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Baseball Hitting Techniques
Bat Like A Pro New Website


What are the four most important things in hitting?

  • Keeping your eye on the ball
  • Turning your hips
  • Swinging down on the ball
  • Following through

For more information on Hitting Techniques, Baserunning Instruction, Bunting Instruction and Sliding Fundamentals go to my new website:

Bat Like A Pro

Hi-My Name is PHIL: I own and instruct at THE BATTING CAGE. Let me tell you something about myself. I have been a Counselor, Coach, Director and Owner of Baseball Camps since 1968. In 1985 I opened a Batting Cage to instruct youngsters in the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball.

This is a frame by frame video with one second intervals for four boys demonstrating there hitting techniques, including trigger, weight shift, extension and finished swing. For more information go to my new website.

Bat Like A Pro

Get a chance to have Coach Phil come to your home and work with your child.

To have Coach Phil come to your home: Gas allowance + Tolls, $50.00 per half day, Meals, Electric to plug in van and Bathroom

I hope this helps whoever reads this page. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:

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