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2860 Decatur Ave.

Suite # 21 A

The Bronx

New York


New York University / Oxford University

Member of the Faculty at New York University

Member of the American Translators Association

Certified By The Board of Education of New York State

Certified by The Drugs Enforcement Administration


1997-Present: Teach "Commercial Translation II" at New York University

1997-Present: Software localization editor for Berlitz Translations Services in NYC.

1997-Present: Voice overs in Newscasts for ABC and NBC American Television Networks.

1993-Present: Translator for The Drugs Enforcement Administration, Dept. Of Justice. New York City. Duties include the transcribing of tapes from different subjects, varying from medical, to legal, to mechanical and classified information.

1994-Present: Translator for the Department of Education, New York City. Material translated has medical, psychological and educational context.


1975 : New York University. Ph. D. Linguistics

1979 : American School of Photography, Mundelein, Illinois. Master in Visual Arts

1988 : Certificate from "Kodak's Managers Seminar for Improved Effectiveness".

1993 : Diploma from Oxford University for post-graduated course for ESL teachers.

1994: Passed Spanish Proficiency Exam from Hunters College, NYC

1995: Diploma from La Guardia Community College, PREP course.


1995: Certificate from The Drugs Enforcement Administration as an active member of Operation "Transcription 95".

1994: Designed and taught "Seminar for actualization of English Teachers" for the Benedict's Academy of Languages in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

1994: Published Book "Translating and Interpreting, the Nuts and Bolts", manual in English.

1984: Filed Disclosure agreement with the United States Government for "Freire's Filter Finder" an invention to simplify color printing techniques.


Windows 95, WordPerfect 7.0, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect 5.2, WordStar, Word Perfect for Dos, PageMaker 6.5, Quark Xpress


Willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Able to set-up wiretapping monitoring systems anywhere in the world.

Translation of sensitive documents in your country or mine.

Have lived in or visited: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, U.SA. Canada, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Spain, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Holland, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Rumania, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Kenya, and more.