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International Military & Humanitarian Procurement For The Governmental and Export Professional

Tampa-London-New York-Port au Prince-Durban
Malta-Nepal-Cyprus-Cameroon-Seoul S. Korea-Victoria, Australia

Please read before proceding. Inquiries will not be answered unless you understand our method of business and the applicable procedure.

Please note that at this time A. Canton & Co and Ballistica Maximus Corp. are both presently for sale to a qualified purchaser. Sale includes two (2) domains, client & contact list, huge internet presence, extensive website, Gov't DLIS (CAGE code) listing, and a 12 yr. history of highly regarded service. Our client list is contained on this site under "Partial Client Listing". Please contact our Florida office for VERY reasonable cost. Take over immediately. Sale due to retirement.


Many of the following items are HIGHLY RESTRICTED. U.S. Dept. of State approval may be required for purchase.

a. A. Canton & Co. DOES NOT import weapons into the U.S. except by specific request of governmental entities or properly licensed bulk commercial purchasers. Purchaser is responsible for import/export documentation

b. Requests for quote and/or Technical Specs must be via fax upon letterhead or email with full company contact information.

c. Please advise whether your request is part of a bid or tender. This being the case, you will be charged an administrative fee for quote.

d. Requests for destructive devices Quote must be accompanied by end-user-certificate.

e. A. Canton & Co. does not publish a paper catalogue.

f. All items are subject to prior sale.

g. All prices are dependant upon quantity and are will be quoted upon valid EUC.

h. Please DO NOT inquire regarding less-than-min. orders. A. Canton & Co. is a bulk distributor.

i. We CANNOT accomodate domestic civilian orders for Class III devices.

j. Sample items will be billed out at full retail cost + shipping and handling.

h. Depending upon order, please be prepaired with a letter of comfort based upon a figure which we will supply.

Due to the commodity nature of arms and destructive devices, pricing may change at any time. This is NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL

Updated May'06

A. Canton & Co. is a BULK distributor. Please DO NOT contact us for individual unit orders or advice. Min. Gas Mask orders at this time are 2,000 units. Minimum orders vary from item to item. Please Inquire

Special Gas Mask / NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) Equipment Notice:
Ballistica Maximus Inc. can supply a wide variety of various, high quality, internationally manufactured military & civilian gas masks, NBC preparedness equipment, Tyvek body suits, and in-ground, fully equippt NBC shelters.
These items will be considered special order. Purchaser will be responsible for import documentation and shipping of masks.
Please take special note that the increase in cost of NBC masks IS NOT under the control of BM Inc. The current world situation & demand for masks has caused an increase in cost by the manufacturers.
Masks and NBC kits will be sold in bulk only. The quantity will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You may assume a basic min. order of 2,000+ units.
Min order for Tyvek suits is 500 units. Tyvek suits, Gloves, and Boots are available immediately and are stocked in the U.S.
Please contact us for details, mask pricing, and documentaion assistance.

Gas Masks
Tyvek Body Suits
Decontamination Kits
NBC Kits
In Ground NBC Shelters
Boots & Gloves

*Combat/Civilian NBC Emergency Kits. US$70.00 ea

*Military Decontamination Kits

*High Quality European SGE-150 Military NBC Masks. New. Min. Order 20 units. US$150.00 ea.
*Technical Specifications

Weapons/Weapon Systems/Field Gear

We are currently offering the lowest current pricing on new, factory fresh
AK-47/74, AK-101/102. We have Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, and the extraordinary high quality Skoda Czech manufactured AK's at incredible savings. Immediate Delivery. Please Inquire.

Now Available: New AK-107/108. Immediate Delivery. Please Inquire.

*Boeing 707-323C Tanker Aircraft. Immediate Delivery From new Production

*Complete Selection of Artillery and Grenade Fuzes.

From New Manufacture,Immediate Delivery
*SHORAD Short Range Air Defense System.
From New Manufacture,Immediate Delivery

*Anti-Tank Mine, TM-62P3 / TM-62M
Immediate Delivery From New production.

