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Cherokee, Creek and Iroquois


  • Jackets
  • Coats for Women - $75. up
  • Ribbon Shirts, Woodland Applique Shirts - Men's/Women's - $35. up
  • Women' s Traditional Creek Dresses
  • Men's Traditional Cherokee and Creek Shirts - $50. up
  • Cherokee Tear Dress - prices start at $150.00
  • Other Traditional Mens Clothing
  • Children's sizes available in all items above

    Thank you for visiting my little shop of clothing that can be custom made for you. By stopping and shopping here you will be able to find items that are unique and original. What you chose to order will be a "one of a kind" piece.

    I'm of Indian descent and am tribally enrolled Creek on my mother's side. My Scotch/Irish heritage is evident, as you can see, and my roots run deep in Appalachia, having been born and raised in the hills of Kentucky. I can even count among my ancestors the McCoys, of the infamous "Hatfield and McCoy Fued"!

    To the best of my knowledge, I have the best offering of Creek, Cherokee and Iroquois clothing on the internet. I can count many Indian entertainers among my clients.

    Tsa'ne Do'se
    National Recording Artist
    Drummer for "Spirit and Soul"

  • More About Me

  • My Appalachian Heart

  • Information for Teachers

    Please Note: I'm constantly changing and adding to my 'shop' so keep coming back to see how things are progressing.

    Please e-mail with any questions you might have.

    Nak'ah hoth'lv

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