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Special "Lifelike" Porcelain Dolls


Indianapolis, Indiana
Phone: 1-317-247-5833


I have some really sad news for everyone visiting my site.
A man named Mike Whelan (which I thought was my friend)
was letting me store my molds, supplies and a lot of my household
items that I had stored on his property. When I moved
to Indianapolis I went to his place to pick up my things
and found out the he stole all my property. There were
3,000 antique molds, 100's of wigs, eyes, parts and dolls.
All gone!! I found out that he was running from the law for
other things and has changed his name.
I don't know where he moved. I'm sure he is selling my things
or has already sold them. If anyone
out there has any information on this guy, please let me know.

As of 11/21/01 I will be moving all my pages to Angelfire.
Fortunecity is to hard to nagivate when writing in HTML.
As soon all pages are moved, the Fortuncecity site will be closed.
Some links may not work properly so Please be patient with
me during this move.
Thank you!

Girls and Their Dolls

I have put this navigation bar to make it easier surf my site.

Hi, I have been working on some new graphics for my pages.
You may take as many as you wish and use them in any way
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If you like this background set you may
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Here are a few other buttons that I
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Here is a great place with lots of very
lovely graphics. There is also a tutitorial
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"Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."


I am very proud to be a member of the:

I am a proud member of the "Doll Ring" too!!

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May God Bless Us All.

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