*Brevel UAV.
Immediately Delivery.

*Manta Riot Control Vehicle.
Immediate Delivery From Production.

*SPAAG Gepard Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*TR-580 Main Battle Tank.
From Arsenal Stock,Immediate Delivery of 143 Units

T-80 UV Main Battle Tanks
Warranteed and Refurbished

Medium Main Battle Tanks, T-72M1
Warranteed and Refurbished

New M151A2 Jeep Vehicles
Fully Warranteed and As New

*Leopard 1-A5 Main Battle Tanks
From New Manufacture.

*LeClerc Main Battle Tank.
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*AM 100 ALG Armoured Vehicle.
Immediately Delivery From Production.

*BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Immediate Delivery.

*Engine/Transmission Upgrade for T-55/62/72 Main Battle Tanks

*BTR-80 8x8 Armored Personnel Carriers.
From Arsenal Stock. Excellent Cond. Immediate Delivery.

*FMR Remote Controlled Mine Clearing Machine

*Arsenal Refurbished T-72 Main Battle Tanks. 100% Refurbished. 200 units Available.
Also New T-72S Main Battle Tanks. Please Inquire.

*Scorpion 76mm Light Tank.

*T-55 MBT 105mm L7 Gun Upgrade Pkg. From New Manufacture.
Improves overall effectivity of T-55 MBT. Complete w/sighting upgrades.
Please Inquire.

*105mm L-51 FMK 4 Mod. 1 Type L7A3(M68)Tank Gun.
New, from current production.

Fully Refurbished HUMMVEE M998 Vehicles.
US$34,750.00ea FOB Port of Baltimore Maryland.

*Bell AB-212 Anti-Submarine Helicopters.
Immediate Delivery

*Combat Vehicle, BMP-3. From New Manufacture.
Delivered w/out ordnance. To Be Specified at Time of Order.
US$199,500.00 ea Ex-Works.

*4x4 Light BulletProof Jeep.
Rugged, Dependable Protection up to 7.62 NATO.

*A4 4-Dr Soft Top Military Command Car.
Rugged, All-Purpose Vehicle Applicable to Military, Police,S&R, Forward Observation, Recon.

*A3 VRI Rapid Intervention Vehicle.
The Ultimate Light Attack/Evasion Vehicle. Soon to Be U.S. Marine Standard.

*A3F 4x4 Exceptional Mobility Vehicle
Extreme Durability, High Mobility 4x4 Military/Field Operations Vehicle.

*High Quality Romanian 9mm submachine guns. From New Production.

*Heckler & Kock MP-5A3, & MP-5SD MP-5K Submachine Guns.
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*7.62 Petcheneg Light Machine Guns.
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*CR21 Assault Rifle 5.56x45
From Current Production

*High Quality Yugoslavian M99 Assault Rifles.
From New Production. 5.56 x 45

*Carbon 15 Carbines & SMG's.
Immediately Delivery.

*AK-101/102 Battle Rifles
From New Manufacture. Choice Of Calibers. Folding Stock. Immediate Delivery.

*High Quality Kalashnikov Design Assault Rifles/LMG.
From New Production. 5.56 x 45

* AK-47 Battle Rifles. Hungarian manu'f. 7.62 x 39mm. New.

*M16A2 5.56 x 45 Battle Rifles.
Manufactured 1982. New/Unused As Delivered to Govt.

From New Production. 7.62 x 51 NATO

*Mini SS LMG
From New Production. 5.56 x 45 NATO

*MAG 7.62 x 51 General Purpose Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
Spare BBL, Cleaning Kit, Sling,Bipod.
US$12,724.00 ea.

*M60 Series 7.62 x 51 Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
US$4,870.00 ea.

*7.62mm SS-77 Light Machine Gun.
Excellent Squad Machine Gun. S. African Manufacture.

*SAR-88 Assault Rifles. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$734.00 ea.

*M16A2 Assault Rifles. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$869.00 ea.

