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SOLAR HEART VIDEO with Drunvalo,Tom Kenyon,Gregg Braden,OMashar,JoAnn Cornog,Bob Stevens
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SOUND HEALING AND THE INNER TERRAIN CONSCIOUSNESS A Big Dipper Productions Video with Tom Kenyon This reviewer was privileged to watch a brilliant new video exploring sound and language as a means to facilitate altered states of awareness. To fully understand the value of this film, you must know that Tom Kenyon is an eminent psychotherapist who holds a masters degree in psychological counseling and has over 15 years of clinical experience. He is also the founder of Acoustical Brain Research. Sound Healing and the Inner Terrain Consciousness is a 2-part video about the intuitive use of sound for mind-body healing accompanied by changes in perceived time and space. Tom Kenyon, an excellent speaker, uses humor combined with 15 years experience and learning to present this most interesting subject matter. He makes several valid points in this flawless and well-produced visual treat, not the least of which is that there is so much more to us, inwardly. Further, sound is an excellent means to tap into our inner world to promote evolution and therefore, growth. Mr. Kenyon presented two examples evidencing the effect sound has upon us. The first was sound waves of varying hertz that his audience could actually measure the results, from relaxation to attunement. The other, shamanic drum beats with Peruvian chanting that allowed this reviewer to enter a totally relaxed state of calm and peace. In part 2 entitled "Song of the New Earth, the viewer is presented with a glorious guide to inner connectiveness via images and sounds that access a deep well of inner conscious-ness. This 11 track audio/visual performance is entertaining and magical and not to be missed. Sound Healing and the Inner Terrain Consciousness opens the door to an understanding of a very old, yet very modern means of healing and betterment. Tom Kenyon has graphically presented a journey to wellness and enlightenment that this reviewer found interesting, absorbing and vital! You will, too! Richard Fuller Senior Editor Pertinent Info:Video Tape, Approx 81 minutes, Issue Date: 1996, Cost: $25.55 + $2.22 S&H, Source: Big Dipper Productions, , 144 Tahoe Rd, Box 111284, Anchorage, AK, 99511-1284, Ph: 907-566-5641, Fax: 907-346-3849, E-mail: Visit their website at: