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Paragliding on a String!

'The Greatest Tow on Earth!'

Hand/ Motor Scooter/ Motorcycle/ Snowmobile/ Pay-Out Winch/ Stationary Winch/ Step/ PWC/ ATV/ Boat/ Aero-Tug PG Towing!


"Get On Line!"

If you know of a towing event, competition, etc, send details and we'll add to the site.

World record PG tow XC flights! (Records Needed! Send us your country's PG tow distance record!)

Other PG Tow Records??

PG Tow Pilot Directory (Send us your info from any country!)

PG Tow Flying Sites (Send us your favorite towing sites!)

PG Tow Clubs (Got a club?)

COMING SOON! PAYOUT WINCHES-66LBS(30 KG), electric rewind, trailer hitch mount!

NEW, USED, DEMO and TRADE-IN EQUIPMENT(Paramotors, too!)

Tow Bridles-$35.00 includes shipping!

But what IS paragliding?

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"In the flying business since 1980!"

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