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BEN HUR and the Ancient Romans

One of Marx's most ambitious sets was the BEN HUR set based upon the Charlton Heston movie (novel by Lew Wallace).

Ben Hur red and white tent pieces listed with Captain Gallant tent pieces at Marx Jungle sales page.

30.00 Ben Hur (marked under base), purple.(NONE)

25.00 Emperor, purple.(NONE)

25.00 Empress, purple. (NONE)

From Russia very nice 54mm copies of the old Marx Ben Hur emperor and empress.

8.00 Ben Hur emperor/empress copies, one of each figure in your choice of; cream, light brown or gray.

In addition to the three Ben Hur character figures Marx made a nice series of 16 different figures for the set. Soldiers, Citizens, slave and gladiators are all represented. Original figures were made in flat gray, flat tan and cream. The above pictures are of a recast set in a waxier gray.

2.50 EACH original vintage figures

Chariot driver soldier with spear; NONE.

Chariot driver soldier with whip; NONE.

Chariot driver civilian with whip; NONE.

Trumpeter; NONE.

Seated man; NONE.

Seated woman; NONE.

Man yelling, thumb pointed down; 3 cream.

Man holding small box; 4 cream.

Woman with vase on head; NONE.

Slave master with whip; 4 gray, 1 cream.

Slave in chains; 1 gray, 2 cream.

Gladiator squatting with shield and sword; NONE.

Gladiator with trident & net; NONE.

Gladiator standing with small round shield and short sword; NONE IN STOCK

Roman soldier with round shield and sword, no helmet; NONE.

Roman soldier with sword and rectangular shield; NONE.

Ben Hur lion, orange. NONE IN STOCK

Been Hur Tiger, tan. NONE IN STOCK

Ben Hur Accessories

No chariots in stock.

Slave Market and food market (awning broken in half in picture + missing hanging items).


NONE - Tan cart with blue wheels


Ben Hur Amphitheater Parts

25.00 RECAST Central building, 8 pieces, silver SP + 2 white clips. (2)

5.00 RECAST Central building base, gray SP. (1)

12.00 RECAST Curved section with gate, 2 clips (colors vary) & five pennants; 3 orange with blue gate and silver pennants.

5.00 RECAST Curved section with gate, NO CLIPS OR PENNANTS; 2 orange with red gate, 1 white with red gate.

10.00 RECAST Straight section with railing, 2 clips (colors vary) & 3 pennants; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Railing; NONE.

1.00 RECAST Clips; 17 white. 3 blue, 5 yellow, 13 reddish orange.

1.00 EACH Clip on style

Blank flag; 5 silver.

Eagle; 9 silver, 1 redbrown.

Lion flag; 8 silver.

Circle; 6 silver.

1.00 EACH Plug in style

Lion flag; NONE.

Eagle; NONE.



Vintage Roman Figures

8.00 Walking with shield and sword, factory painted HP. (1)

8.00 Standing with spearmfactory painted HP.

Reissue Roman Figures

12.00 Ark reissue exMarx WOW Romans, 8 in 8 poses, dark brown. (3)


15.00 Reissue Romans, 8 in all eight figures; 1 pewter color, 3 dark brown, 1 black.

2.00 Reissue about to throw spear, with rectangular shield, black.

2.00 Reissue with whip & sword, black.


NONE - Copies of Marx WOW Romans in 4 poses, factory painted, closer to 54mm in size.

Vintage Viking figures

WOW hard plastic Viking. NONE IN STOCK

Reissue Viking figures

12.00 Ark reissue exMarx WOW Vikings, 8 in 8 poses, dark brown. (1)


15.00 Reissue 8 Vikings in all 8 figures; 1 black, 1 pewter color.

3.00 Spear pointed down, black, Made in the Ukraine

Never officially produced as part of the Marx Warriors of the World. Made in the Ukraine.

Reissue Knights

12.00 Ark reissue exMarx WOW Knights, 6 in 6 poses, dark brown. (4)


Castle Fort and Prince Valiant Castle Playsets 1953-55

225.00 4710 Marx Castle Fort set. Has nice box, instruction, complete tin and plastic castle with two red spring shooting cannons and chain for drawbridge +, shell sprue with 9 loose silver shells. Two sets (20 figures) of 10 first version no base 54mm knights, six lances and six black horses. Hardly looks played with this set was sold in 1953 by Marx.

