MPC made five character figures to go with their army "Camp Swampy" playset based upon the popular Beetle Bailey comic strip of the times. General Halftrack figure only marked "General".


5.00 1966 Comic book ad as seen above, cut out from comic book.

Comical figures made in 1966 to go with their Motor masters tank. The figures are hard plastic and factory painted.

30.00 All four motor masters tank figures.

MPC "Generic" Ringhand Figures

These figures were made in many colors for many roles. In green as armymen, blue as police, red as firemen, white as ski troops, brown as cowboys, yellow as farmers, flesh as construction workers and other odd colors for whatever the reason. The four "shirt and pants figures (MP116-119) were made in brown and used as cowboys. These figures were quite frustrating to many kids as they just didn't look right.




Dressed in shirts and Pants

MP116 Arms down; browns, 5 yellow, 3 red, 2 orangish, 1 lighter blue, 1 darker blue.

MP117 In crouch; 2 lighter blue, 2 darker blue, 25 browns, 17 reds, 8 yellow, 2 army greens, 2 green, 1 lighter greens.

MP118 Right arm up; 20 browns, 14 reds, 5 yellow, 1 lighter green, 4 lighter blues, 3 darker blues.

MP119 Left arm up; 12 army greens, 17 reds, 22 browns, 9 yellow, 6 lighter blues, 6 darker blues, 1 purple with paint.

Dressed in coveralls/jumpsuits

MP120 Left arm up; 18 army greens, 5 browns, 1 gray, 1 very dark brown.

MP121 Right arm up; 25 army greens.

Dressed in uniform overcoats

MP122 Left arm up; 8 army greens, 4 reds, 2 lighter blues, 1 dark blue, 1 gray, 2 browns.

MP123 Hands at waist; 10 army greens, 1 reds, 1 khaki, 4 browns, 1 light blue.

Dressed in military dress uniforms

MP124 Hands at waist; 4 army greens, 4 gray, 3 browns, 4 reds.

MP125 Right arm up; 15 army greens, 4 browns, 1 lighter blue, 1 darkerblue, 1 gray, 1 dark gray, 1 very dark brown.


MPC, Andy Gard and Marx WWII Accessories

We have seen one source list that there are four different MPC WWII belts. Well as you can see above we have found 11 different belts. The top two were probably made by Marx. It is possible that when MPC made their new better GIs they made a new set of accessories. It is also possible that some of the above accessories were made by Andy Gard who modeled their accessories after MPC. In addition to the belts, you can see three different submachine guns, three different carbines, two different rifles, two different pistols, two different life belts, and three different helmets in the pictures above.

Military Accessories, silver unless noted. May be some Andy Gard and Marx pieces hiding in the mix.

1.00 Rifle; NONE

. 1.00 Carbine; 2 silver.

1.00 BAR; NONE.

1.00 Grease gun; NONE,

1.00 Pistol; NONE.

.50 Bayonet; NONE.

.50 Knife; NONE.

.50 Helmet; 5 silver.

.50 Belt; 4 silver.

.50 Life preserver belt; NONE.

.50 Pick; 1 silver.

.50 Shovel; NONE.

- NONE - Canadian paper flag. used either with a WWII or Western set sold in Canada.

Helicopter pilot's helmet. (NONE)

Picture courtesy Jim Mcgough.

In order to keep up with the competition MPC made a set of more realistic armymen for their ringhand series. They were better detailed than the "generic" earlier figures and much more popular with kids. They were made in green for armymen, blue for Marines, Navy, or Air Force personnel, gold as spacemen and a series of bright colors (such as hot pink!) to perhaps grab the attention of small children. The kneeling figure was made with two base styles; elongate and oval shaped as can be seen to the below. In later years the mold was revised to make the bases smaller to perhaps use less plastic.

$1.00 EACH, army green or blue

$3.00 EACH; purple, gold or pink

$2.00 EACH all other colors

MP126 Walking; 19 army greens, 3 blue.

MP127 Advance in a crouch; 24 army green, 4 army green NO BASE, 2 blue, 1 bright green, 1 yellow.

MP128 Running; 1 blue, 1 yellow.

MP129 Kneeling, elongate base; 5 blue, 50 army greens, 1 bright green, 1 red, 1 orange.

MP130 Kneeling, oval base; 6 army green, 6 yellows, 1 bright green, 2 blue.

