MPC Western Frontier Village Set

NONE IN STOCK - Western Frontier Village Set, 1972, boxed set as seen in the above picture. The building pieces are wood (Made in E. Germany), and the figures are rubbery swoppets (probably based on Timpo but made in Hong Kong). Mostly complete missing one or two small pieces. No window over hole on box front but the entire box may have been sold shrink wrapped. Certainly an unusual item from MPC.

MPC had hard plastic figures of the Lone Ranger and Tonto produced at their Hong Kong facility. They used these figures with their regular soft plastic unpainted figures.

NONE - Tonto, Made in Hong Kong, HP, factory painted. (1)

NONE - The Lone Ranger, HP, factory painted.(NONE)


Photo courtesy Fred Hartman.

Examples of MPC 45mm Western Figures

10.00 Twenty assorted cowboys and Indians. (4 LOTS IN STOCK)

NONE - Two piece (bends at the corners) western fort made for the 45mm western figures. Decal mostly gone as seen above. Soft plastic.

SOLD - MPC Grant's exclusive. Box says; wagon, stagecoach, canoe and two teepees which are not included. Also says 40 pieces but there are 60 figures, 4 horses, 2 pc fort and teepee frame. Fort in good shape.

12.00 Streetfront, yellow, SP, MISSING PLUG IN RAILING. (1)

- 25.00 Winneco copies of MPC cowboys and Indians header card bag, circa 1965-75, about 15-20 figures.

The above photo is of RECAST figures (circa 2003). Most original MPC 45mm Cavalry were made in metallic blue (a few in gray as ACW rebs). Earlier RECASTS (circa 1990)can be found in a stiff light blue plastic.

1.00 Vintage mounted bugler, metallic blue. (3)

15.00 35 RECAST 45mm Cavalry in all 7 poses in a nice medium blue + 3 horses with hand made tack & base. (2)

12.00 11 RECAST 45mm Mounted Cavalry; 9 with sword, 2 buglers in a royal blue + 11 white horses with home made tack and bases.

6.00 18 RECAST 45mm cavalry in 6 poses (NO PRONE MAN), 10 foot & 8 mounted, No horses, slate blue color. (1)

4.00 18 RECAST 45mm cavalry in 3 foot poses, painted a blue gray color. (1)

8.00 RECAST log barricade w/ window, about 10 inches ling, gray, nice.

NONE - Teepee, vinyl on SP frame. (1)

NONE MPC 2nd version Stockade, gate has ATTACHED 2 doors NO BAR, & 4 straight walls, redbrown.

- 2.00 Straight Wall, redbrown. (NONE)

- 3.00 Curved wall, redbrown. NONE IN STOCK


Headercard dated 1958. Picture courtesy Atomic Candy Cold War Era Collectibles.

NONE - Marshall Dillon.

15.00 Paladin, standard rider made in black only for the Have Gun Will Travel playset. (OUT OF STOCK)

Ringhand cowboys

Please note there are two slight variations of each pose in existence. Most often found in a redbrown color.

1.00 Kneeling cowboy, redbrown; (2).

1.00 Walking cowboy, redbrown.(1)

1.00 Cowboy with arm out, redbrown.(1)

1.00 Cowboy in crouch, redbrown. (2)


1.00 Rifle; 1 yellow, 1 white.

1.00 Pistol; 5 yellow.

.50 Hat; NONE.

.50 Thin neckerchief; NONE.

.50 Fat neckerchiefs; NONE.

.50 Holster belt; 33 yellow.

- NONE -Toy Toter Western Horses & Riders. About six horses with riders and accessories.

Ringhand Indians

All 10 MPC Ring hand Indians

Difference between the kneeling poses is the shape of the base (one is egg shaped the other is an elongate oval).

1.00 EACH ringhand Indian.

62 Mounted Chief; NONE.

63 Mounted brave; NONE.

64 Brave crawling, no feather; 1 blue.

65 Brave kneeling, oval base; 2 red, 1 dark blue.

66 Brave kneeling, elongate base; 10 red, 8 blues, 8 yellows.

67 Chief walking left hand up; NONE.

68 Medicine man walking left hand up; 2 red, 2 blue.

69 Brave walking arms down; 5 red, 4 blue, 2 yellow.

70 Brave standing right arm up, left down; 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow.

71 Brave scouting; 6 red, 9 blue, 2 yellow.

There are two slightly different ring hand Indian accessory sprues. The one with 12 pieces has three arrows and a quiver the one with 10 pieces has one arrow and a feather lance. Otherwise they have the same contents. Most are bright green but we have pictured an example of the harder to find dark green accessories (shield) in between the two sprues as seen above ( and red may also have been used).

Indian Accessories;

1.00 Shield with buffalo; NONE.

1.00 Shield with bird; 1 green.

1.00 Quiver; NONE.

.50 Arrow; NONE.

1.00 Rifle; NONE.

1.00 Spear; 1 light green NO FEATHER. 1.00 Knife; NONE.

1.00 Tomahawk; NONE.

1.00 Feather lance; NONE.

MPC Copies of Tim-Mee Poses

MPC copied three of the Tim-Mee 60mm Indians (they copied Marx in a 45mm size). Sometime these figures have holes in their bases and were sold with the three peg large (13 inch long) canoe.

2.00 Standing shooting bow, no shirt (Tim-Mee has shirt); 3 reds, 2 yellows, 2 greens.

2.00 Scout, base, (Tim-Mee/Werner no bases) rifle in left hand; 1 greens, 1 reds, 1 blues, 1 yellows.

2.00 Kneeling chief shooting bow, base (Tim-Mee no base); NONE.

Three Peg Canoe

12.00 Three peg canoe, HP; NONE, SP; 1 blue, 5 yellow.

NONE - HP War Canoe with three matching Indians as found. Circa 1955.


MPC made some nice wagons and coaches. However they never made a good hitch and most wagons are pulled by what must be one very tired horse in a single hitch.

NONE - Stagecoach.

NONE - Supply wagon, white top.

NONE - Prairie Schooner, tan top.

8.00 Buckboard with one horse hitch + horse, yellow wheels; 1 red, 1 redbrown.

10.00 Large wagon with one horse hitch + horse, silver wheels; 1 red.

NONE - Double wagon hitch, red.

5.00 Single horse hitch, red. (6)

2.00 Saddle, red. (3)

- 5.00 Vinyl Horse blanket. (NONE)

NONE - MPC big 8 inch long body Frontier Supply Wagon + two double hitches & four horses.

10.00 RECAST large wagon with drivers and horses, brown. (OUT OF STOCK)


3.00 Horse MP194 head to the left; 7 white, 3 tanish, 1 redbrown, 1 black, 1 tan.

3.00 Horse MP195 head to the right; 9 white, 2 black, 1 gray, 2 redbrown, 3 yellow tan.

2.50 Horse MP196/7 w/ separate red western saddle, assorted colors. (15)

1.00 Horse MP196/7 no saddle, black, browns or white. (30)

MPC made an intricate cabin for use in their western playsets. Windows and doors clipped onto the frame and at least three different front were used. These were used in their Gunsmoke playset and a few others but are scarce. The mold still exists and has been run to include with later "Marx" Fort Apache playsets. MPC switched to a simpler, cheaper building which is easier to find.

Older style buildings and pieces.

NONE - Texas Rangers building complete with all windows and door.

NONE - Jail Building.

NONE - Cabin front, brown.

Above shows some of the building fronts used with the MPC buildings. Bottom row with the older building and top row with the later building. Later buildings were also used with police, construction and military themed sets.

The later building is more flimsy and does not have a rear wall so you could place figures inside. Also the door was molded in and was ofter cut out by the owner. Two styles of assembly have been noted; with "pegs" and with "tabs". Tab versions connect better.

Later style buildings and parts.

5.00 Cabin, DOOR REMOVED, with roof and two walls, red. (1)

Large Western Items

We have found five different MPC cowboys and five different Indians in the 5 inch scale. Each figure originally came with detachable accessories. Most of these were soon lost when children played with them.

5.00 Cowboy shooting pistol with separate hat; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy standing with lasso; 1 blue.

3.00 Cowboy as if shooting rifle; 1 red.

3.00 Cowboy standing as if rifle at waist; NONE.

3.00 Cowboy both hands up; 1 green.

4.00 Indian hands out holding tomahawk; NONE, (2.00 1 brown MISSING TOMAHAWK).

3.00 Indian as if shooting bow; 2 red.

4.00 Indian hands out; NONE, (2.00 1 brown SPLIT BASE).

4.00 Indian on one foot, holding bow?; NONE, (2.00 1 red MISSING BOTTOM OF BOW?).

4.00 Indian holding knife; NONE, (2.00 1 blue, MISSING KNIFE).

4.00 Headdress; 1 brown.

4.00 Cowboy hat; 1 red.

5.00 Four black SP Pots & Pans, large size.


Picture courtesy David Schafer. NONE IN STOCK

25.00 REISSUE Jungle tree walkway + 2 trees. (4)

OUT OF STOCK - MPC Trading Post, light pink. ()

1.50 EACH Ringhand jungle figures

MP75 Hunter;

BASE; 3 yellow, 1 pink, 10 black, 5 brown, 1 red.

