Vintage 1960s ancient Romans.

6.00 EACH

Sword back, shield forward looking up to the right. NONE

Drawing sword, looking up. NONE

Sword overhead, looking forward shield to the left. NONE

Swinging ax. NONE

Sword point and shield edge held on the ground. NONE

8.00 RECAST Romans, 5 in 5 poses, cream. (3)

12.00 RECAST Romans, 9 in 5 poses, redbrown. (1)

10.00 RECAST Knights, 5 in 5 poses, white. (5)

4.00 Each Charbens RECAST 54mm camels. (4)

NONE - RECAST Merryman archer, green 50mm.

5.00 EACH

With knife, yelling upward.

Attacking with belaying pin.

NONE - In red coat with sword in front of body.

Pointing with one hand, telescope in other hand.

Scouting, shovel in other hand.

Carrying treasure chest.

Holding sword out to the right, no hat.

NONE - One legged pirate with pistol & crutch.

NONE - With sword tothe right, wearing hat.

16.00 9 RECAST Pirates in all 9 poses; 2 red.

NONE - British grenadier.

Original issue figures;




3.00 Shooting Rifle; 1 light blue, 1 dark blue.

3.00 With Bugle and Rifle; 1 light blue, 1 dark blue.

3.00 With Sword; 1 dark blue, (1.50 SHORT SWORD; 1 light blue).

5.00 Flag bearer; NONE.

3.00 Charging with rifle, front foot up; 1 light blue, 1 dark blue.

3.00 Running with rifle, rear foot up; 1 light blue.

3.00 With pistol; NONE.

10.00 RECAST All 7 foot ACW figures; 1 gray, 1 shades of blue.

1.50 EACH RECAST foot ACW figures;

Shooting rifle; 1 blue.

With bugle and rifle; 4 blue.

With sword; 1 gray.

Running with flag; 1 gray.

Charging with bayoneted rifle; 2 blue, 1 gray.

Running with rifle in right hand; 1 blue, 3 gray.

With pistol; 1 blue.

REISSUE western figures.

NONE - Mounted cavalryman with horse, gray,

2.00 Foot cowboy shooting rifle, gray. (1)

2.00 Mounted Indian with shield and feather lance, gray, NO HORSE. (1)

4.00 Mounted Mexican bandit with rifle, gray + horse from below. (NONE)

4.00 Mounted cavalryman with sword, kepi hat, gray + rearing horse. (1)

NONE - Mounted Indian with spear, redbrown, on cream blanket horse.

4.00 Mounted cowboy shooting pistol, gray, + running horse.(2)

2.00 Mounted cowboy shooting pistol, gray, NO HORSE. (1)

2.00 Foot cowboy with lasso, gray. (7)

2.00 Foot cowboy about to draw pistol, gray. (NONE)

2.00 Foot cowboy running with knife held high, blue. (5)

2.00 Foot cowboy holding rifle overhead. (5)

3.00 Davy Crockett with rifle; 1 dark blue.

NONE Running horse with saddle.

NONE Rearing horse with blanket, flowing mane;.

NONE Rearing horse with saddle;.

NONE Bucking horse with saddle.

NONE - Recast French Foreign Legion.

Vintage natives from the Mike Handley collection.

No vintage natives in stock.

10.00 RECAST African natives, 5 in 3 poses, very dark brown or black. (1)

The admirals seem to be from various periods of history.

6.00 Admiral with telescope, white. (NONE)

6.00 Admiral with binoculars, white. (2)

6.00 Admiral hand in pocket, white. (NONE)

6.00 Seaman running with rifle, white. (1)

8.00 Deep sea diver with ax, black. (1)

6.00 Frogman with puller or camera, black. (2)

WWII Figures

Original figures were painted, then came unpainted in the 1970s. RECASTS are in stiffer unpainted plastic.

10.00 RECAST Sikhs, 6 in 5 poses, light tan color, stiff plastic perfect for painting. (NONE)

8.00 RECAST WWII British Paratroops, 5 in 5 poses, cream. (5)

12.00 RECAST WWII American infantry, 8 in 8 poses, green. (4)

12.00 RECAST WWII Russian Infantry, 6 in 6 poses, light gray. (2)

NONE - RECAST WWII 8th Army soldiers. Picture courtesy Robert Westrick.

NONE - RECAST WWII German Afrika Korps soldiers. Picture courtesy Robert Westrick.

Like most British made figures they suffer from severe paint loss. Polyethylene the plastic used for most plastic figures from the 1950s-70s does not have a solvent so paint does not adhere well and over time flakes off. Last figure (Clarinet player) in picture is a RECAST.


3.00 Mounted Life/Horse Guard, black, no paint.(2)

ID provided courtesy of Bill Nevins.

3.00 Scots Guard marching. (1)

3.00 Highlander marching. (1)

3.00 Beefeater. (1)

Examples of Charben Circus Figures

8.00 Clown throwing water.

NONE - Boxing midgets.

5.00 Frankenstein, 4 inch figure, needs base, red. (NONE)

5.00 Wolfman, 4 inch figure, needs base, red. (NONE)

5.00 Batman, 4 inch figure, needs base, red. (NONE)


Johillco apparently copied or paid for three Cherilea knight poses. The two smaller knights without bases were made from Johillco's lead figure molds.

