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Navy AA Gun

U.S. AIR FORCE set #168 - set #298

The large 98 cent set 168 contained about 16 figures plus a jeep, tent and flag with pole. Smaller 49 (set # 498) and 29 ( set # 298) cent bags with fewer contents were also sold. The above 29 cent bag #298 has nine figures.

Air Force Tents

The tents were made in aqua blue, tan and possibly red. As you can see there are two variations. One has a tent pole and no eyelets on the flap while the other is lacking the tent pole but has eyelets on the flap. eyelets

8.00 TM185 Tent, with pole no flap eyelets version; 1 aqua.

8.00 TM185 Tent, No pole with flap eyelets version; 2 aqua, 2 tan.

Below are two variations of what is essentially the same set. The older set #1681 (with $1.00 price preprinted) has the earlier figures but in very bright semitranslucent red and tan. The piece count does not add up for either bag. The later (with bar code) set #0681 (with no price printed) now has the 54mm GIs in blue. This set has fewer figures but more planes and perhaps should have included a flag (the base was in the bag). note even with the small number of figures in each bag there are duplicates.


Set #1681------------------Set #0681