Payton mainly sold figures in headercard bags. Payton may have been taken over by fellow Brooklyn, NY concern Winneco Industries in the 1970s. Winneco was formed in 1972 as a shell company to manage the take over of Palmer Plastics also located in Brooklyn. By the late 1970s Payton, Winneco & Palmer were all absorbed by H-G Toys.

The bagged set lower right is of 45mm western figures. The other seven bags are of the 4 inch scale figures.

Bagged sets for sale

12.00 Western Riders; yellow Indian with tomahawk & white horse.

NONE - Davy Crockett; butterscotch pioneer shooting rifle & black horse.

NONE - Civil War Soldiers; 3 figures.

NONE - 905 Rodeo; one black steer.

NONE - 902 Indian Series; Dark flat pink red Indian shooting bow & white horse.

NONE IN STOCK - Giants of the West.

NONE - Bag of 45mm Cowboys and Indians.

NONE - 142 RANCHLAND Header set (1962 date) with three/four inch figures; 3 Indians, 2 cowboys and 2 horses. (ONE LEFT same poses but may have slight figure color variation).

All of the Payton western 4 inch figures can stand or be riding a horse.

3.00 Cowboy waving hat; 1 red, 2 tan, 1 white, 1 blue.

3.00 Cowboy holding rifle; 1 green, 1 yellow, 2 red, 3 white/cream, 5 redbrown, 1 blue.

3.00 Cowboy w/ 2 pistols; 1 tan, 6 white/cream, (2.00 1 redbrown with paint).

1.00 Cowboy with lasso (LASSO SPLITS); 1 tan, 1 redbrown.

4.00 Pioneer shooting rifle; NONE, (1 off white, dirty slight tip chew).

4.00 Pioneer hold rifle to side; NONE.

4.00 Pioneer with two pistols; 2 cream/white.

Photo courtesy Les Gardner shows large weapons sometimes included with the large Payton figures.

4.00 Rifle 4 1/4 inches long, SP; 2 brown.

4.00 Six shooter, SP, 1 brown, 1 tan.

4.00 Knife, SP; 1 brown, 1 tan.

4.00 Indian shooting bow; NONE.

4.00 Indian shooting rifle 1 feather; NONE, (2.00 MISSING feather; 1 redbrown).

4.00 Indian shooting rifle 3 feathers; NONE.

4.00 Indian with tomahawk & shield; 1 red brown.

4.00 Indian with buffalo headdress, with tomahawk; 1 bronze, 1 flat pinkred.

4.00 Indian with tomahawk and lance; 1 off white, 2 red.

Civil War & Cavalry Figures

These figures were sold both as American Civil War and western 7th Cavalry figures.

MAY SHOW WEAR OR HAVE A BIT OF PAINTP> 6.00 Cavalry figure with pistol; 2 dark blue, 1 metallic blue, 2 blue, 4 gray.

6.00 Cavalry figure with rifle and knife; 1 blue 1 gray . (2.00 KNIFE CHEW; 1 blue).

6.00 Cavalry with rifle at waist; 2 gray (2.00 SHORT TIP; 1 blue 2 gray).

6.00 Cavalry holding rifle out to side; 1 blue.

6.00 Cavalry holding flag; NONE.

- NONE - #945 Civil War Soldiers, header card bag(worn), has 3 figures; blue with pistol, gray with flag & gray with knife and rifle.


15.00 Bucking horse; NONE, (3.00 NO TAIL; 1 black).

Other large 4 inch Animals

5.00 Steer; NONE.

6.00 Buffalo; NONE.

12.00 Camel; 1 bronze, (6.00 Right front leg has a sort of crack but stands OK, pink).

Payton 4 Inch Knight and Robin Hood Figures

6.00 Knight; 1 red.

4.00 Merryman with staff & knife; 2 green. 2 red, 2 silver.

4.00 Merryman with ax; 1 silver.

5.00 Merryman with bow; NONE, (2.00 Merryman with bow, BOW STRING MIISING PIECES OR SPLIT(S); 3 red, 1 green).

Payton 4 inch French Foreign legion & Arabs

10.00 Foreign Legion with rifle; NONE.

10.00 Foreign Legion with pistol; 4 blue, 1 tan.

10.00 Arab with rifle; 3 tan, (2.00 MISSING RIFLE STOCK; 1 tan).

12.00 Arab with sword; 1 blue (4.00 SWORD BROKEN OFF BUT THERE FOR YOU TO GLUE; 1 tan).

5 inch GIs with spring shooting weapons.

Blister card photo courtesy Ed Borris, Loose figures photo courtesy Tom Sawyer.


4.00 6 Inch Indian; 1 reddish.

4.00 6 Inch Cowboy. NONE

4.00 6 Inch horse (NO SADDLE OR REINS); 1 black, 1 white.

15.00 Cowboy in tan horse in dirty white, bridle & saddle in redbrown.

NONE - 6 Inch Reb for cannon set.