*K2 Assault Rifles. 5.56 From New Manufacture. US$911.00 ea

*Galil AR Assault Rifles. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$1,166.00 ea

*MD2/MD3 Assault Rifle. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$1,049.00 ea.

*Colt AR15/M16A1 Assault Rifle. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$560.00 ea

*CQ Assault Rifle. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$512.00 ea

*SIG SG 543 Assault Rifle. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$844.00 ea

*Steyr AUG Assault Rifle. 5.56 From New Manufacture.
US$1,315.00 ea.

*M.G. 3 7.62 x 51 Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
US$3,692.00 ea.

*Utios 12.7mm Universal Mount Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
Universal Base Type 6U6
US$9,900.00 ea.

*G3A4 Assault Rifles. From New Manufacture.
7.62 x 51 NATO. Fixed & Retractable Butt Available.
US$647.00 ea.

*LMG M60E3 7.62 x 51 Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
US$10,615.00 ea.

*Browning HBM2 .50 Machine Gun. From Arsenal Stk.
M3 Tripod, Spare BBL, Tool Kit, Cleaning Kit.
314 units avail. US$11,206.00 ea

*Browning HBM2 .50 Machine Gun. From New Manufacture.
With Quick Change BBL, Chromed.
US$12,270.00 ea

*40mm L-60 Breda 470 M-39/L-60 Automatic AA Gun. 10 units.

*AKM-S Battle Rifles.. 7.62 x 39. From Current Production.
Bayonet, 3 Mag Pouch, 4 magazines, Cleaning Kit.
US$265.00 ea. Min. Order: 1,500 units.

*Hecate II Sniper Rifle System.
12.7 x 99 (.50 BMG) French Made, Extreme Accuracy, Suppressable, Bargain Price.

*Barrett M82A1 .50 Sniper Rifle.
New Production,Semi-Automatic. Full Accessories Available As Well As Mod. 32 10x43 Ill. Scope.
US$7,920.00 Mod. 32 Scope

*Sig Sauer P-226 9mm Handguns.
New. Min. Order 50 units

*H&K MP5-A2 Submachine Guns. New. Min. Order 50 units

**H&K MP-5K 9mm Submachine Guns. New. Min Order 50 units

*RPO-A Schmel Infantry Flame Thrower. New Manufacture.
Immediate delivery. US$3,621.00 ea.

* F.N. manu'd Uzi Carbines, 9mm. Factory packing. Folding metal stk.

*MD1 .380 Auto-Loading Handgun.
From New Manufacture. Immedite Delivery.

*L1A1 Battle Rifles. 6000 units. Issued/Excellent Cond.

*Anti-Frogman and Specialized Hand Grenades.
From New Manufacture. Immediate Delivery.

*Calico Light Weapons System, Select-Fire. From New Manufacture.
9mm 50/100 rnd capacity. Please Inquire.

*LARS Light Artillery Rocket System
From New Production. Immediate Delivery.

*ThermoVision 1000-ECL Portable Long-Range Surveillence System

*Tempo Military LASER Rangefinders

*SIR Regimental Combat Information System

*Ranger Long-Range Thermal Surveillance Scope.

*Ground Laser Target Designator(GLTD) From New Production.
Please Inquire.

*SPJ 200 Series Integrated Self Protection Jamming System
Electronic Counter-Measure System(ECM)

*Giraffe Mod. 100 Low Level and Coastal Surveillance Radar System

*IGLA 9M39 Surface to Air Missiles.
2000 Production. Immediate Delivery.

*S-300PMU/SA-10 Missile System.
Patriot Missile Equivilent. NATO Grumble. From Current Production

*ERYX Anti-Armor Missile System From Current Production.

*Sagger Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.

*SAM-16 Missile System
All Acessories. Immediate Delivery.

*66mm M72A2 Rocket Launcher.
Man-Packable, Discardable.

*HellFire Anti-Armor Missile, AGM-114A

*127mm SAPBA Multiple Rocket Launcher System
Ground to Ground Saturation Weapon System.
From Current Production
Priced According to Quantity & Accessories. Please Inquire.

