These three German companies often sold each others figures under their own names. So it it is somewhat difficult to tell who made what. We have made our best guess. Please see books page for figure guides to Dom and Manurba.


Like most European companies the American West was covered to quite an extent. Dom-Plastik made both generic American West figures as well as figures modeled after the Karl May western books.

Bust of Geronimo, white, SP. NONE IN STOCK

More modern issue knights;

24.00 8 Knights in 8 poses GROUP A; 3 silver, 1 red, 1 yellow.

24.00 8 Knights in 8 poses GROUP B; 3 silver.

Vintage 1960s knights;

5.00 EACH

Small shield held back, sword in front hand pointed downward, GROUP A #4; 1 red.

Holding halberd pointed straight upward, GROUP A #6; 1 silver.

Standing erect sword pointed down GROUP B #4; 1 yellow.

Shield held back, sword in front hand pointed up GROUP B #6; 1 yellow, 1 silver.

Shield held forward, sword in rear hand, GROUP B #8; 1 yellow.

4.00 Standing with halberd.

4.00 Sword forward up, shield to the rear, visor open.

- NONE - Medieval Lady, tan.

Examples of 54mm Dom Landknechts


The American Wild West

Indians are all red or redbrown in color. Names are on the top side of the base. Name is not always present.

4.00 Schw Mustang; (13).

4.00 Gr Bär; (5).

4.00 Tangua; (12).

5.00 Nacho-tsch; (NONE).

4.00 Winnetou; (1).

4.00 Tokvi Kava; (1).

All 6 Mounted Indian Poses

The first 3 poses are considered 60mm and the last 3 poses 54mm in scale. Redbrown unless noted.

6.00 Mounted with feather lance and shield; 1 red.

6.00 Mounted Chief with spear & shield; NONE.

6.00 Mounted brave with spear; NONE.

6.00 Mounted brave shooting bow with string to his right; NONE.

6.00 Mounted brave holding bow at waist; NONE.

6.00 Mounted brave shooting bow, no string, to his left; NONE .

6.00 As if shooting bow. (NONE)

7.00 Holding rifle across waist, red. (NONE)

7.00 Holding knife and shield, red. (NONE)

7.00 Chief with spear and shield, red. (NONE)

7.00 Holding fancy club, red. (NONE)

7.00 With knife and tomahawk, red. (NONE)

7.00 With rifle in right hand, red. (NONE)

Indian Canoe

10.00 Cowboy tied to a tree. (NONE)

4.00 Tree, paint. (3)

5.00 Canoe, (NO PADDLER).(NONE)

Figures are a light tan, peach or yellow. Names on top of base.

8.00 Old Shatterhand; NONE.

8.00 Jemmy; 1 yellowtan, (5.00 RIFLE MOLDED SHORT; 1 rich yellow)

8.00 Old Surehand; NONE.

8.00 Davy; 2 yellow

8.00 Sam Hawkins; NONE.

8.00 Lord Castlepool; NONE.

Mounted cowboys are done in a yellow plastic.

7.00 With rifle across waist; 1 yellow.

7.00 Drawing pistol; NONE.

7.00 Shooting rifle; 1 yellow.

7.00 Holding rifle up, shot with arrow; 1 yellow.

7.00 With lariat; 1 yellow.

7.00 Shooting pistol; NONE.

40.00 All 6 cowboys; 1 tan.

7.00 Shooting rifle, tan. (NONE)

7.00 Running with pistol, tan. (1)

7.00 Pistol pointed to the right, tan. (1)

7.00 Holding rifle across chest, tan. (1)

7.00 Holding two pistols, tan. (1)

7.00 Holding rifle overhead, tan.(1)

Dom-Plastik Horses

4.00 EACH Western Horses

It is not believed that saddles were ever made.


5.00 EACH

Running no base; 1 black.

Galloping; 1 black.

Rearing; NONE.

Grazing; 2 brown, 5 black.

Running sometimes with small base; NONE.


5.00 EACH

Series 2; Walking; NONE.

Series 2; Trotting; NONE.

Series 2; Running; NONE.

Series 2; Running rear legs forward; NONE.

Series 3; Running with straight leg; NONE.

Series 3; Walking; NONE.

Series 3; Running with bent leg; 1 white.

Series 3; Stopping; NONE.

30mm mini horses shown with normal size Dom horse.

NONE Brown as seen above.

NONE White as seen above.


We have seen these horses with the western figures as well. They have hollow bodies.

4.00 EACH

Head low. NONE

Stopping. NONE

Pawing ground. NONE

Walking. NONE


Farm animals about 45mm in scale scale.