MP131 Prone; 31 army greens, 1 red, 1 orange, 3 blue.


3.00 Space rifle, gold. (NONE).

3.00 Space pistol, gold. (NONE)

3.00 Space BAR, gold. (NONE)

2.00 Space biped for BAR, gold. (NONE)

3.00 Helmet, gold. (1)

3.00 Belt with attached antennae, gold. (NONE)

3.00 Radio, gold. (NONE)

NONE Space command flag (Stick broken).

NONE Figure pulled out of mold too quickly and makes a good casualty, purple.

20.00 Ten copies of MPC ring hands with space accessories. Belts if present may be damaged or break easily;(2 purple with silver accessories (NO BELTS), 1 red with yellow accessories, 5 tan with red accessories and 1 yellow with blue accessories IN STOCK)

The Andy Gard 54mm figures are often mistaken for MPC figures. What we have for sale will be found in the "All Other Vintage USA Made" sales list. They are the same size as MPC & Carzol. A company known as CARZOL in Canada copied the later MPC military ringhand poses. Not very common. Each is marked Carzol and has a mold cavity number under the base.


3.00 Kneeling GI; NONE.

3.00 Crouching GI; NONE.

3.00 Walking GI; NONE.

3.00 Prone GI; NONE.


3.00 Walking. (1), (1.00 SPLIT BASE; 1)

3.00 In crouch. (3)

3.00 Kneeling. (NONE)

3.00 Prone. (1), (1.00 SPLIT BASE; 1)

MPC GI ringhand copies made by Carzol of Canada in a Plasticraft header card bag. No wonder we get confused.

NONE - Plasticraft No. 9029 Cobra Division Combat Troops with Interchangeable Parts. About 8-10 figures + a bunch of accessories.


MPC made the generic ringhands in white and sold them as ski troops. Some may have also served as medical personnel. Accessories found in white seem to be the same for ski and medical sets.

2.00 Each Figure, white

MP116 Arms at sides, shirt and pants. (NONE)

MP117 In crouch, shirts and pants. (NONE)

MP118 right hand up, shirt and pants. (NONE)

MP119 Left hand up, shirt and panrs. (NONE)

MP120 Left arm up, in coveralls. (NONE)

MP121 right arm up, in coveralls. (NONE)

MP122 Left arm up, in uniform overcoat. (1)

MP123 Hands at waist, in uniform overcoat. (3)

MP124 Hands at waist in dress uniform. (1)

MP125 Right arm up, in dress uniform. (3)

4.00 Skies + 2 ski poles; 2 gray. (Add to figure purchase for $3.00).

1.50 Ski pole; 1 white.

Other white accessories some may be used in medical sets.

8.00 Paper red cross flag on wood stick (NOT PICTURED). (NONE)

3.00 2 piece box/foot locker. (3)

2.00 U.S. stretcher. (8)

3.00 Cot marked U.S. (NONE)

NONE IN STOCK Flag base for wooden dowel pole.

NONE Paper red cross flag on a stick.

8.00 U.S Army Medical corps No.497 header card for bagged set (NO bag or contents).

NONE - US Army 88th Div Field Hosp, MISSING ONE LEG.

NONE - Flag with pole as seen above. Not sure if it belongs.

These figures have been identified as being made by Andy Gard

NONE - Army tent, HP, all poles intact with two SP cots & two SP foot lockers.

10.00 Exploding mined road, NO SPRING ASSEMBLY.

5.00 Top piece only.

3.00 Top piece only, missing one tab.

1982 Playset with odd colors in the figures and using XL5 accessories. See Space items for those accessories.


See below for availability.

6.00 Jeep Trailer. (NONE)

Please note we now believe silver tracked vehicles to be made by Andy Gard and those with black tracks by MPC.

NONE Truck. ()

NONE - Missile tank, black treads. ()

OUT OF STOCK - Howitzer.

12.00 Tank with wooden dowel barrel. (1)

8.00 Tank, NO BARREL; 1 green with black treads.

4.00 Jeep with blue or yellow driver; 3 army green.

1.00 Barb Wire; 5 silver, 9 gray/white swirl.

4.00 Reissue barb wire, 8 pieces in gray. (6)

4.00 Sandbag wall; 3 silver, -

- 8.00 Helicopter, maybe 45mm; NONE .

