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The Dance Centre

The Dance Centre

Congratulations to Meighan Meaney on her $1000 scholarship to The Royal Winnipeg Ballet!

The Dance Centre opened its doors in the fall of 1988, providing high quality dance training to students living in St. John's and the surrounding areas.

Over the past ten years, the studio has trained hundreds of students in a varitey of dance disciplines.

Due to the increasing popularity of dance as a recreational activity and/or a potential career, The Dance Centre has moved into the next decade with an extensive range of new programs.

To accomodate the expansion, the school is pleased to announce the opening of its second location in the Fall River Plaza on Torbay Rd.

According to staff, The Dance Centre also looks forward to continued service at their spacious location in the Catherderal Parish Hall on Queen's Rd.

The studio believes the future of dance can be cultivated through children. The new program Acro Jazz, a combination of Gymnastics and Jazz movements, merges two activities popular with children.

Since the studio's inception, the faculty has strived to bring boys to the forefront of dance training. They are therefore pleased to offer jazz class specifically to boys to meet thier special needs.

The Dance Centre also offers Moms and Tots (2 yrs. old and thier Moms), Music and Movement (3yrs. old), Pre-Ballet, Jazz and Tap for children. These programs offer a well rounded curriculum encouraging the development of social skills, music appreciation and perfomance ability.

The teen years are often a favorable time to introduce new activites or to improve on skills developed as a child. Dance training provides a unique oppurtunity for interaciton between the teacher and students. Often, the same teacher will be involved in the training process for many years and this relationship can be a positive influence through adolescence.

Dancing offers a positive environment where dedication and hard work are combined with the nurturing of good friendships and fun times helping to develop productive adults of the future.

Jazz, ballet, and tap are most popular with this age group. These disciplines develop self esteem and self confidence while helping teens get in shape and become physically active.

The Dance Centre also offers a wide range of programs for the adult student. To accommodate the special needs of adults, The Dance Centre is offering ten week courses in jazz, tap and ballet. The Dance Centre hopes to offer Social Dance in the near future.

The staff of The Dance Centre feels it is their responsibility as dance educators to be certain that students of the future will receive the quality teaching they know their graduates can ensure.

Serving you from two convient locations:
Queen's Rd., Cathedral Parish Hall
P.O. Box 7007
St. John's, NF
A1E 3Y3


Torbay Rd., Fall River Plaza
P.O. Box 7007
St. John's, Nf
A1E 3Y3

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