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You Could Search for a Year and Find Nothing Better!

Exciting New Home Based Business that can be operated part or full time using E-mail NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - YOU WILL RECEIVE FULL TRAINING + CUSTOMERS

Read below to find out how you can live anywhere you want and use the Internet to earn an income that can support you in comfort for therest of your life

This is perhaps one of the most interesting, exciting and profitable businesses you will ever see. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: (1) There are more than 3 million businesses for sale - and thousands of them are easy to find on the Internet.(2) There are also about 12,000 Public Companies and most of them want to acquire or merge with a private business because it will improve their sales revenue, profits and increase shareholder value. The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) business is no more complicated than putting together the private company Sellers and the Public Company Buyers - showing you how to become an M&A Matchmaker using E-mail is what we teach you. There are large Public Companies (NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ) and smaller Public Companies (OTC/BB). This means you can do big deals and small deals. One of our Associates that started in January will earn $250,000 cash and $1 million in Public Company (AMEX) stock on his first deal. Another new Associate with no experience just completed her first deal and earned $300,000; she only started five weeks ago! Each deal is different and you may earn more or less.

This is one of the hottest business opportunities in the country right now. It has been written about in many leading business magazines. This is the only opportunity of its kind where you work directly with an Attorney and an Investment Banker who can show exactly how to be successful in this exciting and very profitable industry. THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - Just the ability to send e-mail from your computer and follow step-by-step directions.You will get complete assistance by phone, E-MAIL and fax for three years. The reason you will be successful is that every time you make money the Attorney and Investment Banker who help you share the profits with you. This way everyone is a WINNER.

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