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Sunflower Creations - Native American Heritage Seedbead Jewelry & Ornaments, Richmond, Kentucky

Sunflower Creations' - Native American Seedbead Beadwork

Welcome to Sunflower Creations --

Home of seedbead jewelry that I handcraft. I make daisy weave friendship rings, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as strung love beads and earrings. Samples of my jewelry can be viewed HERE.
See the list below of some of the items I make.
  • Anklets done in the Daisy Weave or strung with E-beads, seedbeads, &/or semi-precious stones
  • Bracelets done in the Daisy Weave or strung
  • Chokers done in the Daisy Weave or strung
  • Earrings done in Brick or Cheyenne Stitch, with or without dangles, peirced or clip-on findings made with seedbeads
  • Necklaces done in Daisy Weave or strung using seedbeads, E-beads, &/or semi-precious stone beads
  • Ornaments done in Brick or Cheyenne Stitch, or loomed
  • Pendants done in Brick or Cheyenne Stitch
  • Rings done in Daisy Weave with seedbeads

My name is Marlene (Hilsinger) Jones, and I have been doing Native American Heritage seedbead jewelry since 1992. Sunflower is my Native American name, given to me by a Hopi friend, Dan, in Flagstaff, Arizona - where I learned to do beadwork.

I am of Native American descent, but I was not raised in that culture. So I am very proud to have been given the name Sunflower, and grateful that I was taught to do beadwork. Beading can quickly become an addiction of sorts, but it is also a great way to relax and have quiet time, as well as be creative.

While beadwork is considered a craft or a hobby, some amazing artwork comes from using beads as as paint and paintbrush and needle and thread as canvas.

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