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Learn basic sewing machine repair by DVD. Repair sewing machines.
All DVD's are approximately 1 hour in length.
FREE shipping in the USA.

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Consew Blind Hemmer
This DVD shows you how to remove,
reinstall and time needle bar and looper,
reset rib for proper depth of needle,
how to reset looper bushings, adjust
motor and belt, adjust kneepress, properly
thread and set tension. The instruction
is the same for portable and full size
blind hemmers of almost all brands.
DVD BH 1 is $25.00


Singer Touch and Sew
This DVD will show you how to take
a Singer Touch and Sew apart,
remove the bobbin case,
replace the gears,
how to time and put
back together again. You will
also see what tools you will need.
DVD TS 1 is $25.00

Household Sewing Machine

This DVD covers most all of the older
gooseneck style sewing machines
(Dressmaker, Singer, older Sears, etc.)
It will give you the information you need
to set timing, clean, and service basic
home sewing machines.
DVD #1 is $25.00

Household Sewing Machine

DVD 2 will show you how to take
apart a sewing machine and what to look
for to set timing, clean household
machines and put it back together and
sewing like new. You will also find
out what tools you need to service
the machines.
DVD #2 is $25.00

Household Sewing Machine
with drop in bobbin.

This DVD is basic service and repair
on a Singer Free Arm machine.
You will see how to clean,
reset timing, reset bobbin case
and case arm. You will also
see how to check the belt drive
and what tools you will need to
service this machine.
DVD #3 is $25.00

4 Thread Serger

Another new DVD to the series of
repair DVD's is a serger. This
serger will cover about 90% of all
portable sergers. This is a 4 thread
portable serger that this DVD will show you how
to clean, set, oil, time, reset tension,
properly thread and position needles.
After viewing this DVD you should be
able to relate to all other sergers.
DVD #4 is $25.00


Flatbed Machine
with front load bobbin case.

This DVD shows how to
take apart, time, set tension, clean,
oil, and put back together.
This machine is like many other brands
with front load bobbin cases.
DVD #5 is $25.00

Sideload Flatbed Machine

Basic service and repair for
this machine will cover many
machines that have side load
bobbins. You will see how to
take apart, clean, oil, set time,
set the tension and put back
together. See the type of tools needed.
DVD #6 is $25.00

Singer 401A

In this DVD you will learn how to take apart
this popular machine. It has a
drop-in bobbin with extra cams.
Learn how to clean, oil,
set time, set tension, take out
and clean motor, etc. and put back

DVD 55

Industrial Straight Stitch Alteration Machine

This DVD shows you how to service an
industrial straight stitch sewing machine
such as Glaco, Singer, Brothers, Juki, etc.
with full rotary hook. You'll see how to
time, remove hook, feed dogs, etc. and put
it back together. These machines are used
in factories, cleaners, alteration shops and
other businesses.
DVD #55 is $47.50 on special for $25.00

DVD 66
Industrial Upholstry Walking Foot Machine

This DVD will show you how to
disassemble, clean, oil, reset, and retime
upholstry walking foot sewing
machines. This Glaco works the same
way as Consew 225 and 226, Singer 111W,
and Jukie 562.
DVD #66 is $59.50 on special for $25.00

Free Shipping in USA
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Sanger Sewing Machine Co.
PO Box 1973
Fort Worth, TX 76101
Sanger voicemail 817.267.8230
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We add new basic repair videos as we can.
Please, check back to see what's new.

Live within a 100 miles of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex?
We do in home and business service repair
Leave a message at (817)204-4068
Service Technician will return call.

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