70.00 All five character figure, black knight has tassel. (1)

50.00 All five character figures, black knight MISSING tassel. (1)

20.00 Prince Valiant; 1 silver.

12.00 MX25 Sir Gawain; 6 silver.

12.00 MX26 Boltar; 6 silver.

25.00 Black Knight; NONE, (18.00 short helmet tassel; 3 silver).

15.00 Aleta; 1 silver.

Picture courtesy Clark Haberman aka Billy Hill.

The 54mm knights were first made without bases like most other 1951-53 figures made by Marx. Marx then reworked molds to add bases for stability. Earlier Castle Fort sets get these baseless figures while the later Prince Valiant set got figures with bases.

30.00 All ten knights (split in halberd) no bases, 2 lances & 3 horses.(1)

30.00 All ten knights (split in halberd) with bases, 2 lances & 3 horses.(2)

Original pose knights price is for each figure. Earlier foot poses did not have a base.

5.00 MX28 Mounted with shield, right arm out, + lance; NONE.

3.00 MX28 Mounted with shield, right arm out, + lance, silver. (8)

3.00 MX28 Mounted w/ shield, right arm out, NO LANCE; NONE.

1.50 MX28 Mounted w/ shield, right arm out, silver, NO LANCE. (10)

5.00 MX29 Mounted attacking knight, ringhand (prob split), + lance; NONE.

3.00 MX29 Mounted attacking knight, ringhand (prob split), + lance, silver. (4)

3.00 MX29 Mounted attacking knight, ringhand (prob split), NO LANCE; 2 metallic blue.

1.50 MX29 Mounted attacking knight, ringhand (prob split), NO LANCE, silver. (1)

1.00 REISSUE Lance silver with paint. (8)

3.00 MX31 Mounted w/ flag; 4 metallic blue, 2 gold.

1.50 MX31 Mounted w/ flag, silver. (19)

3.00 MX32 Swinging sword, horse head shield; NO BASE; 2 metallic blue, WITH BASE; NONE.

2.00 MX32 Swinging sword, horse head shield, silver; 13 with base style.

3.00 MX33 Guard with spear (halberd); NONE, (1.00 MISSING TOP OF HALBERD; 1 metallic blue with base).

2.00 MX33 Guard with spear (halberd), 1 with base split in halberd, (1.00 RECAST silver 1).

3.00 MX34 Guard with sword; NO BASE; 2 metallic blue, 2 metallic green, WITH BASE; NONE.

1.50 MX34 Guard with sword, silver; 4 no base style, 8 with base style.

3.00 MX35 Walking with sword and shield; NO BASE; 1 metallic green, 2 metallic blue, WITH BASE 3 metallic blue.

1.50 MX35 Walking with sword and shield, silver; 4 no base style, 15 with base style, ( 1.00 split base silver 1).

3.00 MX36 Swinging mace like club; NO BASE; 2 metallic blue, NO BASE BUT WITH FOOT PROP; NONE, WITH BASE; NONE.

1.50 MX36 Swinging mace like club, silver; 2 no base style, 11 with base style.

3.00 MX37 Standing pointing, no base; 6 metallic blue.

1.50 MX37 Standing pointing, silver; 20 no base.

3.00 MX38 with sword & round shield; NO BASE; 2 metallic blue, WITH BASE; 4 metallic blue, 1 gold.

1.50 MX38 with sword & round shield, silver; 13 with base, (RECAST 1 silver).

Cream tend to be a bit dirty.

3.00 Running; NONE.

3.00 Walking; 1 cream.

5.00 Walking; 1 brown.

Castle Fort & Prince Valiant playset parts

10.00 Tin main "keep" building. (NONE)

4.00 Main building top battlement insert, HP, red. (NONE)

4.00 Main building larger arch, HP, red. (1)

4.00 Main building smaller arch, HP, red. (1), (SMALL CRACK; 1)

10.00 Tin gate building. (1)

4.00 Gate building top insert, HP, red. (NONE)

4.00 Gate building plastic insert, HP, red. (2)

20.00 Gate building plastic insert with drawbridge, red HP + metal chain. (1)

NONE - Drawbridge.

