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MRE Supply Logistics, LLC.

We Have 100,000's Of Entree's & Components Ready For Instant Air Freight From Port of Tampa,Tampa Int'l Airport, & MacDill AFB For Humanitarian Relief & military supply.1,000,000 meals refugee relief.

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Master Factory Government - Humanitarian - Military - Bulk Sales Office

Civilian & Individual Orders For Standard, Halal, or Kosher Meals Are Always Welcome. Email For An Instant Quote.

Simply The Lowest Standard & Halal MRE and Ration Cost In The Industry. GUARANTEED.
Factory Direct...No Middle Man

U.S. DoD, DoS, U.N., NATO, and GSA Approved Contractor

Approved Vendor to NATO/NAMSA CAGE: 1YAZ9 NATO: XP972
NSN 8970-01-321-9153


MRE Supply Logistics,LLC.
Burlington, Vermont USA  802.582.0555
www.MRESupply.tk  MRESupply@aol.com

Agent For The Mid-East:

Titan Imports & Exports LLC
Francisco Flores
New York, USA

Call or Email 24/7 For Immediate Service

We Are Now Taking Min. Pallet Orders For Hurricane Relief Meals. Standard & Halal Menus

We Are Stocked For Immediate Bulk, Relief, Halal & Kosher Relief Programs. Shipping WorldWide
Custom International Menu Items Are Available To Suit Every Taste

2016 Food Supplies
We Drop-Ship For You World-Wide

MRE Supply, LLC is the master factory distributor for MRE Star Standard & Halal menu MREs', the world's finest & largest manufacturer of military & humanitarian foods. We are able to offer current, factory fresh MRE’s at considerable savings over so-called "discount dealers" whose stock generally consists of 3 yr. old government discards or substandard components. We are capable of delivering even large orders faster than anyone else.We maintain corporate offices & manufacturing facility in the U.S. as well as FDA/Cert. Halal factories in the U.S.A. We maintain a large inventory of MRE Star standard menu & Cert. Halal MREs' in a controlled environment and can arrange for international shipping through conventional as well as unconventional means, or if required, we can air-drop to fielded troops or humanitarian programs. But don't forget that with the same attention to detail and extensive customer support base, we can deliver MRE's right to your door.
With a 5 year+ shelf life, military spec. MREs'are a worthwhile investment in your family's security.
We also offer HACCP ISO9001, & Kosher Subsistence Rations, Food Trays, & the only U.S. made 24hr Day Rations.

We Can Tailor Menus To Suit Any Regional Tastes. Or Meals May Be Fully Customized

We Now Feature Customized 3 Meal Std. Halal Day-packs and food trays for export.
Meals are available Private Labeled and in End-User's Language.

Exclusive Areas Are Available To Better Int'l Distributors. Call Our Vermont Office For Information.

Available For Immediate Shipping
*MRE Star Standard & Halal MREs' & Rations
*Military Grade MRE
*24 Hr Mil. Day-Pak
*Subsistence Rations
*Halal MRE
*Kosher MRE

Order Today & Take Advantage of Factory Pricing.
Email or Call for Immediate Personalized Service

Discounts available for governmental, educational, corporate, religious, & bulk purchasers. Inquire.

November SPECIALS!

*Budget 24hr 3-Meal MRE/Ration

1 - Oatmeal (dry) (Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip or other)(56g)
1 - Energy Bar
1 - Coffee or tea - Sugar-creamer

1 - Entree (227g)
1 - Fruit Drink Mix (24g)

1 - Entree (227g)
1 - Fruit Drink Mix (24g)
1 - Entree Heater - IRH

1 - Waterproof Packaging Bag
1 - Master Case (Holds 8 Units)

USD 7.75/24hr Ration. USD 2.58/meal. 100k unit min.

*MRE Star Full Government-Spec MREs' 720 meal pallets..$65.00/case $73.00 w/NSN IRH ($120.00 retail)

*40' con'ts Factory-Fresh Full Halal MREs'. 21,600 Full Meals With NSN IRH
Ready To Ship Anywhere In The World. US$ 6.00/meal US$129,600.00 Total/con't. One container min.

*3-Meal 24-hour meals pack. Halal cert. Factory Fresh. 100,000 min.
2,100 cal. US$ 9.75 ea 3,000 cal.US$ 12.75 ea
*Full Hearty Mil Spec U.S. made 3-Meal Battle-Pack Meals!

*14oz Rice/Chicken/Beef Humanitarian Rations. 50,000 units min. US$ 2.40/ea. US$120,000.00 FOB Sarasota, Florida

*Custom Build Containers of Standard or Halal Menu MREs'. Private Label Packaging Available. We Drop-Ship WorldWide.
Call or write for U.S. Made Standard, Halal & Kosher MREs' & Rations.

*Standard menu MREs' w/o IRH as low as US$50.00/case. Retail: US$80.00
*Standard menu MREs' w/IRH as low as US$58.00/case. Retail: US$89.00
*Cert. Halal MREs' as low as US$70.00/case Retail: US$120.00
*Mil-Spec 24Hr 3-meal rations as low as US$11.00ea. Retail: US$27.00

Cost does not include shipping.

Custom Meals: Inquire.

To Order, Simply Call or Email your Requirements to Us. Please Include All Contact Information, Shipping or Drop-Ship Address & Phone/Fax. We Will Generate a Proforma With All Information For Your Approval and return it Via Fax or Email.

Begin Selling MREs' Under Your Own Company Name Immediately. We Will Private Label Under Your Company Banner & Drop-Ship min. Pallet Orders. Sell World Wide. Contact Us For Details And Become An MRE Dealer Today.

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Please note that there are no returns or refunds of deposit or payment once your order has been processed.
Delivery times are subject to change without notice.

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