*2.75 Rockets. Complete with Fuze and 10 lb. H.E. Warhead. Pods and All Acessories Available.

*122mm Rockets, HE, Long Range. Use with 40 & 24 Tube Launchers. 20 km range.
Min Order 100units

*130mm HE Full Charge Projectiles.
From New Production. Immediate Delivery.

*122mm H.E. Full Charge Rounds.
From New Production. Immediate Delivery.

*82mm Mortars
From Arsenal Stock. Immediate Delivery.

*81mm Mortar LN M-86

*120mm Submunition Mortar Rounds

*120mm Mortars.
Immediate Delivery From Production.

*81mm HE Mortar Rounds Type W84
From Current Production

*Mortar Shells, 82mm HE. From New Manufacture
M-6R Impact Fuze. 10 rnds to Case.
US$63.00 ea. Min Order 1,000 rnds.

*81mm Smoke Mortar Round.
From Current Production.

*120mm Mortar Bomb M76P1 H.E.
From New Production. Immediate Delivery.

*60mm Mortar Shells.
Wide Variety From New Manufacture.

*Mil Spec PASGT Kevlar Helmets
High Quality, Budget Priced at US$155.00ea (1900fps 9mm) (1500fps 9mm)
(1300fps 9mm) Mil Std-662E. Immediate Delivery.

*Delta/Swat Helmets
From New Production.

*MP-7 Self-Propelled Tear Gas Grenade
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*PzH 2000 Self-Propelled Howitzer.
From Current Production.

*M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzers.
From New Production.

*M18/43 105mm Towed Howitzer.
From Arsenal Stock. Excellent Cond. 10 units

*M10A1 105mm towed Howitzer.
From New Manufacture.
US$327,319.00 ea.

*Model 56 Pack Howitzer, 105mm. From New Manufacture.

* U.S. M107 and M110 Self-Propelled Howitzers. Used/Excellent Cond.

*Towed Howitzer, 122mm D30. From Arsenal Stock.
200 units avail. Pristine Cond.

*Zuzana 8x8 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer. From Current Production.

*Various Optical Assemblies for M102 Towed Howitzer.

*73mm HEAT/HE Anti Tank Rounds
For SPG-9

*14.5mm Heavy MG Training Ammunition

*7.62x51 Armour Piercing Ammunition

*106mm HEAT Rounds For M40 A1/A2 Gun.

*105mm HEAT-T M456A1 Rounds.
5,250 Rounds, Immediate Delivery.

*Anti Tank Ammunition, Improved 106mm RR Cartridge.

*7.62 x 51mm Nato Ball Ammunition

*5.56 x 45 (.223) M193 NATO Ball Ammo.

*Remote Piloted Vehicle Launcher

*SH-60 SeaHawk Helicopters From New Production.
Please Contact For Details.

*105mm M1 H.E. Artillery Projectiles. Up To 30,000 Available For Immediate Delivery.
Complete With PDM-557 Impact Fuze.

*23 mtr Fast Craft Utility
High-Speed, Jet Drive, Ramped Utility Watercraft for Military or Commercial Application.

*Russian OSA Type 205 Fast Patrol Boats
Used, Maintained. From Arsenal Stock. Immediate Delivery/Ferry.

*Meko 140 Light Frigate.
Two Units Available Immediately.

*High Speed Inshore Patrol Boat.
15M. Monohull. Perfect for interdiction, S&R, Military Operations. 38 kt top speed. Fully equipped w/electronics,one(1).50 MG./two(2)7.62 GPMG.
New, from current production. Can Be Fully Armed to Client Spec.
Considerable Discount On Multiple Units.
US$1,250,000.00 Ex-Yard. Technical Drawing Upon Request.

*Air Cushioned Landing Craft.
Air cushion craft for transporting, ship-to-shore and across the beach, personnel, weapons, equipment, and cargo of the assault elements of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

*22 mt Fast Patrol Craft.
Full Compliment of Electronics. 20mm GA1 cannon and Choice of Twin 12.7mm HBMG's or 7.62mm MG's.
From New Production. Ex-Yard.