4.00 Tin corner tower. (6)

4.00 Tower top battlement insert, HP, red.(3), (2.00 SMALL PIECE BROKEN OFF; 1)

4.00 Tin long wall. (NONE)

4.00 Tin short wall. (8)

4.00 Cone for square tower top insert, HP, red. (NONE)

Robin Hood Castle playsets 1956-58

SORRY SOLD - Marx 4719 Robin Hood Castle Set. Near complete with all figures (some split bow strings), castle and most accessories. Missing the paper Robin Hood flag and all but two of the catapult rocks. Box has usual split handle with old tape repair. Instruction sheet has tears.

Photo courtesy Steve Thompson.

Incredible as it sounds Marx made three sets of Robin Hood character figures within a year of each other. The rarest set (60mm) was designed for the special "Richard Green" TV Robin Hood series with the characters looking like the actors in the show. Then another "standard" 60mm set of five figures was made followed shortly by a six figure (with added Minstrel) 54mm set. The 60mm sets were always made in a pale green and four of the 60mm merrymen were place in the same mold with them. The 54mm figures were made in cream for playsets and silver for bagged sets. They were made in tan for the Canadian market.

60mm Robin Hood Figures

60mm Richard Greene Robin Hood character figures


60mm Robin Hood generic character figures light green

15.00 Friar Tuck holding staff; 3 light green.

15.00 Little John; 4 light green, 1 light olive green.

25.00 Robin Hood, intact bow; NONE.

20.00 Main Marian; NONE.

15.00 Sheriff of Nottingham; 4 light green.

30.00 REISSUE SET of all 5 character + 4 merrymen, medium/dark green.(1)

Rushed into production Marx simply repositioned one arm on each of the four green merrymen to make a "new" pose that was then molded in brown plastic.

6.00 With staff overhead, brown.(12), (2.00 missing top half of staff; 1 or CHEWS ON STAFF;1).

7.00 Lunging with knife, brown. (2), (2.00 SHORT/NO KNIFE; 3), (1.00 NO BASE;1)

7.00 Walking with bow, drawing arrow, brown. (1), (3.00 STRING SPLITS; 4)

7.00 Hand next to mouth, calling, brown.(NONE)

7.00 Blowing horn, light green; NONE, (6.00 ONE STRING SPLIT; 1, 4.00 SPLIT HORN OR SMALL PIECE OF STRING MISSING; 1).

7.00 Lunging with sword, knife in rear hand, light green; (2).

7.00 Standing hold staff downwards, light green. (2).

7.00 Walking with bow, arrow held downward in right hand, light green; 1NONE (3.00 no arrow; 1).

The 60mm knights were made in two molds. One mold made 11 knights in 10 poses with a duplicate of the man shooting crossbow. The 11th pose mounted with separate lance was made in a separate mold.

Original old foot Knights, silver;

10.00 Lance. (NONE)

7.00 Mounted ringhand, with shield. (3)

7.00 Mounted with mace. (NONE), (2.00 MISSING MACE; 3)

6.00 With halberd and sword. (2)

5.00 With ax overhead in both hands. (NONE)

5.00 Walking with mace and shield. (4), (2.00 NO MACE; 1)

5.00 Running with sword forward, bird shield. (1)

5.00 Crossbowman; 3, (3.00 ONE STRING SPLIT; 5).

5.00 With sword & shield held out, cross on chest. (2)

5.00 With sword, shield at chest, bird on shield. (4)

5.00 With spear across waist. (1)

5.00 With sword and knife. (2)


25.00 Complete 12 figure + 1 lance mold shot set. 10 standing in 9 poses (two with crossbow) (halberd has split) + both mounted & 1 lance + BOTH reissue knight horses (color will vary). (3)

NONE Walking horse.

