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Herb Kingsland -- Genealogy Mainlines ... page 2


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KINGSLAND -- ? ? ? Origins ? ? ?

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In the beginning ---- IS the QUESTIONs about the origins of the KINGSLAND name
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. . . OLD, 2oo4 ... FROM de Berneval, in Normany (.France.) --- to Barnewall, in England and Ireland --- ?...TO...? Kingsland, in Ireland --- to Barbados --- to America, beginning in the 1660s..

@---> THE Questions...!
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...I Need answers, and "provinence" (.documentation.)..

@ Hows about you cuzz in Ye Olde Countrys --- France, England, Ireland, Barbados..??? WHAT's your versions of the story..? And what kinds of DOCUMENTATION =do= you have..???

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HERE's what I know about the first person in my main-Line to use the Kingsland name..

@ FROM Research done by the (.Mysterious.) de Beixedon Boys -- Edward & Daniel (.brothers, or father & son ?.)..

@ Research continues to Present-Day Trees & Branches,
by Louey The K
...The Kingsland Genealogy Book
...compiled by Louis Kingsland Jr
...2nd Edition, 1997 ... @--->

@---> The STORY goes......
That one "Alanus de Berneval" *, took a little boat ride --- from Normandie (.France.)
. . . to England --- in 1066, with Duke William of Normandy.. Later known as: William The First (.aka. William The Conqueror.)..

* The Name was "different" -- according to Judy Kingsland (.but she hasnt found the Exact Name (.and Source.), again, yet..

These tribes were in England for a few hundred years, then The English Invaded Ireland -- late 1100s.. At some point, in the late 1200s -- the de Berneval name was Anglicized to Barnewall.. [..Various spellings, in different Branches, past & present.. Some present-day descendants, are BarnWELL, Barnhill, and ..?..]

Most of the Barnewall Tribes in Ireland, where were Big Shots, of sorts.. Titles, and public offices -- employees of Kings & Queens of England (.'enry the 8th, Lizzy the 1st...).. Many of the Barnewall's were Land-owners, with Large Manors (.estates.) and Castles, in the Countys of Dublin, Meath, and others.. Along with their Croneys, and In-Laws..

Then "sometime" later --- in England or Ireland..? --- the name was changed to Kingsland.

Transfered, from the Viscount's Kingsland of Barnewall..

@@@ LOST some Text HERE -- have to re-construct, later...

Nathaniel Kingsland -- went to Barbados, early 1600s..

@---> MORE Links -- TO Come ...HERE

@ Nat had a brother Robert..?
father of @ Isaac SR & @ Gustavus SR..?

@ Nat's brother -- Robert -- stay'd in England..?
?..The Family of Robert Kingsland..?
... are Unknown, TO Me..

@---> Nathaniel Kingsland, had a @ Brother
a @ Son,
named Robert. NO details on either. Except that the SON, was Captain (.?.) of "The Ship Judith" -- between London and Barbados.. [.years ?.]

Nathaniel Kingsland bought approximately 15,000 (.?.) acres in North-East New Jersey (.later, the USA.), about 1658 (.but probably never went there ?.)..

The names of the area were -- Second River, New Barbados Neck, New Barbados Township, and Acquacknonck Township.. ...Links -- TO Come

That Land -- is now, most of Bergen Co, Hudson Co; and parts of Passaic Co & Essex Co.. ...?... Now -- Belleville NJ, Hackensack, Rutherford, The Meadowlands Entertainment Complex... The "Kingsland Dump" .. is still there, and a Garbage Museum (.Lyndhurst NJ.).. #34, on that page.. ...more Links TO Come..

...The Story of the Land Deals, & Links -- TO Come

Nat gave some of that land to his nephew, Isaac (sr). [..There are =many= Isaac's, in many generations..]
Isaac later Left in his willpart of that land to his brother Gustavus (sr). THEY were the start of =most= Kingsland Trees & Branches in America, from the 1660s..

1999 1999

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NOW -- MY Kingsland Mainline....

...LINKS To Come HERE -- for Now, SEE The "Kingsland g-Pages" Link at the Top of this page..

THE following Numbers are Generation Numbers
STARTing with the First Names in The Kingsland Book


NEW . . . Dec 2000...

The Barnewall Project

@ Barnewall main-Line Master List ... @--->

@ THE Barnewall -To- Kingsland Questions ... @--->

@ Page 1 -- Description, Contents, Links ... @--->

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The following BARNEWALL Information -- IS Shown in more Detail, in the Barnewall Project Pages.. The Information below, is To Be cleaned-UP.. ...HK

# K--1
Sir Patrick BARNEWALL --- Turvey, Grace Dieu, and Fieldstown -- County Dublin, Ireland
m-- Mary BAGNALL (.Bagenall.) --- Co Dublin, Ireland ?

HER father --- Sir Nicholas Bagnall, Knight Marshal

# K--2
Nicholas BARNEWALL, 1592--1663 --- First Baron of Turvey, Ireland -- and First Viscount Kingsland, 1646

m-- 1617, Bridget FITZ GERALD --- Turvey ? Ireland
HER father -- Henry FitzGerald, Twelfth Earl of Kildare

[.the SECOND Viz Kingsland was the brother of Nick. Long story, maybe later, THIS page is only a list.]

THERE is Some Confusion in this area
--- Names and Connections.

TO BE Correct'd.. SEE the Bottom of page 6.4, in The Barnewall Project ... @--->

# K--3
Francis BARNEWALL --- ?..Third Viscount Kingsland..?
1667 resided --- Beggstown and Woodpark --- County Meath, Ireland
m-- Jane FITZ GERALD --- Co Meath, Ireland ?

# K--4
Nicholas KINGSLAND, ? dates ? --- Locations ?
m-- date ?, Catherine Barnewall --- where ?
HER father --- Robert Barnewall HER brother -- John Barnewall, Lord Trimleston

SEE The Barnewall Project, Links -- For More Details..

# K--5
Robert ? KINGSLAND, ? dates ? --- England
m -- ? ___________ -- Ireland or England ?

@---> I have NO Details, on His Family...

His two sons, Isaac Sr and Gustavus Sr ( the only children ? ) --- were the first Kingslands in New York and New Jersey, America. Isaac beginning in early 1660s --- Gustavus sometime later. BOTH were big shots in NYC and NJ, both owned land in north-east New Jersey --- another long story.

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-- Connected to my Kingsland are on page Three

@ deBeixedon Qs -- page Four

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MOST Kingsland's in America --- from about 1660s --- Are In This Book: The Genealogy of the Kingsland Family

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