*UM Semi-Ridgid Inflatable Specials Operations Boats.
Rugged, High-Quality Inflatable WaterCraft.

*The Extraordinary 8.6 x 70 Super Magnum Sniper Rifle.

*40mm HE K200 Grenades.
The Most Effective, Least Expensive 40mm Currently Available. For All 40mm Weapons. 2500 unit min. order.

*90mm F1 Practice Rounds.

*81mm M67 Illuminating Mortar Rounds.
From New Production. Min. Order 1,000 rnds.

*Bangalore Torpedo.

*Shaped Demolition Charge, M2A4. 6.8kg

*LOCLAD Low Cost Low Altitude Dispenser.

*5.56 x 45 Ammunition.
M198 FOB Black Sea Port. 20' Cont Min. Order
SS109 US$260.00/1000 rnds Landed. 20' Cont Min. Order

*105mm Tank Practice Ammunition Type SH/P-TC72.

*155mm FRFB & ERFB Base Bleed Smoke Rounds.
From New Production. Min. Order 1,000 rnds.

*106mm HEAT Rounds.
From New Production. Min. Order 1,000 rnds.

*Fuzes, PDM-557 From New Manufacture.
50,000 units.

*Bailey M2 Bridging.
Immediate Delivery From Stock.

*Folding Float Bridges.

*Fast Floating Bridge, Amphibious M3 MLC 70T.

*26M LeGuan Bridge Layer.

*Light Assault Bridges, MLC 30.

*Wolverine Assault Bridges.

*Leopard Bridge Layer Vehicle

*M60A1 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge.

Please Inquire Regarding Current Bridging Inventory

*PRC-77 Field Radio. From New Production. U.S. Issue.
Complete with H-189/GR Handset, AT-892 Antenna, and Harness
US$2,734.00 ea. Min. Order:6 units.
Dry Cell and NiCad Batteries Available.
Long-Range (AT-271A/PRC)Antenna Available.

*NATO CML-Bio C4 Gas Mask
Ideal, Cost Effective Alternative to M-17.

*Complete Inventory of Steiner Military Optics. All models. Export Pricing and Immediate Delivery.

*Budget Battle Dress Uniforms. High Quality, New.
U.S. Woodland Pattern. 65% poly/35% cotton RipStop.
US$16.50 set. 7,500 set Min. Order.

*RPG-2 Portable Rocket Launchers. 1,000 units From Arsenal Stock.
US$750.00 ea.

* New Russian RPG-6 Grenade Launchers. Immediate delivery.

*RPG-7 Portable Rocket Launchers & PG-7 Rounds.
From New Production. US$1,980.00 ea 50 unit Min. Order.

*RPG-7V Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers.
10,000 units for Immediate Delivery From Stock.

*76mm M1942(ZIS-3)Divisional Gun. From Arsenal Stock. 100 Units.
US$13,995.00 ea.

*130mm HE Reduced Charge Artillery Rnds For M-46/M-82. From Arsenal Stock.
US$483.00 ea.

*Dog Tag Machines. Mod. TT-350.

*30mm DEFA Target Practice(TP)Rnds. From New Manufacture.

*105mm APFSDS Tank Gun Ammunition. From New Manufacture.
For 105mm M68 and L7 Gun.
Min. Order: 1,000 rnds.

*125kg 81 AF HE Aircraft Bombs From New Manufacture.

*23mm Anti-Aircraft Ammunition. From New Manufacture.
For ZU-23 AA Gun.
HE:US$32.00 ea. API:US$35.00 ea.

*Ferret Liquid Agent Barricade Penetrating Cartridge. 37mm/38mm.
From Current Production.
Min. Order: 1,000 rnds.

*Mounts, M79 For 106mm Recoiless Rifle. New Oerlikon Manu'f.
100 unit Min. Order.

*Projectile Fuzes. Large Variety. Delay/Impact/Electric Type.

*Artillery Projectile, M107 155mm HE. Complete with PDM557 fuze, M4A2 charge, M87 primer.
US$395.00 ea. Min. Order 1000units.

