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Ice Fishing Wabatongushi Lake

April 2002

Was that a bite?


Sure enough!  Good size Walleye for eating!

Good Looking Perch, Eh?

Not bad!  Good eating too!

Nice one! Josee Guay, from Dubreuilville! 

There is a story behind this Northern.  They brought it into Lochalsh and left it in the toboggan when they came into warm up.  I was willing to fillet, de-bone then cook it, but when they went out to bring it in . . .  It was gone.  The resident Red Fox had a good meal for a change.

There is no guarantee that you could do this in early April, but the likelihood of the ice still being over 3 feet thick is excellent.  No reason to wait anyway.  These two are local men in the second to the last picture, on the left is Jules Anglehart from Missanabie, and on the right is Sean Clement, partner in OSSI.  They were busy with other chores so weren't able to do ice fishing on Wabatongushi Lake until April.  An equally pleasant month to fish is March, and don't count out January, and February either.  Although these months can have much harsher weather to deal with.

Bring your snowmachines and go cross country to fish Dog Lake, Manitowic (see pictures of a snowmobile trip last April, link is at the left), Big Miss (Visit the Indian Pictographs on Dog or Big Miss) just to mention some of the bigger lakes.  Then there are all of the smaller lakes for a variety of fish like Lake Trout, Big Northerns, Speckled Trout, and of course Walleye.  Here at OSSI we are right in the middle of some fantastic ice fishing.

Ice huts are available for rent, but if you want to move around then you should bring your own portable hut.  Check out the rates for snowmobiling, and if you are going to stay a few days give us a call for rates on accommodations for more then three nights.

Don't hesitate, give us a call and make your reservation today.  Snooze and you will lose!  Gotta beat those snowmobiler's to the rooms!