NO BASE; 2 red, 2 yellow, 1 black.

MP76 Native both arms up.

BASE: 5 browns, 11 yellow, 1 dark pink, 7 red, 3 purple, 3 pewter, 1 dark greenblue, 1 black.

NO BASE: 1 red, 4 yellow, 6 brown.

MP77 Native with Right arm up;

BASE: 1 purple, 3 black, 4 red, 12 yellow, 7 brown, 1 waxy yellow.

NO BASE: 1 blue, 2 black, 3 brown, 2 red, 2 yellow.

MP78 Native arms at sides;

BASE: 10 yellow, 8 red, 9 browns, 1 pewter, (.50 BASE SPLIT; 1 red).

NO BASE; 2 red, 2 yellow, 1 black, 1 brown.

3.00 EACH Accessories unless noted;

Native shield; NONE.

Spear; 2 yellow, 4 red, 1 black, 2 gray, 2 redbrown, (1.00 SPEAR HEAD MOLDED SHORT; 1 yellow, 1 red).

Machete; NONE.

Sun helmet; 1 brown.

Rifle; 5 yellow, 4 red.

Base color may differ from cage.

4.00 Larger cage with base. (NONE)

3.00 Smaller cage with base. (4)

NONE - Jungle Canoe.

6.00 Paddle; NONE.

NONE - Large 2 piece cage, missing small "trigger piece" on top.

NONE - Top bars piece of the the cage, blue.

12.00 Three piece hut; 1 yellow reissue?.

MPC African Zulu Natives

2.00 MP79 Standing w/ spear and shield; 4 yellow, 3 blue.

2.00 MP80 Dancing w/ spear and shield; 4 yellow, 2 orange, 1 blue, (.50 SHORT SPEAR; 1 yellow, 1 blue).

2.00 MP81 Waving, knife other hand; 5 yellow, 3 blue.

2.00 MP82 Dancing w/ spear; 8 yellow, 4 blue, 2 orange.

2.00 MP83 Dancing w/ drum; 3 orange, 7 yellow, 2 blue, 1 dark brown reissue.

2.00 MP84 Dancing w/ rattles; NONE.

2.00 MP85 Dancing w/ sticks; 4 yellow.

2.00 MP86 Standing w/ spear and blanket; 3 orange, 5 blue, 1 dark brown reissue.

Jungle and Wild Animals

The MPC animals came in many colors and shade variations. If you request a particular color we will do our best to accommodate you.

40.00 All 16 Wild animals, assorted colors. (4)

5.00 Elephant; 1 brown, 2 black.

3.00 Elephant; NONE.

2.00 Giraffe; 10 black, 1 very dark brown, 1 yellow.

1.00 Giraffe; 2 red, 1 blue.

5.00 Gorilla; 3 browns .

3.00 Gorilla; NONE.

2.50 Chimp; 4 black.

1.00 Chimp; 3 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue.

2.50 Rhino; 6 brown, 1 black.

1.00 Rhino; 12 reds, 8 yellow, 1 blue.

1.50 Baby Elephant; 11 brown.

1.00 Baby Elephant; 10 reds, 7 yellow, 11 blue, 1 green.

5.00 Tiger cereal premium; 1 purple.

3.00 Tiger; 6 brown, 3 black.

1.00 Tiger; 10 yellow, 6 blue 7 reds.

3.00 Lion; 5 black, 1 brown.

1.00 Lion; 5 reds, 4 blue.

8.00 Crocodile, green. (NONE)

6.00 Crocodile, premium colors; NONE.

4.00 Crocodile; NONE.

4.00 Hippo; NONE.

2.00 Hippo; 3 red.

3.00 Camel; 3 brown.

2.00 Camel; 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green.

2.50 Elk; 2 brown.

1.00 Elk; 4 red.

4.00 Bear cereal premiums; 1 purple.

2.50 Bear; 2 brown.

1.00 Bear; 6 green, 1 red, 6 yellow.

5.00 Buffalo cereal premium; NONE.

3.00 Buffalo; NONE.

2.00 Buffalo; 1 blue.

3.00 Walrus; 4 brown.

2.00 Walrus; 6 yellow, 2 red, 4 blue, 2 green.

3.00 Polar Bear; 5 brown.

2.00 Polar Bear; 12 yellow, 7 red, 5 green.

2.00 Jungle Hunter, made in HK for MPC jungle set.(7) -

MPC made an interesting playset based upon the King Kong books and movies. Using their generic jungle figures, animals and accessories all they added was a large King Kong with magnetic hands and several character figures (with magnets so Kong could pick them up).