Marx, K Line & Bachmann/Plasticville Model Train Accessories


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15.00 Lionel Jesse James 30/35mm figures, some damaged + barrels.


30mm rubberlike vinyl figures. Old.

4.00 EACH

Conductor with lantern, blue. (NONE)

Man with suitcase, blue. (NONE)

Train Engineer, waving, blue. (NONE)

Workman with lunchbox, blue. (1)

Businessman with briefcase, blue. (3)

Businessman holding hat up, blue. (2)

Seated woman waving, blue. (3)

Seated man right arm out, blue. (2)

Policeman right arm up, dirty, pink. (2)

Butcher, dirty, pink. (2)

Mechanic with wrench, pink. (1)

Newsboy, dirty, pink. (3)

Man, dirty pink. (1)

Woman waving left hand, dirty, pink. (3)

Girl sitting, dirty, pink. (3)

Boy dressed as cowboy, dirty, pink. (2)


5.00 Standing thinner horse; 1 cream rubber

5.00 Horse eating; 1 cream rubber.

5.00 Cow looking ahead; 1 cream rubber.

3.00 Short fatter pig; 6 cream rubber.


Marx and Bachmann had competing lines of plastic buildings and accessories to be used with model trains. Marx called their line Marxville while Bachmann used Plasticville as their brand.


The above picture shows some of the Marxville items.

NONE - Super Market, HP.

NONE - Ranch house.HP.

NONE - Church, HP.

NONE Barn, HP.

NONE Skinny tree, green, HP.

NONE Shade tree, green, HP.

1.00 Horse, cream, SP. (1)

NONE Cow, cream.

1.00 Two pigs with trough, SP. (1)

1.00 Duck & 2 ducklings, cream, SP. (1)

1.00 Dog eating from bowl, cream, SP. (1)

1.00 Goat, cream, SP. (10

1.00 Farmer and son, cream, SP. (2)

NONE Trainman and railroad switch stand, cream, SP.

1.00 Light pole and hydrant, cream, SP. (2)

1.00 Telephone pole and hydrant, cream, SP. (1)

NONE Mother and daughter, cream, SP.

1.00 Mailman and mailbox, cream, SP. (1)

1.00 Two women, cream, SP. (1)

1.00 Butcher handing shopper package, cream, SP. (3)

1.00 Couple on bench, cream, MAN MISSING HEAD.

1.00 Father, son and dog, cream.(1)

1.00 Man and woman walking, cream. (1)

1.00 Gas station attendant, cream. (2)

1.00 Dog, looks like a setter, cream. (1)

1/72 Scale Race track figures. NONE IN STOCK


5.00 35mm Fire chief hand up, cream. (2)

NONE - Dog.

5.00 Fireman with hose; 1 cream.(2)

5.00 Fireman running with Ax; 1 cream, (2.00 MISSING AX; 1 cream).

5.00 Boy in fire hat, carrying man's boots, cream. (2)

NONE - Fire Truck, HP, gray. ()



5.00 Aviation Fuel truck, black wheels; (NONE).

5.00 Crash Truck, black wheels; (NONE).

3.00 Roll up stairway; 2 bright red.

4.00 Baggage cart tractor; 2 bright red with black wheels.

4.00 Baggage cart, empty; 2 red with black wheels.

4.00 Baggage cart, with luggage about to be lost; 1 silver with black wheels, 2 bright red with black wheels.

4.00 Large fuel tank; 1 bright red.

3.00 Ladder; (NONE.)

5.00 Baggage conveyor; (NONE.

2.00 Runway light; (NONE).

3.00 Jet engine; (NONE).

3.00 CO2 tank; 1 silver.

4.00 Searchlight tower; 1 bright red.

4.00 Radar tower; NONE.

5.00 Fork lift; 1 silver with black wheel, 2 bright red with black wheels.

5.00 Power Generator; 1 bright red with black wheels.

4.00 Fence; 9 light blue.

4.00 Small suitcase; 2 bright red.

4.00 Large suitcase; 1 bright red.

4.00 Square crate; 1 bright red.

4.00 Rectangular crate; 1 bright red.

5.00 Two piece wind indicator; 2 bright red.

NONE - Control tower top with; ladder, both railings & all 3 antennas, red.

4.00 Antennae; 1 light blue.

NONE - Control tower top, cage like with instrument panel, red.

4.00 Stair, red HP. (2)

1.00 Stair, red, HP, MISSING RAILS. (1)

4.00 Antennae, red, HP. (1)

1.00 Antennae, red, HP, PLUG IN BROKEN OFF. (1)

1.00 Weather vane, red, HP, PLUG IN BROKEN OFF. (1)

1.00 Cups, red, HP, PLUG IN BROKEN OFF. (1)

1.00 High Frequency Loop, red, HP, PLUG IN BROKEN OFF. (1)

30.00 Tin hanger with blue plastic front piece.

Service Station Figures

Service station figures were made in white and cream rubber like vinyl and cream soft plastic.

3.00 EACH CREAM or any color rubber like vinyl or hard plastic, 2.00 EACH cream soft plastic, UNLESS NOTED

May be a bit dirty

Policeman, right hand up; 9 cream, 5 cream vinyl. 4 white vinyl.