Payton made a set of twelve dinosaurs based/copied on those made by MPC which in turn had been based upon the Marx figures. The Payton examples are smaller than the MPC figures and several of the tails have a distinct curl when compare to the MPC dinosaurs. Above composite sprue picture has an incompletely molded T-Rex. Late issue overall quality of this mold is not very good. Some colors are very similar to MPC but others are easily recognized. Easiest eay to differentiate these animals is that they do not have the name and length of the animal unlike MPC & Marx.

3.00 Brontosaurus; NONE.

3.00 T-Rex; 1 silver, 1 red, 1 blue.

3.00 Kronosaurus; NONE.

2.00 Allosaurus; 1 dark purple, 1 redbrown, 1 deep pink, 2 tan, 1 brown, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 greenishtan, 1 pale green, 1 salmon.

2.00 Trachodon; 1 aqua blue.

2.00 Stegosaurus; 1 redbrown, 1 blue, 1 orangishyellow.

2.00 Dimetrodon; 1 light purple.

2.00 Styracosaurus; 1 red, 1 deep pink, 1 redbrown.

2.00 Pteranodon; NONE.

2.00 Plateosaurus; NONE.

2.00 Cynognathus; NONE.

2.00 Ankylosaurus, tail curls up; 1 red, 1 yellow.

Note Payton's T-Rex has a club foot compared to MPC.


- NONE - 406 Western Buckboard, Like other companies Payton sold items through the Minnesota based TOY HOUSE wholesale concern who "play tested" the items.

NONE - Covered wagon, earlier style (we think) with 3-D horses.

8.00 Covered wagon, no tongue or horses, redbrown body white top.

Other companies may have used these two poses and we don't know who copied who. As we can't tell whose was whose we will list them all here.

3.00 Wagon driver; 4 black.

3.00 Wagon shotgun rider; NONE.

4.00 XXX Barrel; 1 tan.

5.00 Two piece small square (strong) box?; 1 tan.

5.00 Two piece trunk; 1 bronze.

2.50 Trunk top; 1 bronze, 1 dark brown.

Payton 45mm Western Horses

Payton made copies of Marx and Stuart horses to use with their 45mm western figures. The Stuart copy is a bit big for the saddle and we suspect it was made for the Indians.

1.00 Wagon horse, assorted colors. (10)

Wagon Horses in Harness


Covered Wagon ---------- Stagecoach

Sometimes the wagon sets used the harness pieces for the horses and sometimes they didn't.


25.00 458B Frontier Town, headercard set out of bag but complete with header card and bag.

Payton 45mm Mounted Western Figures

NONE - 120 The West, dated 1962, looks like ten figures + horses.

NONE - 455 Figures of the West, 50 Cowboys and Indians, header card bag as seen above.

NONE - 460 Cowboys Indians, 25 Pieces, header card bag as seen above.

NONE 130 Cowboys n' Indians, headercard bag as seen above 8 figures with horses.

- 20.00 - #130 MOST OF HEADER CARD GONE, 8 figures with horses, saddles and bridles.

- 18.00 - #130 HEADERCARD WATER DAMAGED, DESTROYED & GONE, 8 figures with horses, saddles & bridles. (2)

- NONE - #11 COWBOYS & INDIANS headercard 20-30 figures.

- 18.00 #451 THE WEST, about 12-15 figures.

2.00 EACH Mounted cowboy with "Superior"/T.Cohn horse.

Cowboy shooting rifle; 5 bronze, 2 pale red.

Cowboy holding rifle up; 1 blue, 6 red, 3 green, 4 pale red, 2 bronze, 4 yellow.

Cowboy with two pistols; 2 blue, 3 yellow, 1 pale red.

Cowboy with rope; 2 blue, 4 green, 8 red, 8 yellow, 2 bronze, 9 pale red.

2.00 EACH Mounted Indian + "Superior"/T.Cohn horse.

Indian shooting rifle; 1 red.

Indian with tomahawk; 8 bronze, 5 red, 12 pale red, 1 blue.

Indian shooting bow; 1 red.

Indian with rifle and knife; 2 green, 14 red, 11 yellow, 11 pale red, 5 bronze, 2 tan.

3.00 Payton horse with saddle & bridle. (6)

Teepee seems based upon the britains Teepee and the "cabin" seems based upon the Marx Fort Apache blockhouse.

3.00 Payton Teepee; 4 brown, 2 aqua.

1.00 Teepee no top piece; 1 brown, 4 aqua.

4.00 Five piece "cabin"; NONE.


Payton copied the Marx 45mm GIs. They made at least 10 different poses and we do not know why they were not sued. The Payton figures have much thicker bases and are in different shades of green than the Marx figures. Payton military vehicles sometimes come with decals (US and or German).

SOLD - #2000 Soldier Set. Small boxed playset. Sold to me as complete, it arrived missing; the dog, bazooka, 3 tripod weapons, wheels for the two trucks (one of which was broken), and 3 soldiers. Plus it came one broken jeep and cannon. I added what I had on hand and it now is missing only; water cooled MG, bazooka (which I may have), one cannon and one set of truck wheels.