*105mm ERM-1 HE Base Bleed Projectiles. From Current Production.
For: M101/M102/Abbott L118-L119/M101 RDM.
Please Inquire.

*Aircraft Bomb, Bleu-4 1000kg. New, from current production.
Please Inquire.

*Practice Bomb, Type 10 Mod. RND. Replaces U.S. Mk-82 or EU-2.

*37mm/38mm Grenade Launchers. New, U.S. Made. Mil Spec. Folding Stk. High Quality.

*38mm CS Cartridges, Long Range. New. 130 mtr range. 2 sec delay.
1000unit Min. Order. Immediate Delivery

* Ammunition, .50 unlinked. S. African Manufacture.
API........US$2.00 rnd
Ball........US$1.00 rnd
Min. order 500K rounds

* Ammunition. Hertenberger U.K. MOD L7A2Z 9mm x 19 Carbine(HOT)
US$65.00/1000 rnds.
Min. order 1m rounds

* M203 40mm Grenade Launchers. Immediate delivery.

* Mortars, 81mm New . Immediate delivery.
81mm HE Rnds

* Riot Helmets, New. ABS w/Lexan Visor. Fully Adjustable Suspension Sys.
Min. Order: 500units US$55.00 ea.

* Riot Shields, Polycarbonite. 150cm x 60cm. Sturdy Inner Handles.
Min. Order: 500units US$65.00 ea.

* Grenades, Hand Fragmentation. Various. US$20.00 - US$35.00 FOB

* Military or Construction Grade TNT.
US$1150.00 mt FOB Black Sea Port

*Containerized Hard-Shell Medical Units / MASH Units

*Time Sensitive Offering: Two(2) European MASH Type Field Hospitals. 300 Patient Cap. Compelete. Immediate Delivery FOB. US$1,000,000.00ea. Please Contact Us For Details.

*300 Patient Forward Aid/MASH Units. New Manufacture. May Be Tailored To Specific Mission Requirements.
Please Contact Us For Details.

MASH Units. 200 & 400 Patient Cap. New Manufacture. Complete.
Full Inventory & Pricing Upon Request.

Chemical, Biological Shelter System 2000
Transportable Command/Aid Shelter
From Current Production. Immediate Delivery.

*Disaster Clothing(BDU), High Quality, New.
Olive Drab, Or Solid Color of Choice. 65% poly/35% cotton RipStop.
US$15.50 set. 7500 set Min. Order. T-Shirts: US$2.00ea

*U.S. MASH Units Two(2)200 Patient Units. One(1)400 Patient Unit. NOS. Original Vacuum Packaging. Complete Minus Generator. Immediate Delivery.

* U.S. MASH Unit for 200 Patients. Full Electrics/HVAC. New. May be used for Military or civilian housing for 400 persons w/bunk beds.

*Full On-Hand Inventory of Tents, Sleeping Bags, Pads, Water Purification Equipment & Tablets.

*A. Canton & Co. offers a full selection of New, U.S. Military M2 Bridge Structures.
Designed For Ease of Construction. 180' Clear Span with 80,000 lb Weight Capacity.
May Be Erected By Launching Method or Coventional Use of Light Crane.
Please Inquire.

*U.S. Meals,Ready to Eat(MRE). Factory Fresh. From Current Production.One(1)40ft. cont.
Forty(40)Pallets, 23,040 Full Meals. US$75,840.00 Immediate Delivery.

*Mighty-Meal Survival Food. Perfect for Humanitarian Programs and Military Operations.
2,000,000 On Hand for Immediate Delivery.

*Disaster Blankets.
50% Poly/50% Acrylic.
a. 20 ft. cont. 7,500 Blankets...US$24,750.00
b. 40 ft. cont.15,000 Blankets...US$48,750.00

*Water Tankers. 5,000 gal cap. Food Grade. Remanufactured as New.
With or W/out U.S. M52 5 ton 6x6 Truck.
Please Inquire.

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