Slate River Kayaks Sells Nyami Nyami Tandem Whitewater Kayaks"
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Slate River Kayaks
introduces the
Nyami Nyami!!

Who We Are
Slate River Kayaks is small company dedicated to producing the highest quality, best performing two-person whitewater kayaks available. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the company was formed by two whitewater enthusiasts who wanted a tandem kayak specially designed for the steep creeks of Michigan's Upper Pennisula.

Our Kayak
We sell only one boat design, the Nyami Nyami. Named after the African river god, the Nyami Nyami is a 2-person whitewater designed for performance. Heavily rockered, the boat turns very quickly for excellent steep creeking and surfs surprisingly easy. The expedition weight hull is extremely rugged and is capable of taking incredible abuse. Click here to see some Photos of what has been run in this boat!

The Stats
Length: 11'-8"
Weight: Approx 75 Lbs
Vol: Estimate 120 gal. (Honestly, we haven't measured it yet)
Material: Low Density PE
Bulkheads: High strength aluminum & mini-cell foam
Pillars: Mini-cell foam, front and rear
Backbands: Rapid Pulse

Our Mission
Our mission is simple: Design and manufacture the highest quality, best performing 2-person whitewater kayaks available and sell it at an affordable price.

How To Order
The K2 is being offered at the introductory price of $995. The boat can be purchased directly through us or at our distributors:
* Carl's Paddlin in Madison, WI
* Kayakers Limited in Atlanta, GA
* Roger Scott's Outdoor Sports Center in Ocoee, TN
* Chicagoland Canoe Base in Chicago, IL
* Tom O'Keefe - Our west coast representative. (Seattle)
* Mike Giddings - Our not so far west, west coast representative (Salt Lake City)

Rec.Boats.Paddle Snips
A Day on The Ocoee
Idaho Rivers
Big Paddler

How Not to Roll the Nyami-Nyami
Click here for photo demonstration

Cheat Fest Downriver race photos
Click here for race photos

For More Information
Contact Guy Babbitt

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