3.00 EACH

Horse feet on the ground. NONE

Horse one foot lifted. NONE.

Steer. NONE

3.00 Cow, brown. (1)

3.00 Horse, brown. (NONE)

3.00 Calf, brown. (NONE)

3.00 Goat. (1)

Dom-Plastik American Buffalo (Bison)

A nice range of American Buffalo was made by Dom-Plastik. The are a bit smaller than Atlantic so we have assigned them a scale of 54mm. They come in a variety of redbrowns and browns.

5.00 EACH

Walking, head to left, left front foot forward tail out; NONE.

Walking, head to left, right front foot forward, tail in; NONE.

Walking, head to the right. NONE IN STOCK

Running; NONE.

Lying down; NONE.

Leaping; NONE.

Also sold with the American west figures was a nice range of bears.

4.00 EACH

Standing on all four legs roaring; NONE.

Cub with big head on all four legs; NONE IN STOCK.

Standing on all four legs looking downward; NONE IN STOCK.

Skinny cub standing on two feet; NONE IN STOCK.

Adult standing on two feet; 1 light brown.

Fat cub standing on two feet; NONE IN STOCK.

Walking adult bear; NONE.

Adult on three legs, left front paw out; NONE.


These were probably sold by both Dom & Manurba.

4.00 Double pine tree, green. (NONE)

4.00 Single pine tree, green. (NONE)

2.00 Campfire base, tan. (4)

1.00 Campfire Y pole, tan. (4)

2.00 Campfire spit, tan. (NONE)

Unsure of who made the conical gray teepee, but it came with a lot of Dom figures.

NONE Six piece TeePee. OUT OF STOCK

NONE Three piece triangular shaped teepee, green.

NONE Conical teepee, seperate top piece.

Dom made a small cabin similar to the ones made by Payton.

10.00 Complete 8 piece cabin. (NONE)

2.00 Arch pieced with window. (NONE)

2.00 Wall with door. (2)

2.00 Wall with two windows. (2)

2.00 Wall without windows. (1)

Mounted Arabs can ride on series 2 & 3 horses as well as the camels.

5.00 EACH Arabs,cream color unless noted otherwise;

A. Mtd Arab holding rifle pointed up. (NONE)

B. Mtd Arab holding rifle up in right hand. (1)

C. Mtd Arab holding sword up in right hand. (NONE)

D. Mtd Arab holding rifle across waist. (NONE)

E. Mtd Arab rifle slung on back. (NONE)

F. Mtd Arab right arm bent outward, white. (NONR)

G. Foot Arab with walking stick; NONE.

H. Foot Arab right arm up; NONE.

I. Foot Arab right arm lower, stick in left hand; NONE

J. Foot Arab stick in right hand; NONE.


4.00 EACH Camel load;

Two larger bags; NONE.

Two crates; NONE.

Four smaller bags; NONE.

Four open bags; NONE.

5.00 EACH Camels;

A. Smaller one hump camel standing; NONE.

B. Head down, eating; NONE.

C. Camel standing, looking up; NONE.

D. Camel walking; NONE.

E. Camel standing, looking forward to the right; NONE.

F. Camel running; NONE.

6.00 EACH

Man with right arm up & left arm down, black. (1)

Man with right arm up & left arm our, black.(1)

Man with both arms down, black. (1)

Man squatting, black.(1)

Woman, jug on head, black. (1)

Boy arms down, black.(1)

Woman holding jug in right hand, black.(NONE)

7.00 EACH

Hunter/gun bearer as if holding separate rifle; 1 black.

Hunter with camera; 1 white.

Hunter with binoculars and pipe;NONE.

Hunter right hand out; 1 white.

Hunter shooting rifle; NONE.

5.00 Fence, brown. (NONE)

4.00 Hat; 1 blue.

4.00 Rifle; 1 blue.

Photo courtesy Detlef Heerbrand.

12.00 EACH

Abu Seif; NONE.

Hadschi Hale Fomar; NONE

Harem Dancer; NONE.

Lord Linsay; NONE.

Machredsch Von Mosul; NONE.

Mohammed Emin; NONE.

12.00 EACH 70mm, rubber;

Standing Tarzan, factory painted. (NONE)

Boy, standing, factory painted.(NONE)

Kneeling Tarzan, factory painted.(NONE)

6.00 EACH

Knife thrower; NONE.

Seated Indian Fakir with flute; NONE.

Standing Indian Fakir with hands up; NONE.

Standing Chinese man in coat with fancy hat; NONE.

Girl horse riding performer; NONE.

