a day without much trouble. Please write or e-mail me A.S.A.P. if you would like to be a sponsor of this historic event.

Here is the list of items and donations that I need for the trip

MAGENTIC FIELD SENSOR (Has been provided by)


Thanks for your help in this.