"Mike boat" = Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM-8)

Yes, Marines still go down the ($&_)@#$^ nets!!!!

An LCM(8), is a welded steel, twin-screw craft powered with four marine diesel engines assembled as two twin engines. It is designed and constructed for landing heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, and tanks, and can withstand hard service in heavy surf. It is capable of landing on a beach, remaining tight and upright, and retracting under its own power. An LCM(8} is 73 feet long and draws a maximum of 4 feet 6 inches forward and 5 feet 6 inches aft. When carrying a full load, its cargo capacity is 60 short tons. It can accommodate 200 personnel for short distances. With a full load of cargo, the craft has a speed of 9 knots.