NONE Vintage personnel carrier with army green ,black treads

12.00 Vintage Personnel carrier. (1 RAMP DIFFERENT SHADE OF GREEN)

8.00 Vintage Personnel carrier, NO MG or RAMP. (1)

5.00 Reissue Personnel Carrier, gray. (6 IN STOCK)

15.00 Weasel with wooden dowel cannon barrel.(1)

5.00 Reissue Weasel, green. (5 IN STOCK)

25.00 DUKW, reissue, with reissue Andy Gard driver. (1 MISSING HOOK)

NONE - Helicopter, about 40/45mm in scale.

OUT OF STOCK - Off Limits Launching Control building, with door.

NONE - Missile Base HQ building front.

NONE - Liquid Fuel building.

NONE - Square missile launcher, COLORS VARY.

NONE - Large octagonal missile launcher, blue with larger red missile.

NONE - Large missile (seen in red above), blue.

NONE 3 Piece Missile launcher, gold.

OUT OF STOCK - 3pc Rocket launcher still attached together.

5.00 Mesh bottom 2 peg raft; NONE

2.50 Raft paddle; NONE.

5.00 Solid bottom 3 peg raft; NONE.

6.00 Water cooled machine gun; NONE.

5.00 Air cooled machine gun; NONE.

2.50 EACH RECAST 50 Cal. Air Cooled MG & tripod with ammo. (6 DARK ARMY GREEN IN STOCK)

Tents came either with short plastic legs or wooden dowels for support. These support pieces are usually missing.

15.00 Bunker 2 piece gray HP, reissue, pieces may be glued together. (3)

NONE Exploding bridge, complete and operational, gray.

NONE - Exploding bridge, two shades of gray & mechanism broken.

8.00 Tent with 4 legs, leg colors may not match; 1 greens no markings.

4.00 Tent top rectangle; 1 no markings green, 1 marked US ARMY + STAR, green.

OUT OF STOCK - Tent top, square.

OUT OF STOCK - Tent legs.

5.00 Two vacuform terrain pieces from later Miner/MPC set.

1.00 Smaller broad U shaped formation as seen above. (3)

8.00 20 45mm GIs in 7 poses, assorted greens. (4)

8.00 18 45mm GIs in 7 poses; 3 metallic blue.

18.00 20 GIs in 9 poses (NO PRONE MAN), Marine Raider metallic blue. (1)

1.00 GI throwing grenade; 2 in stock.

1.00 GI kneeling shooting a bazooka; 8 in stock.

1.00 GI kneeling shooting rifle; 8 in stock.

1.00 GI prone shooting rifle with biped; 4 in stock.

1.00 GI butting with rifle; 5 in stock.

1.00 GI walking with grease gun; 10 in stock.

1.00 GI with rifle across waist; 12 in stock.

1.00 GI walking with walkie talkie; 3 in stock.

3 for 1.00 GI walking with slung rifle; 14 in stock.

3 for 1.00 GI walking with rifle across chest; 17 in stock.

Tanks are marked Multiple Toymakers made in Hong Kong and are roughly 1/72 scale. Figures with plug in heads and other accessories 1/32. Look like Vietnam War Special Forces to us.

3.00 Tank. (NONE)

2.00 Rifle stack (Marx copy). (1)

3.00 Cannon, has pull back spring shooting action. (1)

3.00 Air cooled MG (Marx copy).(NONE)

3.00 Water cooled MG (Marx copy). (1)

3.00 Recoiless Rifle (Marx copy). (1)

3.00 Soldier feet on ground, hands at waist, hole in stomach for? (NONE)

3.00 Soldier left foot off ground, hands at waist, hole in stomach for? (NONE)

3.00 Soldier with tommygun in right hand, waving left hand. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier with handie talkie and pistol. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier running with rifle in left hand. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier advancing with rifle at waist. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier with attached flame thrower hose. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier with grenade and tommygun. (NONE)

3.00 Soldier running with rifle in right hand. (NONE)

WWII Japanese Infantry



rifle straps split in most cases

3.00 Prone with bipod MG; NONE.

Kneeling shooting rifle; 3 yellow.

Standing shooting rifle; 4 yellow.

Throwing grenade; 1 yellow.

Wearing helmet, advancing with rifle; 1 yellow.

Officer with pistol and sword; 2 yellow.

Wearing cap, advancing with rifle; 3 yellow.

Running rifle at trail; 2 yellow.

