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I am a 47 year old grandma with a 20 year old son and a 24 year old daughter, both of whom I am extremely proud and happy with, and this is my messin' around page. My son played football, baseball, basketball and soccer - one year 3 at once and I was worn to a frazzle as my daughter was in band at the time and that was an experience too!

There is nothing in the entire universe more important than my children and grandson. All children are important. When you take everything away, material things, what do we have - our family and each other. My husband passed away from cancer, my daughter has had two miscarriages and we found out she had severe cervical dysplasia. I just thank God we caught this in time. People ask why my husband went through the experimental surgeries that he had and it is so hard to make people realize that when you are told you are going to die, there is still that hope that something will work, however slim it might be. So, if I end up putting a lot of pictures up, I am just glad I have them to put up. I found a poem I would like to share with everyone - "I Have Learned".

I was involved in PTA and being a room mother and band parent. Then when my son reached high school and played football on that level, I was involved in our high school football mother's club as treasurer and then president.

Well, now my Mom and Dad have missed Rommel (their Rottie) so much that they went and adopted a little tiny Chihuahua. Buggy is this little boy's name and he is absolutely adorable. This will be good for them as they are elderly and this is another child to them. Boy is this little guy going to be spoiled!!
Here is a cute picture of chihuahua's, until I get Buggy's picture up here! Buggy looks like the second from your left. (The tallest standing)
Photo Close Encounters of the Furry Kind

PICTURES of almost the whole family, including dogs!

The Taco Bell Dog Site!
Pictures of Chihuahuas

Click here for a little about "Butch".
Birdfeeder Butch made a birdfeeder, a really huge birdfeeder, and hung it in the tree near our patio. Well, it foundered some birds to the point that you could go pet them and it broke the tree branch. It also made a huge mess on our patio.


My grandson


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"My scratch and some unmeasured RECIPES!" BowlFlour Turkey

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