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Date: 23.06.98   


Contract No. __________ 

Hereby we -------------------------- corporation with full corporate authority and responsibility  issue this Corporate Offer to sell the following product under the following terms and conditions:  

Product:       Cane Sugar Grade "A"   
Quantity:      50,000 MT and more. (Price decreases) 
Price:            $US248, 00 /PMT, C&F   
Origin:           Brazil, South America only.  
Ash:               0.04% lowest 0.03%   
ICUMSA:      45RBU   
Solubility:     Free flowing   
Granulation: Fine   
Color:            Sparkling Crystal White   
Radiation:     Normal   
Polarization: 99.8% Min   
Packing:        50 kg poly lined poly jute bags   
Shipments:   25,000 MT  Loading to  commence latest 30 days after the  
                       verification of   the letter of credit. 


Irrevocable, revolving for each shipment, fully funded, letter of credit at sight against documents, drawn on bank acceptable to our negotiating bank, confirmed, opened in favor of Seller at his bank. Such L/C establishment to be arranged by fully authenticated telex and opened immediately once the terms and conditions of the transaction have been agreed between the parties to the transaction. All discharge costs including the demurrage, if incurred at discharge and unloading to be borne and paid for by the buyers. Insurance for the goods to be arranged by the buyers at their costs. Any taxes, dues, levies in the country of import to be borne by the buyers on their account.  

Best Regards,