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Commercial Proforma Invoice No.
Date:   To:

Product:    White refined cane sugar grade "A"
Origin:     South America and/or Central America at seller's option.
Quantity:   50,000 MT initial order.
Quality:    Polarization: 99,8%
            Ash:          0.04%
            Moisture:     0.04%
            Icumsa:      45 RBU
            Color:       Sparkling white
            Solubility:  100% Free flowing
            Granulation: Fine
            Radiation:   Normal
Inspection: S.G.S. or similar at seller's cost.
Packing:    50 Kg packed in new poly bags.
Delivery:   First delivery within 30 - 45 days after receipt
            Of your validated Documentary Letter of Credit.
Performance Within fifteen (15) days after the receipt of the         
            Non-Operative LC or Pre-Advice LC.
Price:      US $ 275,00 per MT, C&F most safe world ports.
Payment:    Fully Funded Documentary LC.
          - Buyer sends Letter of Intent to Seller with a letter from
            The bank stating they have money available for this transaction.
          - Seller sends contract to buyer will his full banking.
          - Buyer signs contract and sends back to Seller.
          - Buyer's bank to Seller's Bank Pre-advise LC.
          - Seller's bank puts up the 2% Performance Guarantee activating LC.
          - Shipments commence as per agreed schedule in contract.
          - After each shipment, seller's bank will send the documents to
            The buyer's bank and advises amount and quantity.
Documents:  Full set of clean onboard Bill of Lading made out to order
            "Blank Endorsed" and marked "Freight Prepaid", signed
            Commercial invoice, quality, quantity and weight certificate,
            Certification of Origin, phytosanitary certificate
            Of non-radiation, packing list with details.


Validity:   7 (seven) banking days.

Signed & Sealed with full corporate responsibility