Gas station attendant walking; 8 cream SP.

Gas station attendant standing on tire; 2 cream rubber like vinyl, 8 cream SP.

Man with push broom; 11 cream, (1.00 SPLIT IN BROOMSTICK; 2 cream).

Man with hammer and chisel; 10 cream.

Airport People

These figure were usually made in a cream color but off white examples have been found in the old Marx dump (as seen above). Other colors probably exist as well.

3.00 EACH CREAM or any color rubber like vinyl or hard plastic, 2.00 EACH cream soft plastic, UNLESS NOTED

May be a bit dirty

10.00 MX5A Motorcycle cop; 1 cream vinyl, 8.00 SLIGHT BASE WARPAGE; 3 cream).

MX5B Policeman, right hand up; SEE ABOVE FOR AVAILABILITY.

MX5C Man with crate on shoulder; 12 cream.

MX5D Newsboy; 19 cream SP, 1 brown vinyl, 1 cream vinyl.


MX5F Man with hammer and chisel; SEE ABOVE FOR AVAILABILITY.

MX5G Man pushing separate dolly; 5 cream, 1 cream vinyl.

3.00 MX5? Dolly; 2 cream, 1 cream vinyl.

MX5H Man with paper and pencil; 15 cream, 2 cream vinyl, 1 dirty cream vinyl.

MX5I Man in tie with paper; 5 cream, 1 cream vinyl.

MX5J Man in hard hat, wrench on shoulder; 9 cream, 1 cream vinyl.

MX5K Man with briefcase, checking watch; 8 cream.

MX5L Woman pushing stroller; 7 cream.

MX5M Woman in hat, with purse; 8 cream SP.

MX5N Woman with sack and shopping bag; 5 cream.

MX5O Woman and child; 1 brown vinyl, 15 cream vinyl, 10 cream.

MX5P Child with ice cream cone; 2 cream, 1 cream vinyl.

4.00 MX5P Child with ice cream cone, white vinyl. (NONE).

MX5Q Flight attendant with shoulder bag; 8 cream.

MX5R Man with batons; 12 cream.

MX5S Man in cap right hand up; 14 cream.

MX5T Pilot sitting, talking into mike; NONE.

MX5U In fire suit with extinguisher; 6 cream.

MX5V Man with gas hose; 6 cream.

MX5W Pilot walking; 8 cream.

MX5X Pilot in high altitude suit; 2 cream.

Other 30-35mm Civilian Figures

May be a bit dirty

Top Row

5.00 Girl with jump rope; 5 cream vinyl.

4.00 Man walking with parcel; NONE.

6.00 Woman (teacher) Right hand out, book in left hand; 1 cream vinyl.

4.00 Trainman with lantern; 8 cream SP, 1 cream vinyl, 1 brown vinyl.

3.00 Engineer or worker, hand on overalls; 7 cream vinyl.

X.00 Gas station attendant walking; SEE ABOVE FOR AVAILABILITY.

X.00 Gas station attendant standing on tire; SEE ABOVE FOR AVAILABILITY.

4.00 Porter; 5 cream SP, 1 cream vinyl.

4.00 Man with two packages in crook of left arm; 3 cream SP.

4.00 Woman with small sack in crook of left arm; NONE.

6.00 School girl walking with books in strap on back; NONE.

6.00 Butcher/ early gas station attendant?; NONE.

4.00 Woman standing holding hat box in right hand; NONE.

4.00 Woman in coat purse on right shoulder, bag in left hand; 1 cream SP.

Second Row

4.00 Man in business suit walking with briefcase; 1 waxy tan vinyl, 1 cream SP.

4.00 Big man in overcoat; 8 cream SP.



4.00 Boy on roller skate; 6 cream vinyl.

5.00 Milk man "MARKS DAIRY"; 2 cream vinyl.

5.00 Minister; NONE.

5.00 Groom; 1 cream vinyl.

5.00 Bride; 1 cream vinyl.

15.00 Policeman handcuffed to criminal; NONE.

5.00 Policeman separated from criminal; 2 cream SP.

5.00 Criminal separated from policeman; 1 cream SP.

Bottom Row

10.00 Boy on bicycle; 1 cream vinyl.

The Marxville school house came with seven figures. The woman teacher, girl carrying book bag and boy on the bicycle were only made for this set. See above for availability.

For their S.A.C. Playsets Marx borrowed figures from other sets, reducing some from 45, 54 and 60mm sizes down to the smaller 30mm size. This allowed them to fit in better with the even smaller scale planes. They can be found in silver and blues.


Copied from 54mm ground crew poses (5 poses);

Officer hands behind back; NONE.

With Geiger counter; 1 blue, (1.00 wire split, silver).

With wrench, pointing up with other hand; NONE.

Wearing fire suit, with large air tank; (NONE)

Wearing fire suit, pointing hose; (NONE)

Copied from 30/35mm Airport figures (5 poses);

With airplane handling batons; NONE.

With gas hose; NONE.

Wearing fire suit, with fire extinguisher; 1 blue.

Pilot with helmet and butt chute; NONE.