Chinese man with dagger ans scarf; NONE.

Circus woman, knife target; NONE IN STOCK

5.00 Farm woman 45mm, green SP. -

- 35/40mm Chariot with frogman; 1 red, 1 silver.

Dom-Plastik Wild + some farm Animals

3.00 Tiger walking. (NONE)

3.00 Tiger lying down. (NONE)

3.00 Mountain Lion standing. (NONE)

3.00 Mountain Lion lying down. (NONE)

These animals are 30-45mm in size.

6.00 EACH elephant, 3.00 EACH other animals;

Elephant trunk up; NONE.

Elephant trunk down, running; NONE.

Zebra running, white. NONE IN STOCK

Zebra with head down, white. (NONE)

Zebra looking forward, NONE IN STOCK.

Zebra had turned slightly to the left, NONE IN STOCK.

Zebra lying down, white. NONE IN STOCK

Giraffe larger standing tall, yellows.(2)

Giraffe head down, yellows. (NONE)

Giraffe walking, head turned to his right, yellows. (3)

Giraffe a bit smaller standing tall, yellows. (3)

Crocodile tail mostly straight, green. (2)

Crocodile tail curled, green. OUT OF STOCK

Polar bear on all fours looking down, white.NONE IN STOCK

Polar bear standing on two feet, white. NONE

Polar bear sitting looking down, white. NONE

Polar bear on all fours looking up and howling, white. NONE IN STOCK

Giraffe walking, head turned to his left, yellow. (NONE)

Lion sitting, right paw held out; NONE.

Lion sitting, all paws on the ground; NONE.

Lion walking; NONE.

Lion lying down; NONE.

Lamb head down, white. NONE IN STOCK

Lamb head up, white. NONE IN STOCK

Goat, white. NONE IN STOCK

3.00 EACH

Larger Hippo head up, gray. NONE IN STOCK

Larger Hippo head down, gray. NONE IN STOCK

Medium Hippo, gray. NONE IN STOCK

Smaller hippo head up, gray. NONE IN STOCK

Smaller hippo head down, gray. NONE IN STOCK

Elephant walking, gray. (1)

Rhino looking forward, gray. (2)


Deer looking left. NONE

Seal swimming, black.NONE

Seal lying on back, black. NONE

Seal sitting looking up, NONE.

Seal sitting looking forward, black. (1)

Male Gnu? walking, redbrown. NONE

Female Gnu> walking, redbrown NONE.

Male Gnu? looking up, redbrown. NONE

Okapi? head down, redbrown. NONE

Okapi? walking, redbrown. NONE

right edge animals

Lion cub crouching, yellow. (1)

Smaller horned eland?, yellow. (1)

Larger horned eland?, yellow (2), (1.00 MISSING HORNS; 1)

Wild cow?, tan. (NONE)

DOM dogs

Of course first run and sold in Germany, but in later years this mold was sent to Mexico where it was run and the dogs used as cereal premiums. We think the black, brown and white dogs are from DOM production in Germany and the red, yellow, blue and also some white from the Mexican production.

4.00 Bloodhound; NONE.

4.00 Collie; 4 white, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue.

4.00 Great Dane; 1 white, 2 red.

4.00 Airdale; 5 white, 1 red.

4.00 Sheltie; 1 yellow.

4.00 Pomerarian; 1 red, 1 white.

4.00 Pekinese; 1 brown, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 yellow.

4.00 Pointer; NONE.

4.00 Scottie; 1 yellow, 1 black.

4.00 German Shepherd; NONE.

4.00 Chihuahua; 1 white.

4.00 St. Bernard; NONE.

4.00 Boxer; 1 black, 1 yellow.

4.00 Poodle; NONE, (2.00 tail chew yellow).

4.00 Greyhound; NONE.

4.00 Dachshund; 1 white.

4.00 Setter; NONE.

4.00 Spaniel; NONE.

4.00 Labrador; NONE.

4.00 Afghan; NONE.


I know little about this company and it was an article in PLASTIC WARRIOR magazine that allowed me to identify the maker. Owned by a family whose last name was Lay they were in business from about 1934-1978. Interesting in that all of the foot cowboys are green or yellow, while the foot Indians are red or blue. The lone mounted cowboy was red. These 54mm soft plastic figures probably date from about 1970-78. Some poses are known also as Manurba so the two companies had some sort of sharing agreement. The original molds is now be in Mexico as either recasts or copies have been made there in the past 15 years.