20.00 Running horse; 1 cream.

"60mm Castle Accessories"

4.00 Battering ram; NONE.

3.00 Ladder; 2 tan, 1 metallic green missing one hold.

6.00 Table; NONE.


3.00 Bench; 1 medium brown, 4 tan.

3.00 Keg on short legs; NONE.

3.00 Treasure chest; 2 metallic green, 1 tan, 1 brown.

3.00 Arrow target; 2 tan.

3.00 Cook fire base; NONE, (1.00 REISSUE; 2 green, 3 yellow, 1 orange).

3.00 Cook fire pot on sticks; 2 tan.

5.00 Harp; 1 tan, 1 metallic green, (3.00 2 SPLIT STRINGS; 1 tan).

5.00 Crossbow; 1 shiny tan.

4.00 Quiver; NONE.

4.00 Horn; NONE.

4.00 Lantern; NONE.

3.00 Quarterstaff; NONE.

3.00 Arrow; NONE.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST 25 Piece mold shot as seen above, brown. ()

Medieval Accessories used in both 54mm & 60mm Robin Hood sets

- 15.00 Stag, SP; 1 gray, 1 light brown, 1 brown, (4.00 ONE HOOF MISSING; 1 red brown). (3.00 REISSUE white; 5).

OUT OF STOCK - Catapult with yellow wheels. ()

6.00 Catapult body + arm, MISSING WHEELS. (1)

4.00 Catapult arm; 2 brown, 1 redbrown.

4.00 Catapult wheels; NONE.

- Partial sprue of catapult rocks, 10 on sprue one loose, brown HP. NONE IN STOCK

1.00 Rock, dark brown. (NONE)

4.00 Rock pile, dark brown. (2)

- 5.00 Reissue black Catapult with different wheels + rock pile. (1)

54mm Robin Hood Figures

Playsets sold in the US got the characters in cream while those sold in Canada got them in green. Header card bags got the characters in silver. The 54mm character figures & merrymen were all copied in one mold and used as cereal premiums and will be marked CANADA under their bases. See premiums page for their availability.

OUT OF STOCK - All six 54mm Robin Hood characters in cream. ()

45.00 All six 54mm Robin Hood characters in silver.(2)

60.00 All six 54mm Robin Hood characters in slate green. (1)

50.00 Five 54mm Robin Hood characters in light green, MISSING the minstrel. (1)

54mm Robin Hood character figures

15.00 MX39 Robin Hood; 1 cream.

8.00 MX39 Robin Hood (STRING SPLIT; 1 silver, NO STRING; 1 green, NO SWORD; 1 green).

8.00 MX40 Little John; 1 green, 2 silver, 2 cream, 1 cream a bit dirty.

10.00 MX41 Maid Marian; 2 green.

8.00 MX41 Friar Tuck; 3 green, 1 cream, 1 silver.

8.00 MX43 Sheriff of Nottingham; 2 green, 4 cream, 2 silver.

8.00 MX44 Minstrel; 3 cream, 1 silver, 1 gray.

This was an interesting grouping. Rather than two of each pose in the 16 cavity mold Marx made three poses only once while three others three times with only two poses being in duplicate. The 54mm merrymen & characters were copied and used as cereal premiums. See premiums page for availability.

4.00 Merryman shooting bow; 1 green, 2 tan, (2.00 SPLIT STRING; 10 tan, 7 green).

2.50 Merryman, bow in left hand, arrow in right; 21 tan, 15 green, 2 brown.

2.50 Merryman running with chest & bow; 11 green, 15 tan.

3.00 Merryman carrying rock; 1 green, 7 tan.

4.00 Merryman blowing horn; 4 green, 2 darker tan.

2.50 Merryman leaping from tree; 4 green, 17 tan.

2.50 Merryman with staff & knife; 9 tan, 8 green, 2 brown.

3.00 Merryman squatting with bow; 2 green, 4 tan.

25.00 TEST SHOT LOT; made in a wavy soft plastic "storage box" blue color. 11 in 6 poses + 5 in 2 poses with bow splits + 2 shooting missing bow/string parts.

"54mm Castle Accessories

Original Pieces

3.00 Fire; NONE.

5.00 Battering ram; 1 red SP.

4.00 Quiver; 1 brown.

2.00 Arrow; 3 red SP.

Recast Pieces

5.00 RECAST 11 piece mold shot, HP; fire, arrow target, 6 arrows, quiver, ladder & battering ram; 7 rich brown 6 light tan.

