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(All offers subject to prior sale and final confirmation)



Product: Sunflower Seed, Current Crop


Quantity: 25,000 MT in Bulk (more possible)


Price: $296 per MT C&F less as 100,000 MT / contract

Price: $266 per MT C&F more as 100,000 MT / contract



Oil Content: 42.0 % Minimum.

Admixture: 4.0% Maximum

Color: Natural Specific

Moisture: 10.0% Maximum

FFA: 1.5% Maximum

Dehulled Kernels: 5.0% Maximum

Protein: 15% Minimum

Acid: 4 % Total


Origin: South America


Terms: Irrevocable, confirmed, fully funded documentary letter of credit payable at sight. Confirmed via S.W.I.F.T. through UBS Zurich, Switzerland. Text of letter of credit to be provided with draft contract.


Performance Bond: 2 percent.


Shipment: Within 30 days of receipt of acceptable letter of credit.


Procedures: These procedures are standard international procedures for commodity transactions of this nature. These procedures are from the draft contract.


1. Seller issues draft Contract. Buyer shall sign and return the draft Contract by facsimile to Seller, accepting all the terms and conditions of the draft Contract along with complete banking co-ordinates. If Buyer requires amendments, Buyer must present for the Seller’s consideration and negotiation such amendments for mutual agreement.


2. After mutual contractual agreement, Seller submits via fax a copy of the formal contract for Buyer to sign, seal and return via fax where after Seller submit five (5) signed hard copies of the Formal Contract to the Buyer via courier. within three (3) days after Formal Contract delivery to Buyer’s address as listed in this Contract, Buyer returns three (3) signed, sealed, notarized hard copies of the Formal Contract to the Seller via courier, lodges one copy with his bank and keeps one copy for Buyer’s reference.


3. Buyer’s bank with full bank responsibility shall issue a Bank Commitment Letter in accordance with text provide with draft contract (specimen in one page) stating that they are ready to issue the confirmed L/C on behalf of the Buyer to Seller for the total value of this Contract. That the Bank shall issue the Non-Operative L/C within sixty-four (64) International banking hours from the execution date of this Contract.


4. Within Forty-eight (48) International Bank hours after this Contract’s execution, Buyer’s Bank shall forward the Letter of Credit text for the Seller’s bank’s approval via S.W.I.F.T. Sample text to be included in draft contract.


5. Once approved, the Seller’s bank will provide an undertaking to issue the 2% performance guarantee, provided the Buyer’s bank, within twenty-four banking hours, issues the approved letter of credit via S.W.I.F.T.



6. Within Sixty-four (64) International Bank hours after this Contract’s execution, the Buyer’s bank shall issue the non-operative L/C via SWIFT confirmed through UBS, Zurich in favor of and to the account of Zonity Marketing Corp. (Pty) Ltd. payable for the total value of this Contract in complete compliance with the terms as contained in Letter of Credit Specimen and the related terms and conditions contained in the contract.


7. Within sixteen (16) International bank hours after receipt of notice from the Seller’s bank confirming Buyer’s Non-operative L/C is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract Seller shall cause his bank to forward a Bank Guarantee for two percent (2%) of the L/C’s market value. Seller’s issuance of the Bank Guarantee activates the Buyer’s L/C.


    1. Shipment and delivery commence in good and true order in strict compliance with the Contract.