3.00 Cowboy with lasso; NONE.

3.00 Cowboy hand to hat, rifle butt on ground; 1 blue.

3.00 Pioneer holding up rifle; 1 blue.

3.00 Cowboy running with knife held high; NONE.

3.00 Indian with knife and shield; NONE

3.00 Indian with bow, drawing arrow; NONE.

3.00 Cowboy with two pistols; 1 blue.

Leyla Horses

3.00 Running wagon horse, hole in left side; 1 red brown, 1 dark brown.

3.00 Running wagon horse, hole in right side; 1 red brown.


Manurba, Leyla, and Don-Plastik all seem to be somewhat related. It is sometimes hard to determine who made what as they shared items.

NONE IN STOCK - Manurba Nativity set, 8 differnt figures in tan, about 54mm. This set can be confusing as Manurba wholesaled the figures to Jean Hoeffler to be sold with Jean's hard plastic stable. Plus Linde made a similar set up. Thanks to Andreas Dittmann for the information.

12.00 8 Knights in all 8 poses, pewter silver. (4)

1.50 EACH RECAST Manurba foot knights in pewter silver color.

MAN-1 Halbard in right hand, shield on back. (4)

MAN-2 Leaning on mace, shield on back. (4)

MAN-3 Shield over left shoulder, right hand at belt. (NONE)

MAN-4 Banner lance in left hand, holding our scroll in right hand. (3)

MAN-5 Fighting with round shield and ax. (NONE)

MAN-6 Thrusting sword in right hand. (1)

MAN-7 Fighting with sword and shield. NONE

MAN-8 Fighting, swinging two handed sword. (2)

Example of Manurba Knight

Manurba made a nice series of western figures that were made of two pieces and can swivel 360 degrees. There are 10 different body poses and 10 different leg poses for both cowboys and Indians.

9 of 10 Swivel Indian Bodies

4.00 EACH Swivel Indians If ring hands do not have origian; weapon we will give them a Timpo Indian lance.

MAN67a Chief scouting. NONE IN STOCK

MAN68b Chief with dagger in left hand. NONE

MAN69a Brave with dagger in left hand, looking forward. NONE IN STOCK

MAN70a Brave with dagger in left hand, looking left. NONE IN STOCK

MAN71a Brave shooting bow. NONE IN STOCK

MAN72a Chief, ring hand right hand up. NONE

MAN73a Brave, ring hand right hand down. NONE IN STOCK

MAN74a Brave throwing detachable tomahawk. NONE IN STOCK

MAN75a Brave, ring hand left hand up. (2)

MAN76a Brave with fixed tomahawk in left hand. NONE IN STOCK

9 of 10 Swivel Cowboy Bodies

3.00 EACH Swivel Cowboys

MAN77a Lasso held down. NONE,(1.00 no rope)

MAN78a Lasso held up. NONE IN STOCK

MAN79a Shooting rifle. (NONE)

MAN80a Hand next to mouth calling,w/ rifle. NONE IN STOCK

MAN81a Clubbing with rifle. NONE IN STOCK

MAN82a Firing pistol, arm straight out. (1)

MAN83a Drawing pistol. NONE IN STOCK

MAN84a Firing pistol from hip, no hat.(3)

MAN85a With two pistols. NONE IN STOCK

MAN86a Firing pistol from hip, hat on shoulder.NONE IN STOCK

20.00 9 GIs in 5 poses.

5.00 1/72 Raft. (1)

10.00 Eight Manurba animal flats, silver,40-45mm, SP. (1)

2.00 EACH Athletes.

These 24 figures are about 50-54mm and made of red or pink flesh colored soft plastic. They are Manurba poses but may be copies. They were sold during the Montreal Summer Olympics of 1976.

45.00 Header card bag with 24 figures.

Throwing shot put; 2 red.

Soccer goalie throwing ball; 1 red.

Discus thrower. NONE.

Hammer thrower; 2 red.

Woman with leg up, gymnast?; 1 red, 1 cream with flesh paint.

Javalin thrower; 1 red.

Badmitton player with racket; NONE.

Gymnast hands out; NONE.

Soccer player, ball on foot; 1 cream with flesh paint.

Relay runner with baton; MONE.

Judo figure in robe; 2 red.

Fencer in crouch; NONE.

Fencer more erect; NONE.

Gymnast arms in circle; 2 red.

Speed skater; NONE.

Boxer defending; NONE.

Boxer attacking; NONE.

Running with Olympic torch; 2 red

Swimmer on starting block; 1 red.

Diver on one hand about to dive?; 1 red.

Gymnist hand up; NONE.

Man with race starting gun; NONE.

Weightlifter with barbell; NONE.

Hockey player; NONE.