2.00 Arrow target & 6 arrows; 2 silver, 1 brown.

1.00 Quiver; 3 brown, 2 silver.

1.00 Fire; 2 brown.

1.00 Battering ram; 2 brown.

10.00 Main Building tin with red HP door inset. (1)

6.00 Gate building, no plastic pieces.(3)

5.00 Gate insert, red HP. (1)

10.00 Drawbridge, gray HP.(NONE)

4.00 Long tin wall. (NONE)

4.00 Short tin wall. (NONE)

4.00 Gable battlement, gray HP. (NONE)

4.00 Gable tower, gray HP. (2)

4.00 Gable tower roof, red HP. (NONE)

4.00 Tin corner tower. (4)

4.00 Long battlement, gray HP. (NONE)

4.00 Short battlement, gray HP. (1)

4.00 Square tower battlement, gray HP. (8)

4.00 Spire, red HP. (8)

Vintage pieces.

NONE - Paper Robin Hood Flag.



Robin Hood castle gate with all plastic and chain as seen in picture above. NONE IN STOCK

Made in Europe hard plastic 54mm knights

The 54mm Knights and Prince Valiant character figures with some slight variations were made in hard plastic factory painted by the Marx subsidiary Charmore in Germany and Holland. Some were also made at the Marx factory in the UK. The UK examples have a hard to read logo while the German and Holland examples are clearly marked.

10.00 UK MX29 Mounted attacking with separate lance on charging horse. (NONE)

5.00 UK Horse. (1)

5.00 UK Lance. (1)

6.00 UK knight based upon Prince Valiant character. (NONE)

6.00 UK knight based upon the Black Knight character. (NONE)

6.00 UK MX37 knight pointing with right hand.(NONE)

6.00 UK MX34 knight guard with sword pointing down.(NONE)

6.00 UK MX32 knight swinging sword, shield in other hand.(NONE)

6.00 UK MX36 Knight swinging mace.(NONE)

3.00 Germany MX29 Mounted attacking ring hand. (1)

3.00 Holland MX29 Mounted attascking ring hand. (3)

6.00 Germany knight based upon Price Valiant figure.(1)

6.00 Germany MX34 Guard with sword; NONE, (1.00 MISSING SWORD;1)

"Sleeping Beauty" & High Wall castle playsets 1959-64

The Sleeping Beauty castle playset was canceled but it's high wall castle was used in 1959, 63 & 64. It's new thin keep building was used for all but one of the castle playsets made from 1959-1975. The same 54mm 1st version knights were used but could now be found in metallic blue, metallic green and gold in some sets.

12.00 High wall castle, long wall. (1)

8.00 High wall towers, 1964 with tabs. (2)

8.00 High wall building battlement, 1964 gray HP.

8.00 High wall tower battlement, 1964 with slots, gray HP. (2)

Later years (1963-75) sets came with playmats. (NONE IN STOCK)

Knights & Vikings castle playsets 1965-75

NONE IN STOCK - Marx 4733 Knight and Viking Set;

- 15.00 Knight & Viking castle set flag with pole. (NONE)

Fighting Knight Carryall playset circa 1970. NONE IN STOCK

The second series of Marx 54mm knights consisted of 7 poses. The mold had 18 cavities and each half held two each of the first two poses as seen above and one each of the other five poses. Playsets then had one or more groups of nine knights depending upon size.

1.00 EACH 2nd Version Knights.

Original silver.

MX7 Mounted with lance; 1.

MX8 Standing pointing; 4.

MX9 With ball and chain; 21.

MX10 Attacking with sword; 2.

MX11 With ax/war hammer overhead; 17.

MX12 Standing with lance; 2.

MX13 Stabbing with spear; 4.

5.00 Mold shot of Nine RECAST 2nd version knights in all 7 poses + 1 RECAST horse; 1 blue, 2 silver, 1 gold, 2 black.

The 54mm Viking mold had 18 cavities and made two each of the nine different poses. Play sets then had one or more groups of nine Vikings depending upon size. The originals were only made in light green.