Wearing hard hat, with wrench on shoulder; (NONE).

Copied from 60mm marching GIs (2 poses);

Marching swinging both arms; NONE.

Marching with rifle; NONE.

Copied from 45mm Air Force figures (7 poses);

Pilot reading paper; NONE.

Using signal lamp; 1 blue.

Pilot walking in flight suit swinging both arms; NONE.

Pilot walking in high altitude suit; 2 silver, 1 blue.

, 1 blue.

Ground crewman holding rocket overhead; 1 blue.

Pilot squatting holding paper in one hand; NONE.

4.00 Street Light, SP; 5 silver.

We believe these large streetlights went with train sets and can be electrified.

10.00 Larger street light; 1 green, 1 yellow.

3.00 Telephone pole, brown, HP. (5)

30/35mm Marxville hard plastic accessories;

3.00 Counter display top left; NONE.

3.00 Counter display top center; NONE.

3.00 Counter display, top right; NONE.

3.00 Pull cart with load; NONE.

3.00 Bench; 2 silver.

3.00 Baggage cart with luggage; 1 silver (2.00 MISSING HANDLE silver).

3.00 Outdoor lounge chair; 2 red, 2 silver.

3.00 Hand truck with load; 2 silver.

These are either Marx or Bachman Brothers Plasticville.

NONE - Mail box, yellow.

4.00 Weigh scale, yellow.

4.00 Trash can, silver.

Accessories are soft plastic. They came with a group of Marx 30/35mm figures but we are unsure if they are Marx.

3.00 RR Crossing sign, yellow, SP. (4)

3.00 Telephone pole, yellow, SP. (5), (1.00 RESISTORS ALL CUT OFF; 1)

1.00 Barrel, yellow, SP. (7)

4.00 Crossing gate, swivels, yellow SP. (1)

10.00 Marx RECAST PL-1130 (we think) Store People; 24 35mm Figures + dolly in blue or gray. The first five in the top row are not airport figures so we think Marx borrowed the other poses from their airport figure mold and added them to these new five poses to make their store people. We would have replaced the man with batons with the newsboy. (1 BLUE, 3 GRAY IN STOCK)

NONE - RECAST Marx "Sears Town Playset" store accessories/merchandise for their 30mm figures. We got 29 of the original 38 pieces that were made in this mold. Pieces in a mix of colors, HP.


8.00 EACH 1:43 scale automobiles

Red ambulance, window box. (1)

Fire Chiefs car.(1)

White ambulance. (1)

Police car. (1)

Milk truck, window box. (1)

Pickup truck. (1)

Sedan Delivery. (1)

Convertible. (1)


MTH bought most of the Marx molds in 1981 and sold the line under the brand name K-Line/K-Lineville. Eventually they lost a lawsuit to the owner of Lionel who possession and continued to use some of the old Marx molds as late as 2007.

Both the firehouse, police station and houses came with figures that are not pictured above. The figures seen with the church above are the ones that come with the houses, but not those that come with the church.... The church figures are not shown.

15.00 K-4031 Suburban Station, MIB. (1) box B

15.00 K-4050 Colonial House, MIB. (1) box B+

13.00 K-4100 Supermarket, MIB. (1) box B

13.00 K-4104 Bakery & Liquor Store, MIB. (1) box B

15.00 K-4150 L Shaped Ranch House, MIB. (1) box B

13.00 K-4170 32 Figures (ex Marx) with paint (33 figures on 30 bases). (1) box B

13.00 K-4111 Church with figures, MIB (3 box styles). (4) box B

13.00 K-4175 23 Farm animals with paint, mix of Marx 35mm animals and 54mm baby animals all in a flesh color. (2) box B

10.00 K-94506 Coca Cola Brand Pedal Biplane. with banner, metal. (5) box A

20.00 K-Line by Lionel 6-21436 MARX 45mm RECAST 3 ring circus, factory painted. You get all the pieces in the picture including two wire "ropes" painted white & 2 balls for your animals they added. Base color was gray and everything is painted. Looks very nice. (1) box C



8.00 45131 Cape Cod House, MIB, sealed. box A

8.00 45133 School House, MIB, sealed. box A

8.00 45142 5 & 10 Store, MIB, sealed. (2) box A

18.00 46216 Lighted Freight Station, MIB, sealed. (2) box A

O Gauge (30/35mm) SCALE

15.00 Turnpike Interchange, box rough contents MIB sealed. box D

12.50 45607 Split Level House, MIB, sealed. (5) box A+

15.00 Greenhouse, MIB. (1)

15.00 Roadside Stand, MIB. (1)

20.00 45972 Rural Station, MIB, sealed. (1) box A

15.00 45975 Trestle Bridge, MIB, sealed. (1) box C

15.00 45977 Loading Platform and Crossing Shanty, sealed. (1) box D

8.00 45978 Water Tower, MIB, sealed. (1) box A

15.00 45987 Vehicle Assortment; Ambulance, bus, car & 2 fire trucks, MIB, sealed. box D.

15.00 45988 Railroad People with paint & brush. (1) box A.

15.00 45992 Covered Bridge, MIB, sealed. (2) box A+