WWII Russian Figures

16.00 8 in all 8 poses. (NONE)

2.00 Each Individual Russians, metallic blues.

MP137 Prone w/ bipod MG. (7), (1.00 MISSING BIPOD; 5).P> MP138 Walking w/ rifle x waist, helmet. (NONE)

MP139 Charging sword overhead. (NONE)

MP140 Officer w/ Binoculars. (NONE)

MP141 Advancing w/ bayoneted rifle, cap. (NONE)

MP142 Running w/ auto weapon, one foot up. (6)

MP143 Throwing grenade. (NONE)

MP144 Slung rifle, waving. (24)

In later years MPC made their figures in new colors. The Russians were made in blue, red, gray & bright green.

3.00 EACH

MP137 Prone w/ bipod MG. 1 bright green, (2.00 Missing one biped leg; 1 bright green)

MP138 Walking w/ rifle x waist, helmet; NONE.

MP139 Charging sword overhead; 1 bright green.

MP140 Officer w/ Binoculars; NONE.

MP141 Advancing w/ bayoneted rifle, cap; NONE.

MP142 Running w/ auto weapon, one foot up; 2 bright green.

MP143 Throwing grenade; NONE.

MP144 Slung rifle, waving; NONE.

WWII German Infantry

German Toter picture courtesy Jesse Sanders.

15.00 8 WWII Germans 8 in all 8 poses, darker grays. (3)

12.00 16 WWII Germans in all 8 poses, lighter grays. (6)

Individual Figures 1.50 EACH Light Gray, 2.00 EACH dark gray

Prone with MG on biped; 20DG, 16LG.

Radioman; 13DG, 8LG.

Arm out signaling, rifle x waist; 23DG, 10LG.

Throwing grenade; 22DG, 5LG.

Advance with carbine; 24DG, 8LG.

Butting with rifle; 3DG, 13LG.

Officer with riding crop; 1DG, 6LG

Arm up waving, rifle slung; 15DG, 15LG.

NONE - New Marx C0 1990s Battleground commemorative set. Only Marx pieces in the set are the two space cannons (German nebelwefers??). The 60 figures and both pillbox fronts were made from ex MPC molds so we list the set here. Also included are Sherman & Tiger II tanks made by BMC, two balsa gliding airplanes and some generic accessories from perhaps Hong Kong. Comes in a nice box and would make a good Christmas present.

3.00 Mast to Torpedo/ Patrol Boat, blue, SP

5.00 Boat bottom, red, old fire boat???

1977 catalog - - Battling Buddies, 5 inch figures.

Photo cOurtesy Chris Salomon.

Like their 5-6 inch cowboys and Indians, the MPC large scale GIs came with separate accessories. Ten poses each with twoaccessories have turned up and they were made in green and metallic blue.

60.00 10 In all 10 poses with all 20 accessories most still attached to the figures, green. (3)

Top Row

7.00 5 Inch Buddy with separate flame thrower & helmet; NONE.

4.00 Same but no flame thrower, has helmet; 1 green.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy radio man with separate radio & pistol; NONE.

6.00 Same but NO pistol; 1 green.

5.00 Same NO pistol, but cable to radio broken (all there); 1 green.

1.00 Same but LEFT HAND GONE & NO PISTOL OR RADIO; 1 metallic blue.


7.00 5 Inch buddy with separate bazooka & helmet; 1 green.

6.00 Same with helmet but no bazooka; 1 metallic blue.

4.00 Same but no bazooka or helmet; 1 metallic blue.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy, Captain with separate tommygun & backpack; NONE.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy butting with rifle with separate helmet; 4 green.

5.00 Same but has helmet but no rifle; 1 green.

1.00 Same but no rifle or helmet and BASE SHORT (still stands); 1 metallic blue.


Bottom Row

7.00 5 Inch Buddy hands at waist with separate helmet and grease gun; NONE.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy with hands at waist, molded on helmet with separate M1 and backpack; 1 green with mold flaw on helmet.

4.00 Same but no rifle or backpack; 1 green.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy running with separate carbine & helmet; 3 green.

5.00 Same has helmet but no carbine; 2 green.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy throwing grenade, has separate helmet and grease gun; NONE.


7.00 5 Inch Buddy running with pistol, has separate helmet & BAR; NONE.

4.00 Same but no helmet or BAR; 1 green.