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International Military & Humanitarian Procurement For The Governmental and Export Professional

Tampa-London-New York-Port au Prince-Durban
Malta-Nepal-Cyprus-Cameroon-Seoul S. Korea-Victoria, Australia

U.S. DoD / DoS, U.N., DLIS, and GSA Approved Contractor
CAGE Code: 1YAZ9 NATO: XP972

Jan. '15 Attention Wholesale Clients, Civilian Preparedness, Governmental Purchasers, & Organizations:
We Have Fresh MREs'. Bulk Delivery Only.
Min: One(1)Pallet. Please Inquire Regarding Smaller Case Orders.

Ballistica Maximus Corp. has been in existence since March of 1990.We were organized in response to the call for a streamlined conduit for the legitimate purchase by approved Governments and End-Users of Asian, South African, American, European, Warsaw Pact, and NATO Military, Law Enforcement, and Humanitarian goods & Services.

Please feel free to contact us directly at any time for assistance.

Since that time, BMC has grown to become a respected and highly-held entity in World Arms Sales and Humanitarian Aid Supply. Currently with executive headquarters in St. Petersburg,Florida with Sales Offices in New York City, S. Africa, Malta, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Cypress, Katmandu, Victoria Australia and London. Our Clients have 24 hour access for questions, quotes, and logistical information. You are invited to inspect our daily Daily Weapons Update Site. This is an updated frequently-compendium of currently available Ordnance, Arms, Ammunition and Projectiles.

Ballistica Maximus is the master distributor the for the nation's largest manufacturer of U.S. Issue Meals, Ready to Eat.
Please contact us for wholesale pricing & immediate shipping. MRE Logistics can also supply both U.S. Military Issue Glatt Kosher & Halal Meals should dietary restrictions require. In addition, we can provide fresh non-contract MREs' utilizing gov't components in standard, Glatt Kosher, & Cert. Halal configuration.
Delivery is immediate until further notice.

We attempt to maintain a vast Inventory of Military & Civilian Aircraft Please contact us for your specific requirements.

For our military vehicle enthusiasts, military organizations, law enforcement agencies, fleet vehicle users, SAR, Resort Rentals and just plain fun, you will find our supurb M151A2 Jeeps & Tactical Military Vehicles in both 4x4 & 6x6.Ideal for SAR, law enforcement, ranch work, or simply as a super dependable workhorse vehicle. We now offer the Chrysler Mil. Wrangler 4x4 Jeep Vehicle.
New in the military vehicles lineup is the recently contracted Marine Tactical Military Dune Buggy as well as the 1025 & 998 HUMMVEE, hard top or soft top.
In addition, BMC & Ballistica Maximus Supply is one of the very few sources of new, equipped forward aid stations (MASH Units) and staffs medical specialists to assist you in procuring Medical Equipment,Pharmacuticals, Field Hospitals, or to Staff your Health-Care Facility. We are also proud to represent the world's leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art
Containerized Field Hospitals & MASH Units
BMC is recognized and approved by U.S. DoS, DoD, BoPMA, NATO,U.N. & DLIS and will bear scrutiny by foreign DoD/DoS. Governmental background profiles are encouraged.

BMC now stocks the extraordinary Water Cannon Equipped Manta Counter Riot Vehicle. The Manta is the hallmark in Counter Riot / Crowd Control Vehicles. Fully Armored, The Manta Goes where others dare not.

Through our ISC Special Operations Division BMC Corp. offers the most comprehensive security services available. Maritime Security & Escort, Executive Protection, Kidnap Recovery, Critical Extraction, Counter-Industrial Espionage. Team members are culled from SEALS-Special Forces-SAS-Police Special Operations-Intelligence Community. In coorperation with ISC Security Services, training is available which covers the range from Uniformed Security to Special Operations Teams to Espionage/Counter Espionage Operations. We can supply on-site Protective Services within hours day or night, 24 hrs a day. For Executive Protection Projects, we can dispatch a team same day. For Educational Institutions, we can have a team of world-class Security Designers and Trainers at your location the next day. Please call or fax our offices or ISC directly for information and instant response.

BMC is the agent for the primary manufacturers of U.S. Military Issue Battle Dress Uniforms and issue combat boots. We are capable of supplying even large orders quickly and at the most favourable pricing. In addition, we offer high-quality, currently fielded Rip Stop & Twill Budget Battle Dress Uniforms beginning at US$16.50/set. This is the lowest current price for quality imported military spec garments.
We also offer blended twill BDU's for cooler climates. All BDU's are available in a wide selection of colors & patterns.

As a leading supplier of ballistic garments, BMC offers a wide selection of Superior Quality U.S. Made Bullet-Proof Vests, Multi-Level Military Fragmentation Vests, Explosive Ordnance Services, EOD Suits, Tactical Vests, Bomb Disposal Blankets, and Canine Ballistic Protection tailored for budget-conscious governmental & law enforcement agencies. Our ballistic garments are meticulously manufactured to the highest degree of quality, fit, and finish. All garments meet or exceed NIJ standard. We can also supply advanced ceramic inserts as well as steel or aramid trauma plates. Contact us for your immediate quote and see for yourself that quality protection does not have to be expensive.
For the very cost-conscious client, we also stock a large inventory of excellent, beyond warranty police vests in a variety of sizes and protection levels. Please contact us for details.

Ballistica Maximus Corp.
Burlington, Vermont USA
802.582.0555 802.868.0495

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