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Speakeasy Digital
Location Recording


* Paradise Road Dir. Bruce Beresford. Glenn Close, Julianna Margolies

* Hotel de Love Dir. Craig Rosenberg. Aden Young, Saffron Burrowes

* Love Serenade Dir. Shirley Barrett. Miranda Otto, Rebecca Frith

* Street Fighter Dir Steven De Souza. Jean Claude Van Damme, Raoul Julia

* Beyond Rangoon Dir John Borman. Patricia Arquette, U Aung Ko

* Rapanui Dir Kevin Renolds, Jason Scott Lee, Esai Morales

* Over the Hill Dir George Miller. Olympia Dukakis, Derek Fowlds

* Black Robe Dir Bruce Beresford. Lothaire Bluteau, Aden Young (Golden Reel for Sound- Hollywood sound editors)

* Casualties of War Dir Brian de Palma. Micheal J. Fox, Sean Penn

* Evil Angels Dir Fred Schepsi. Meryl Streep, Sam Neil

* Noahs Ark *





* Liang Po Po, Singapore Feature

* Ghostories , Singapore Feature

* Alexandra Nichita Child Prodigy, Documentary Los Angeles

* Magic Millions Equestrian Documentary, Mc Quarie Film & Television Australia

* ASEAN Sonic Orders Ethnomusicology Team Member, National Arts Council Singapore

* The Making of Paradise Road, Bruce Beresford

* Stone, Australian Feature

* Apocalypse Now, Feature

* Deer Hunter, Feature

* The Discovery Centre, location recording Singapore

* Strike Force The Movie, location recording

* The Virtual Reality Museum Singapore, sound design

* Pele-The Ultimate Player, documentary production

* Nanjing Underwater World China, sound design/system installation

* Club Med South East Asia, location recording/production documentary series

* New Merlion Sentosa Island, sound design

* The Enchanted Grove Sentosa Island, sound design

* The Musical Fountain Sentosa Island, consultation

* The South East Asian Aviary, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, sound design/installation/set up

* The Jurong Bird Park Monorail, Singapore, audio production

* The Vietnamese Tourist Board Film "Vietnam Today",  location recording/post production

*  "Visit Indonesia 1994",  location recording/music production/post

* Modern Way Tours Indonesia travel documentary, location recording and post

*Jacques Cousteau Indonesia (NE), contacted to record location sound

* Balinese Gamelans for Ethnomusicologist, Jakarta, sampling

* Les Miserables Singapore, recordings/setup for press presentations

* CATS Takashimaya Japan, live recording/setup.






AKG 451 x 4 9-52V condenser 3 position bass roll off. AKG CK1 x 5 Omni directional capsule AKG CK61 x 5 Cardiod capsule AKG CK22 x 5 Omni directional capsule AKG CK8 x 4 Short interference tube shotgun. AKG CK9 x 1 Long interference tube shotgun AKG 460B/CK61ULS x 2 Condensor gun mic. Audio Technica AT8 x 2 Omni directional lavalier microphones Beyer M69 Dynamic cardiod Calrec Cardiod condensor Countryman x 4 Miniature electret condensor Sanken CMS-9 Stereo Mic Sanken CSS-5 Stereo rifle Mic.w/adjustable deviation Sanken COS-11 Omni ultra directional electret lavalier. Schoeps CMT501 Stereo condensor Sennheiser MKH435 Cardiod condensor Sennheiser MKH815 Shotgun condensor Sennheiser ME66 x 2 Short 'Gun' Lobar Capsule for K6 Sennheiser K6 x 2 Powering module Sennheiser MKE2-60 x 2 Sub Miniature Omni Directional Capsule for K6 Sennheiser Dynamic Cardiod Sennheiser 200 Mhz FM x 2 Sennheiser 800 Mhz FM 16 Channnel x 2 Sony ECM77 x 9 Miniature electret condensor Transound x 2 Minimics




Telex SML 70679-SSS Assistance listening system W/Ibay station, 3 x receive stations & headphones Telex FMR 150L Radio Transmitter & Receiver 180 MgH VHF w/lapel mic Comtek PR72B Transmitters x 2 Comtek FM x 6 Recievers & headphones Deneke Time Code Slate




PSC M4 Four input stereo digital ENG mixer. Shure FP42 Four input stereo ENG.mixer Audio Developments AD062 8 in/4 out stereo mic. mixer SQN 4S 4 in/ 4 out stereo mic. mixer



Digital Recorders

Fostex PD-2 Professional DAT recorder Fostex PD-4 Professional DAT recorder Tascam DP1 Portable 4 head rotary. Sony MDM-X4 Minidisk Recorder Sony TCD-3 Miniature DAT recorder



Analogue Recorders

Nagra IV ST Stereo 1/4" reel to reel Nagra ISL Mono 1/4" reel to reel




vdB carbon fibre fishpole 12' extension Rycote Pistol grips and Dougal Velcro windshields Pelican Protector Cases 1600 King Sony 7506 Headphones, Cables and connectors.





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