3.00 EACH Older flat green

MX14 With ax in right hand. (NONE)

MX15 With ax overhead in both hands. (NONE)

MX16 Swinging ax in both hands. (NONE)

MX17 Leader sword pointed at ground. (NONE)

MX18 Running w/ sword and ax. (NONE)

MX19 Running w/ shield and knife. (NONE)

MX20 With sword and round shield. (NONE)

MX21 With spear and shield. (NONE)

MX22 With knife and club. (NONE)

Later waxy green

18.00 Nine in all nine poses,waxy green. (NONE)

2.00 EACH Vikings, light waxy green.

MX14 With ax in right hand.(NONE)

MX15 With Ax overhead in both hands. (NONE)

MX16 Swinging ax in both hands. (NONE)

MX17 Leader sword pointed at ground.(NONE)

MX18 Running w/ sword and ax.(4)

MX19 Running with shield and knife; (NONE).

MX20 With sword and round shield. (NONE)

MX21 With spear and round shield. (NONE)

MX22 With knife and club.(1)

12.00 RECAST nine Vikings in 9 poses; 5 pewter color.

The metal carryall knights & Vikings sets was enhanced with a plastic gate and two towers that clipped on the walls of the case. Original pieces are in gray while the later reissues were made in brown.

Original Carryall Plastic Pieces

5.00 Taller flag pole, gray HP.(1)

5.00 Shorter flag pole, gray HP.(NONE)

- Low stone walls also used in American Revolution and Civil War sets. SEE Marx American Revolution (AWI) sales page for availability.

Sleeping Beauty & Viking castle playset parts

10.00 Main building (Keep), tin. (1)

8.00 Keep battlement, hard plastic. (NONE), (5.00 1 crack + 2 pegs broken in holes; 1 red)

7.00 Keep battlement insert, hard plastic. (NONE), (5.00 2 pegs broken; 1 red)

6.00 Keep insert battlement, hard plastic; 1 red.

6.00 Keep insert center spire, soft plastic, NOT PICTURES. NONE.

5.00 Keep insert smaller spire, soft plastic; 2 gray.

15.00 Gate tin building with hard plastic insert; 1 with red insert.

6.00 Gate hard plastic insert; NONE.

15.00 Drawbridge, hard plastic; NONE.

4.00 Tin corner tower. (NONE)

4.00 Square tower top insert, HP, red. (7)

4.00 Tin long wall. (NONE)

4.00 Tin short wall. (NONE)

30.00 Thin keep for short wall castle with all plastic as seen in picture. Center spire does not stick well which is why they are often missing. (1)

Thin (Sleeping Beauty) keep turrets, flag pole and pennants. The flag pole and pennants are the same as used with the Robin Hood Castle.

8.00 RECAST all six pieces, 3 turrets, 1 flag pole and 2 pennants, silver (5)

6.00 RECAST all three turrets + 3 pennants (NO FLAG POLE), turrets are all silver; 2 with red pennants, 3 with white pennants.


2.00 RECAST center turret/spire; NONE.

2.00 RECAST smaller side turret; 2 silver.

3.00 RECAST flag pole; 1 silver.

1.00 RECAST pennant; 9 silver, 2 white, 2 white painted dark red, 2 silver painted gold.

5.00 Vintage pennant; NONE.

8.00 Vintage flag pole; NONE.

6 Inch knights and Vikings 1970s

NONE - Knight pointing.

NONE - Knight with spear.

NONE - Viking swinging ax.

NONE - Viking leader.

NONE - Viking blowing horn.

REISSUE/RECAST castle playsets 1985-present

The metal carryall knights & Vikings sets was enhanced with a plastic gate and two towers that clipped on the walls of the case. The mold for these pieces was used in the 1980s by Toy Street to hold together a heavy card stock castle used in one of their playsets.

Reissue Carryall Plastic parts

10.00 Toy Street card stock castle with Marx reissue plastic parts (gate, 2 towers, 4 flag poles). (1)

75.00 Reissue Marx Noble Knights playset. This set has a lot of stuff; 90 figures, 10 horses, two catapults, 30+ small accessories, trees and stumps, play mat heavy card stock castle with plastic battlements. Great Christmas present.