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A Tribute to All Americans

The Day Our World Changed Forever

A Tribute to American Heros,
to Firefighters, Policemen,
loving citizens and all
for on September 11, 2001
our world changed,
never to be the same...again.

To be sure now the
world will forever have and hold
the very same memory to be
played and replayed.

We will never forget how
in the name of God, Allah
coward, cruel and sadistic
human beings
ended the lives of
other human beings.

Allah told these men to be
jealous and to hate
the American way of Life.
To loathe and find repulsion
that Americans sleep at night
without fear of bombs and terriorism
will destroy their lives and homes.

To Hate that all nationalities
can live under the same skies
walk, work, pray and sing freely
among one another.
To be educated the same,
To sit at the same table.

Allah told them hate
Allah told them to come
to American soil, the home
of the Free and the Brave
and by means of mass destruction
destroy the loving, free and peaceful
American Jews, White, Black, Indian, Asian,
Spanish, Catholic, Protestant and Muslim.
Destroy, kill and injure anyone and all
because they are free,
in the name of God, Allah

Allah required his disciples
his men of hate
to take innocents in this
for Allah

Allah's men knew they would die,
but we know that murderers hold
no glory
Along with them they took
men, women and children
who in an instant were welcomed
into the arms of God.
And to help them on their journey
Many of our American Heros
the utlimate,
for God and Country
their lives
and were received
into the kingdom of love.
Like their murderers, never
looking back and without
Like their murderers
not knowing into whose face
they looked
But with Love and Bravery
for their fellow mankind
with their hearts and their sworn duty
They stretched out their hands
as the building came down
fire and metal raining from the sky.
They gave their last breath in the name of
We will miss and continue to love
those we lost.
We know they are in the arms of a
loving and wonderful God.
They are the meaning of