US Army Action Combat Soldiers, header card bagged set with tank & about 12 soldiers. NONE IN STOCK

US Army Action Combat Soldiers, header card bagged set with truck & about 12 soldiers. (NONE IN STOCK

No. 428 20 Action Soldiers, green. (NONE IN STOCK)


3.00 GI with with bayoneted rifle, no base, part of peg on left foot, crewman for LCVP, metallic blue.

12.00 20 GIs in 10 poses, khakigreen. (4)

green unless noted

10.00 LCVP landing craft. (NONE)

8.00 Tank; 1 green, 1 blue.

10.00 AA Tank. (NONE)

4.00 RECAST AA Tank. (4)

8.00 Truck; 1 blue. (NONE)

6.00 Matching jeep & cannon. (NONE) 3.00 Jeep. (NONE)

3.00 Cannon. (4)

3.00 Recoiless rifle (copy of Marx). (NONE)

3.00 Water cooled MG (copy of Marx). (NONE)

3.00 Air cooled MG (copy of Marx). (NONE)

1.00 Garbage cans (copy of Marx). (1)

2.00 Pup Tent (copy of Marx). (3)

1.00 Rifle stack (copy of Marx). (2)

1.00 German Shepard dog, (copy of Tim-Mee)(7)(.50 RECAST; 8)

- 5.00 GI, hollow blow molded, 5 inches tall.

2.00 GI, hollow blow molded for use as a paratrooper, Payton copy? (3)

6.00 Bomber with engines forward of wings, clip on wheels; NONE IN STOCK.

3.00 Bomber with engines forward of wings, later molded nonmoving wheels; 3 bright green.

6.00 Bomber with engines on rear edge of wings, has clip on wheels; NONE IN STOCK.

3.00 Bomber with engines on rear edge of wings, later molded nonmoving wheels; 1 bright green, 1 red.

NONE - Fuel Truck, olive green.

NONE - Small bomber, olive green.

NONE - Small fighter, olive green.

Note the difference in the wheels between Payton and Premier.

1.00 P-51?; 1 light green, 6 blue, 3 yellow.

1.00 F-86; 1 yellow, 3 blue, 1 light green, 1 red, 1 army green.

1.00 F105 with wing pods; 1 yellow.

2.00 4 Engine bomber; 1 blue, 1 light green, 1 yellow, 1 army green.

- NONE - #117 PLANES SOLDIERS, 5 planes, 5 soldiers with accessories.

Copies of PECOs GI, Maybe 60-70mm in soft plastic, We have seen these in; blue, white, tan, green, metallic blue and bronze.

2.00 Standing as if shooting; 2 green, 2 blue, 1 tan.

2.00 Running; 3 metallic blue, 1 green, 1 blue, 3 white.

2.00 Kneeling; 1 metallic blue, 1 green, 2 white, 1 blue.

2.00 Walking right hand out; 1 bronze, 1 blue, (1.00 NOSE SCUFF; 1 blue).

5.00 Weapons sprue; 1 tommygun, pistol, helmet, belt grenade; 1 white.

5.00 Weapons sprue; rifle, helmet, belt, 2 grenades; 5 blue.

2.00 Belt with canteen, holster & ammo pouch; 1 metallic blue, 1 green, 1 blue.

2.00 Belt with sling; 1 green.

2.00 Helmet; 1 blue, 1 bronze, 1 tan, 2 white.

2.00 Tommygun?; 1 green, 1 bronze.

2.00 Pistol; 1 green.

2.00 Rifle, NO SLING; 1 blue.

Photo courtesy Tom Sawyer.

Both Payton & DK Toys and Novelties made these military vehicles. It could be that DK Toys & Novelties changed their name to Payton Products, or the companies could have shared the cost to make the toys, or Payton could have bought out DK Toys & Novelties. If anybody knows anything please email us.



OUT OF STOCK - Bagged train/plane set.

1.00 Train connectors all broken, wheels MISSING.

12.00 Road Grader, missing rear set of wheels as seen above.

- SOLD - #210 MERRY-GO-ROUND, plastic merry go round.

- 10.00 #210 MERRY-GO-ROUND, plastic merry go round, PEG ON POLE TO ROOF BROKEN OFF, CARD TOP DAMAGED.


Some of the above animals have been previously misidentifed (Geppert Guide)as being made by MPC. Certainly some of the poses seem to be MPC knockoffs.

20.00 No.6 Farm Animals, one staple removed to get animals out to make above pictre. About 10 animals. (1)

Looose farm animals

2.00 Cow; NONE.

2.00 Colt; 1 blue, 1 tan.

2.00 Pig; NONE

2.00 Piglet head turned, tail out from body; 2 yellow.

2.00 Lamb head up; 1 blue, 1 yellow.

2.00 Puppy; 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 tan, 1 redbrown, 1 silver.


- Payton also copied the MPC astronauts. They are smaller than MPC and of course do not have the MPC logo under their bases.

NONE - PAYTON No.4 Space Heroes, About 20 MPC copy figures in assorted colors. ()