6.00 Lunging to his right with sword, no base. (1)

6.00 Standing more erect with sword, no base. (NONE)

5.00 With Ax and shield. (2)

5.00 Looking to his left, sword over head. (5)

5.00 Wounded hand at chest, sword in other hand. (4)

4.00 Cowboy w/ lasso 1 yellow, 1 green.

4.00 Cowboy kneeling w/ two pistols; 1 blue, (1.00 SHORT GUN TIP; 1 green).

4.00 Cowboy kneeling shooting rifle; 3 red, 1 blue, 2 green.

5.00 Cowboy mounted with rifle; NONE.

8.00 Horse. (1)

4.00 cowboy mounted waving hat; 1 blue, 1 red.

4.00 Cowboy standing shooting rifle 4 red, 1 green.

4.00 Same but popped out of mold too quick and looks like he is shooting downward, green.

4.00 Cowboy rifle in left hand in crouch; 2 green.

4.00 Cowboy crouched with rifle in left hand, orange NO HILCO mark.

. 4.00 Cowboy standing shooting pistol; 1 yellow, 1 blue.

4.00 Cowboy standing w/ 2 pistols 1 green, 4 blue, 1 orange.

4.00 Cowboy fighting with knife; 3 red, 1 green.

4.00 Cowboy with rifle and pistol; 1 green, 2 yellow.

4.00 Cowboy mounted with pistol; NONE.

4.00 Indian dancing/fighting with two clubs; 2 green.

4.00 Indian brave shooting rifle; NONE.

4.00 Indian standing shooting bow; 1 green.

4.00 Indian chief shooting rifle; 1 red.

4.00 Indian kneeling shooting bow; 1 yellow.

5.00 Indian mounted shooting rifle; NONE.

5.00 Indian mounted with tomahawk; NONE.

Seldom seen 1/32 Hilco battle scenery, five different pieces as seen above including what I think is a bomb crater. NO NONE IN STOCK

Examples of Hilco 54mm Soldiers

5.00 EACH

Advancing with rifle; 1 cammo 1 lighter.

Kneeling shooting rifle; 1 cammo, 1 lighter.

Officer with pistol; 1 lighter.

Throwing grenade; 1 lighter.

Charging erect with rifle; 1 lighter.

Crouching forward with rifle; 1 lighter.

Crouched with mortar shell; NONE.

Kneeling radioman; NONE.

Running with flame thrower; NONE.


Not sure when these were first made. The boxed set is dated 1987. They continued to make new animals and over 20 exist. In the 1999 the molds moved to China where painted examples sold by Boley were produced. Some painted examples seem to bring more than the older unpainted Invecta examples. The British Museum must have had an awesome gift shop.

NONE - 1987 Invecta boxed set with 12 animals.

NONE - Brachiosaurus, massive green guy in back of photo.

15.00 Diplodocus, larger dark gray dino in the back of the photo.(1).

NONE - Brontosaurus, 1987, Larger light gray dino in back of the photo.

12.00 Tyrannosaurus, dark red. (2), (10.00 Tail a bit short; 1).

12.00 Plesiosaur, 1978, swimmer; 1 blue, 2 painted.

NONE - Scelidosaurus; small guy upper left, black.

12.00 Megalosaurus, dark green, on right below Pteranodon. (2)

12.00 Stegosaurus, tan. (3)

12.00 Pteranodon, 1978, tan. (1)

12.00 Iguanodon, yellowish, above mammoth in photo. (1)

12.00 Triceratops, tan. (1), (6.00 Horn or tail short; 2)

NONE Glyptodon, 1975, tan, small turtle looking below tyrannosaur in photo.

12.00 Woolly Mammoth; 5 painted, (6.00 Missing one or both tusks; 3 painted).

NONE - Cetiosaurus, 1985, purple, upper right in photo. (8.00 a bit worn; 1)

12.00 Icthyosaurus, 1986, swimmer; NONE.

12.00 Apliosaur, 1989, swimmer; 1 painted.


Foreign Legion with sword. NONE IN STOCK


Marlbourgh made lead figures. Using their lead figure molds in the 1980s they made a short run of the above seven Zulu War poses. Made in a stiff plastic they are now quite hard to find. Zulu picture courtesy Fritz Juengling

2.00 British advancing red. (5)

2.00 British standing shooting. (2)

2.00 Zulu with shield and spear; 5 brown 1 redbrown.


The Marksmen molds are now owned by Replicants.

Marksmen Confederate Figures

1.50 EACH Individual figures.

Prone with rifle; 1 gray.

Kneeling shooting rifle; 2 gray.

Standing shooting rifle; 1 gray.

Standing rifle at waist, kepi hat; 1 gray.

Marksmen Union Figures

1.50 Individual figures

Officer with pistol, waving hat; NONE.

Kneeling with rifle; 2 gray.

Standing shooting rifle; NONE.

Shot, hand at head; NONE.

Marching with rifle at slope arms; 4 gray.

Marksmen Zouaves

Man walking with rifle on shoulder usually has a lot of flash that will need to be trimmed away.

9.00 Six in all 6 poses; 1 blue, 4 gray, 3 red.


Man shooting pistol, flag on rifle, blue. (3)

Man standing shooting rifle, blue. (2)

Man kneeling shooting rifle. (1)

Man with rifle x waist, blue. (1)

Man walking with rifle on shoulder, blue. 91)